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 Kylie, formerly Bones


We adopted “Bones” (former name) in 2003 when we attended one of your adoption days at the Especially for Pets in Wayland. Bones was a West Virginia dog taken from a “kill shelter”, scheduled to be euthanized. This is Bone’s story from this kill shelter to Save a Dog to the Erickson household.

Sheena, our loving dog of 16 years (who we also adopted years ago from a local shelter) had to be put to sleep from organ failure a few months earlier and our home wasn’t the same without a dog. I would cry just walking into the house and not having my pal greet me at the door and missed my walking companion.

A co-worker suggested my family attend the adoption day at the Wayland Especially for Pets. We walking in the door and were greeted by so many wonderful, caring people and we all were overcome with emotions just looking at the lovely dogs with the white bandanas looking for a family to love them.

My daughter (Laura) and I saw Bones sitting patiently wagging her tail and were drawn to her. She was so happy to have someone pet her and love her and she was so gentle and loving that my daughter asked the woman holding her leash if she could walk her around the store. From that moment on, Laura wouldn’t let Bone’s leash go and kept her in the back of the aisles walking her so no one would ask to adopt her. My husband and son also bonded with Bones and we immediately filled out the papers to adopt her. We were in tears hugging Bones and the bonding between Bones and our family was so noticed that the foster people and volunteers let us adopt her and take her home that very day.

We changed Bone’s name to Kylie and have had Kylie in our family now for 3 years. Kylie has 2 cats that she shares the house and grounds with, and is so sweet and good natured that we can take her just about anywhere with us. Everyone loves her, especially the neighborhood children. She loves to take walks and is so people oriented that she will stay right with you when off-leash, no matter what trails you are on or what other animals are nearby. She loves other dogs and is just the perfect fit for our family.

Thank you Save a Dog, for saving Kylie and for bringing more happiness into our family.

The Erickson Family

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