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Save A Dog - Recently Adopted - January, 2003
 Dogs Adopted in January, 2003
 Roxy Joy, 5 year old female Lab     Adopted
Roxy Joy has arrived and has stolen our hearts. She is a joy, hence her middle name. She loves people. This is not a dog to get as a friend for your dog, but if you want a lab who loves people, Roxy is the one for you. We would prefer a stay at home or someone who works flex hours as she's a bit anxious when left alone. She is house broken and obedience trained.

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 Bones, 1 year old female Lab/Greyhound mix     Adopted
A sweet girl that wiggles all over. Approximately 1 year old. She will need to have a place in which to run.

Renamed Kylie. Read her Success Story

 Squirt, 1 year old male Shepherd mix     Adopted
Squirt is a one year old male Shepherd mix who arrived on 12/10/02. He came up from a humane society in WV and is just about the happiest guy we've seen in a long time. A big boy with a lot of love and very willing to learn.

Renamed Chopper! Read his Success Story

 Lilac, 1.5 year old Husky female     Adopted
This is Lilac, a female husky. She is really a stunning dog with deep blue eyes. Lilac came to us with two little puppies who have been adopted. She is a sweet dog, quiet in the crate, which is unusual for a husky. She will need to fatten up a bit. She knows to sit for a treat. She is a gorgeous dog with a nice personality.

Renamed Nikita! Read her Success Story

 Gabby, 3.5 mo. old Aussie/chow female     Adopted
I am a little, fuzzy, wuzzy puppy who is 2 1/2 months old (as of 12/1). I am an Australian Shepherd/Chow mix. I am a well adjusted puppy who has been socialized. I like people, playing and getting into stuff. I am a real cutie! All I need is a home of my own where I can be loved and give love in return.

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 Emma, 8 week old Collie/chow female     Adopted
They don't get any cuter or fluffier than this. Emma is one of two little females and they are DARLING!

Renamed Pixie Read her Success Story

 Niles, 6 month old Springer/beagle pup

Niles is a sweet boy dog who  came up from WV and he's full of fun and antics. . Please be a stay at home or work from home and if you have small children, a completely fenced-in yard is required.


Ollie, 12-14 week old Sheltie/collie male

Ollie is a small male Collie, probably Sheltie. He is as smart as a whip and cute, cute, cute. He would excel in agility or with someone who can train him. This is not a laid back family dog who can be ignored or get by with minimal attention, but if he gets adopted by someone who will put the time to train him, he will be a super star. He is just a dear and so lovable. Needs lots of attention and love. Please be a stay at home or work from home with flex hours and preferably no small children. This dog will steal your heart   Adopted

Oga, 10 month old AKC Lab

Oga was purchased from a pet store by a young mom who now has to work long hours because of the economy. She is being adopted by a dog-experienced owner who is going to house train her as well as teach her to be a therapy dog. We couldn't think of a more perfect match as Oga is mild tempered and wonderful with everyone. ADOPTED

Naji, 4 month old female Lab mix pup

Naji was a Christmas gift for someone who already had too many dogs. She is beautifully sweet, crate trained, soft, and quiet. She has a really nice personality and seems like she'll be a petite lab. She needs someone to be with and will go very far with training. Good with kids. She is already house broken and is quiet in the crate. An easy keeper, mild mannered too. Fine with kids, even little ones as she will be a medium-sized dog. Adopted

Keisha, 3 month old Lab/collie mix, female

Keisha is a 3 month old female retriever/collie mix with a thick, fluffly coat. She could be part Border Collie. She's smart and learned to sit and down in one short clicker training session. She plays hard with her equals but is submissive to bigger dogs. She is attentive and needy, but not overly demanding. She just wants to be with people. She hates the crate, but is not house broken, so we are working on that. She will win your heart in a second. More pictures coming as she looks sad in this one, but this was taken the night she arrived in her foster home. Adopted by a Tufts Veterinarian.

Spot, 1.5 year old Catahoula Leopard Dog mix, male

Catahoula Leopard Dog mix , great temperament, wonderful with dogs, people. Nice medium-sized dog. Please
apply if you are interested.Adopted

Ziggy is a 3 year old Peke mix who weighs about 13 lbs. and is house broken and affectionate, great on a leash. Adopted

Muffin is a one year old Shih Tzu who came into rescue as a terribly matted and neglected dog. She is in a foster home who expressed interest in adopting her so she is. Adopted

Jake, 9 month old Collie/lab/Plott hound mix, male

Plott Hound,Labrador Retriever Mix. Gorgeous and very playful labby-like nature. Loves everyone! He doesn't look like a hound, but more of a lab with the same brindled color that many of our collie mixes from the south have.

    Size: Medium
    Age: Young
    Sex: Male



Pooh, 8 year old Lab mix, female

Black Labrador Retriever

    Size: Medium, small lab
    Age: Adult
    Sex: Female
    Notes: A SWEET GIRL THAT IS APPROX 8 YEARS OLD. She is just a doll. Healthy and recently spayed. Love the out doors.  Please
    apply if you are interested.She is affectionate and low key. Loves pats and just to lie at your feet, but she also LOVES the out doors and likes to go for walks.


 Scruffy 3 year old Terrier, Toy male

Scruffy is a young terrier mix, about 7 lbs. who was very fearful in the shelter, but is doing well in his foster home. He would make a nice little friend for someone and will be available upon neutering. Because he's a male, we'd prefer he be an only dog or with a female dog so that he is not tempted to mark his territory. Adopted

 Sasha, 8 week old Collie/chow female

They don't get any cuter or fluffier than this. This little female is DARLING! You must be a stay at home or work from home and willing to provide lots of socialization and training. Apply here!


 9 week old Collie pups, males and females

Bob. left is available. Gilbert, right, is adopted

They don't get any cuter or fluffier than this. These two little males are DARLING! You must be a stay at home or work from home and willing to provide lots of socialization and training. Apply here!

These guys have the sniffles, but are otherwise very healthy. They are on antibiotics to prevent the cold from developing into anything worse. If you are comfortable with this minor medical problem, then please apply.

If you already have an app on hand, please send us an email and we'll arrange a private viewing as they may not be at the adoption day due to a case of sniffles.

These are the three females. They are very spunky. They are coughing a little so also on meds. These 3 had parvo and turned the corner so they are immune. They are on meds as a precaution. They are very active and ready to be adopted. Applicants already prescreen have first dibs on these little ones.

Little brown puppy and one on the left above are spoken for..

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