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Dogs Adopted in November 2002

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 Dogs Adopted in November, 2002

 Chubbs, 11 mon old Male Beagle mix    Adopted
Meet Chubbs! He was adopted from a southern shelter, but was found roaming too many times as his people let him loose. This was not a happy or safe home for Chubbs, so he was returned to the shelter and brought to Save A Dog. He is a real sweetie pie - so adorable and just loves people. He is very friendly and waggles in joy when given attention. He has a happy disposition and is housebroken and good with kids.

Renamed Carlos. Read his Success Story

 Solar, 6 mos female Lab/border collie mix    Adopted
Solar is full of sunshine and happiness. She is very lively and full of enthusiasm. Solar wants to please you and should train very well. She is a friendly dog who likes all people. She is fine with other dogs too. She is full of innocence and fun. She always has a ball or bone in her mouth. She is just soaking up life like there's no tomorrow. You'll never meet a happier dog. She is also very agile and can run like the wind.

Renamed Rigby. Read her Success Story

 Tanya, 1 year old female Rottie mix     Adopted
Tanya is an adorable little Rottie mix girl who we spotted in a New Haven shelter. She is happy and playful and ready to go. She weighs about 45 lbs. and would be great for teens and up. She's as cute as can be and really smart.

Transferred to Rottweiler Connection and has been adopted.

Renamed Sady. Read her Success Story

  Velvet, 1 year old Beagle/Collie mix

Velvet is an Australian Shepherd/ Beagle/Border Collie mix who is 11 months old (as of 9/27). Velvet was named for her gorgeous, soft coat. It really feels like velvet! And she just loves when you rub it! Velvet is a sweet dog who is rather submissive right now. She needs a quiet home and confidence boosting, and someone who will let her settle in. Given her breeds, Velvet should train very well with positive methods. Velvet is fine with other dogs but really wants to be with people. She loves children and is gentle with them. She was adopted and returned for shyness. She is a little nervous, but very very gentle. Adopted!

P.J. 6 year old female Cattle dog

Meet PJ, a sweet female cattle dog who was pulled from an overcrowded shelter in NY and driven all the way up to MA where she'd have a chance at adoption. She is an incredible find and certainly worth saving. She loves to play fetch and can catch the ball mid-air in her mouth. She is as playful as they come. Right now she's a little chunky from sitting around at the shelter, but she will be svelte in no time if someone will just play with her. She's got a wonderful temperament and would be great with school-aged kids or teens. She was the life of the party at our adoption day last week. Just an amazing dog. Adopted!

Millie -- 1 year, Female Dalmation or English Pointer

Millie is a one year old Dalmation or pointer mix. She has red pocka dots. She's very sweet and friendly, even tho' she looks timid. She loves kids and gets along with dogs too. We expect she will need a fenced in yard to run in. Millie's owner was incarcerated for six months and left her with a friend. The friend left her in his apartment and neighbors alerted authorities. Through a series of events the rescue folks were able to get in touch with the owner who was very grateful that she's now in good hands. She would blossom in an adult home, male or female, and with visiting kids. She's really lovely. Adopted.

Roger, 5 year old male Hairless Chinese Crested 

Roger has been without a place to call home for more than ten weeks.  He desperately wants to find a person who will bond with him, and take him shopping for some winter clothes.  He is a handsome and funny 5 year old.  He is energetic on walks but settles down at home. He crates well.  He is mostly house-broken. He gets along well with small dogs.  He loves to sit on your lap and be cuddled.  He does have a heart murmur, but that does not interfere with the amount of love he has to give or any activities. The medication is about $15 / mo. We would like an adult home where someone will be around much of the time.  A fenced in yard is mandatory.  Can you give Roger a new home?. Adopted!

   Candy, Pom mix, 1 year, female

Candy is a spunky little one year old Pom mix who weighs approx. 15 pounds. She was turned in with some other dogs for goat chasing and adopted last July, but was returned due to allergies. She is a nice apartment-sized dog but really wants to be the only dog. She is very affectionate and will be your best friend. Personality plus, she loves people, but not other animals. Needs a fenced in yard. Adopted!

   Cleo, female White German Shepherd, 10 months

Just arrived. Cleo is a 10 month old beautiful German Shepherd girl whose time was up at a southern shelter. She is very submissive and sweet, gets along with dogs, cats, and is supposed to be good with kids. She will be spayed on 11/12 and then ready to go home. She will be shown to folks who have their applications in by appointment after 11/3. Adopted!

   Duke, 1.5 year old male Lab mix

Duke is a large male black Lab whose owner was a police officer who no longer had time for him. He is obedience trained, but strong on a leash. He wll need a fenced in yard. He will be neutered next week and available for adoption thereafter, so he will not be at our adoption event on 11/2.

Duke is a big boy, 80 lb. range, but friendly and a little goofy. He wll be an awesome dog with older kids who can play ball with him. Younger children might be knocked down, inadvertently,  if he gets excited. He is good in a crate, quiet, and is generally a happy dog. Adopted

   Muffin, 4 mo. old Shepherd mix

Muffin, 4 mo. old Shepherd mix (possibly chow as her coat is thick and red), female has just arrived and is a real sweetheart of a dog. She will make a wonderful dog for a family. She is very bonded with her sister so would do well with other dogs. Adopted

   Jet, male Border Collie mix

Jet is the one remaining puppy from the litter of Collie pups. He's a spunky guy, the smallest of the four, very people oriented, loves kids, waggy tail. He seems to be more of a spaniel mix as he has the spaniel ears. Interested in cat so we're not sure about cats. He is a beautiful puppy. Please read our guidelines for puppies to make sure you have the time to spend socializing him. Adopted

   Ginger, 4 mo. old Shepherd mix

Ginger, 4 mo. old shep/chow mix, female. Sister to Muffin and very sweet and playful. Adopted!

   Lab pups, 9 week old, females

Two nine week old black lab/hound mix puppies. We probably have enough applications for these two already, but will take back up applications. Adopted!

Black labs and one yellow are spoken for. Please apply if you're interested in the remaining pups. One or two are not shown but look similar to pup on the right.

   Rocky II, male Jack Russell mix

Rocky II is an adorable little male Jack Russell mix who looks mostly Jack Russell. He's a 15 lb. dog (soaking wet) who has the energy and vitality of a typical JRT. He would be the perfect little agility dog or just a great dog to play ball with. Generally, we say no cats or young kids with this breed as they tend to have a high prey drive, i.e., chase things that run. He is VERY affectionate to people, loves to give kisses. He will absolutely win your heart. He can be seen weekdays by appointment for those who have filled out an application.

He'd make a nice apartment-sized dog for someone. Adopted!

   Harley, 5 year old Shepherd mix

Harley is a very sweet female shepherd mix who was in a kill shelter and brought to Save A Dog. The vet says her teeth are excellent and she looks closer to three. Some dogs gray earlier and she is very young acting. She deserves a chance. She is calm and would be perfect for a working family or retiree. Very mild, quiet. Doesn't bark or lunge, just walks beautifully on a leash. Perfect companion for someone. She will be spayed on 11/12 and ready for adoption this week. Adopted

 Sport, male Lab or Golden/beagle mix, 18 mo.

Sport is a beautiful lab or golden mix. He has the soft fur of a Golden, but the eyeliner of a beagle. He's a beautiful dog and very healthy except for little fly bites around his ears. He tested negative for Heart Worm and mange. He's a medium-sized dog in the 45 lb. range.

He'd do great with a fenced in yard and someone to play with. Got a ball? Adoption in progress

 Ginger, 10 mo. old Shep/lab female

New arrval, Ginger, is as sweet as can be. She was in a city run shelter and her time was up. She is timid in new situations, but wants to trust and is very submissive to people and dogs. Adopted

Holly, 4 year old female Husky mix

Holly will be 4 years old on November 30th. She is spayed, housebroken and up to date on all of her shots. This medium sized, well behaved "love-bug" is very social. She likes dogs,cats and kids and was raised with all three. A couple of years ago, Holly suffered a broken hip which was surgically repaired and has left her with NO residual effects. However, during her recovery from that trauma, Holly learned that small children tend to fall down and fall into you. Therefore, she learned to avoid small children and she backs away from them. With this in mind, it would be best not to place her with "wee-ones" but she loves to play with kids 7 years old or older. She loves to run and would make a great companion for a runner. She is a great retriever and will bring back a toy or a ball and drop it in front of you to have it thrown again and again. Holly is most likely a Husky-mix who loves attention and loves exercise, therefore, a fenced in yard would probably be essential in order to allow her the freedom to run yet have established non-expandable boundries which would thwart any innate wanderlust which she might possess. This girl is a real gem! Adopted!

Norton, 2-3 year old PBGV male

Norton is a return. Unfortunately, his new family already had an established canine pack and Norton wasn't fitting in, so he's available for adoption again. This time we'd like to let him be the only dog without cats or anything that's going to cause a return. No allergies either, please. We want his adoption to stick. He is a very affectionate, loving dog who is housebroken, well behaved in the house, and loves to go for walks in the woods.


Cracker Jack, 5 mo. old male Lab/collie mix

Cracker Jack is a five month old lab mix who is very playful and loving. He was in a city run shelter and brought to Save A Dog. His picture doesn't do him justice as he is one of the cutest dogs you'll ever see. Once we get a better picture we'll be inundated with applications, so please apply now! He just wants to play, play, play! He can be seen weekdays by appointment for those who have filled out an application. Adopted

Shyanne, 4 year old Sheltie

Our vet thinks her named is so spelled because they called her Shy Anne to match her personality.

Shyanne is a very sweet, albeit shy female Sheltie who came to us as a result of divorce.  She is in a foster home and being treated for an allergic reaction to flea bites which caused the fur on her tail and back to fall out. Shyanne is being treated with both traditional and holistic medicines. We are switching her to an all-natural (BARF) diet in order to build up her immune system. She seems like a one-person dog as she bonds quickly and becomes very glued to one person. We think a household with small children would frighten her, although there's not an aggressive bone in her body even when she's scared. She deserves a home who will treat her like a queen and hopefully someone who is home a lot. A young retiree would be ideal but we are open to all possibilities. Our holistic vet is located in Hopkinton so a location closeby would also be a plus, but certainly not required. Adopted

   Duke, 5 mo. old male Shepherd mix

Duke is a five month old Shepherd/lab mix who is very playful and loving. He was in a city run shelter and brought to Save A Dog. He is going through some teething and needs mouthiness to be redirected,so teens and up would be best for this gorgeous dog. He is the perfect size to train as he's in the 35 lb. range currently, but will have some growing to do. He is very responsive on a leash and learning obedience commands at lightening speed. He is very affectionate and playful. He can be seen weekdays by appointment for those who have filled out an application.


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