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Dogs Adopted in December 2002

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 Dogs Adopted in December, 2002

 Kelsey, 4 year old female German Shepherd Dog    Adopted
Kelsey is a four year old female German Shepherd Dog who was raised with toddlers and leash walked every day. She needs a large, fenced in yard as leash walking her was not enough exercise. She's housebroken and well behaved. Not introduced with cats, though. Previous Shepherd or large breed experience is a must as she's a big dog. A Shepherd lover would really appreciate her beauty. This picture was taken with a flash and doesn't do her justice.

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 Jake, 8 year old male Hound mix    Adopted
Jake was displaced when his owners had to go into a nursing home. He came to Boston with their daughter, but she lives in a condo and is not allowed to have dogs. She writes: I brought Jake from New York less than a week ago. He rode with me for 10 hours, and he was fantastic! We were headed for a shelter that I couldn't find that late afternoon, and when I found it the next morning, I felt that this situation would not be good for Jake. He is staying at my house, and we are looking for that special person or family for him.

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   Socks, 1 year old, male Lab/hound mix

Socks is a one year old  mix of lab and pointer, with possibly a little hound thrown in. Easy-going, "well dressed" Socks -- looks like he's wearing a tuxedo! In his foster home, Socks plays well with a female black lab and older male beagle. Is quiet in his crate, and "puts himself to bed" in his own crate when the door is left open. Loves a nice soft bed. No accidents in the house or through the night, so appears to be housebroken. Built a bit like a greyhound and runs like the wind! Needs a fenced in yard and plenty of running and activity; may become a "problem chewer" if left alone and confined too much, but very happy and easy to care for when well-exercised. Another good example of "a tired dog is a good dog." Will need training on "come," walking on a leash and on not jumping on people and counters, but seems willing to learn and is very loving. Usually quiet, but a very deep "big dog" sound when he barks. Very thin right now, but eating well and will put on weight. Socks if looking for an active household where he will get a lot of exercise; another dog would be a great playmate, but is not necessary if enough outside time with humans, no cats would be best. Adopted!

   Chocolate, 18 mo. old Aussie mix

Chocolate is a quiet 32 lb. chocolate colored Aussie mix who came to us from West Virginia. He was scheduled to be put to sleep, but too nice so the volunteer drove him all the way to us so that he'd have a chance at a great life. Chocolate is housebroken and low key. He's well behaved inside and very devoted. He seeks human affection and should make a wonderful companion for hikes or ball throwing.  Older kids, teens, would be a good match as he loves to play ball. He's quiet, not a big barker at all. He's tailless and has the coloring of an Australian Shepherd, reddish brown. The pictures doesn't do him justice. The stand-up ears are more like Kelpie than Shepherd. He is a bit of a cat chaser so would probably do best without them. Adopted!

Lucy, 14 wk old female Collie mix


Lucy is a 14-16 week old Collie mix puppy who is playful and loving and in need of a permanent home. She is every bit a puppy and full of wonder at the world. She loves to sneak up on bushes that still have leaves and snatch a leaf when the bush isn't looking. She thinks she is so tricky. She shows no interest in cats and loves to sit by your side and watch TV. Please be a stay-at-home or work-from-home as she will need lots of time and attention.

Roxy, 1+ year old female Chihuahua mix

Roxy is a one year old small breed mixed possibly with Chihuahua or Corgi. She is a spunky little pup who was adopted from our agency to a family with small children. She became an escape artist when the kids left the back door open so we are eager to get her into a home that is secure and where she will get lots of attention. She is great with kids and dogs. This isn't the greatest picture as she's a very pretty and friendly dog. She weighs about 14 lbs.


Kramer, 14 wk old male Lab mix

Kramer is a yellow lab/husky mix puppy who is fully crate trained and lets you know by going to the door that he has to do his business. He sleeps through the night in crate from 10 PM to 7 AM, is very responsive to training and knows "sit" - ready for puppy kindergarden!

Loves to have his tummy rubbed and curl up in your lap, will entertain himself well with his chew toys - loves to run and explore outside, fenced yard will suit him well so he can burn off his puppy energy - very good with other dogs, loves to play with them. The policy for adopting Kramer is the same as for all our puppies -- you must be a stay at home or work from home. Adopted 

Casper, 11 month old Powder Puff Chinese Crested

Casper is about 11 months old, and is a male powderpuff chinese crested dog. He is sweet as can be and gaining confidence by the day. He is crate trained and can hold it overnight, so it is just a matter of a little training before he is fully housebroken.

Cats seem pretty scary to him right now, but he loves other dogs. We are working on leash training him.


A home who understands small breeds and someone who will let him sleep in the human bed is ideal because despite the fact that he has a coat, he is cold a lot. He promises not to snore. Currently reviewing applications!

Sadie, 11 mo. old female Beagle/shepherd mix

Sadie is being fostered with a toddler and is super with him. Kids would be fine as long as the back yard is secured as she likes to run off. .

Sadie is an eleven month old spayed female Beagle mix who has been through beginner and intermediate formal obedience training. She is house broken, friendly with people, and loves to play with other dogs. She has typical puppy energy and needs a fenced in yard. She has beagle qualities so she cannot be trusted even  in a fenced in back yard as she is a bit of an escape artist until she bonds. Sadie would love nothing better than to run in the woods and sniff her way to heaven, but this has to be done on leash. Please be someone who can give her the attention she needs.

Adopted. Thank you to Liz Crowley who chose Sadie's name from the Best Friends holiday tree and bought her $50 worth of toys. The toys went with Sadie to her new home.

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