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Dogs Adopted in March 2003

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 Dogs Adopted in March, 2003

 Jacqueline, 4 mons old female Lab/Beagle mix     Adopted
This little sweetheart is Jacqueline. She actually looks like a small version of a Lab. She was brought to us by her person, who just wasn't willing to take the time to work with her. Jacqueline was showing her joy for life by jumping up and was chewing - a natural puppy behavior. Instead of training her, they brought her to us. She lived with kids, dogs and cats. She is a very sweet girl, who is a happy, energetic puppy. She loves to please, so she should be easy to train.

Renamed Jackie. Read her Success Story

 Wade, 1+ yr old male Border Collie/Spaniel mix     Adopted
Wade came up from NC. He is approx. 18 mos. old. He gets along great with other dogs and he loves to play with them. He is as smart as a typical border collie too. He's got a big heart and just loves to play. He would love a family with teens who could really play with him. Just an all-around nice dog.

Renamed Buster. Read his Success Story

 Bobby, 1 year old Basset mix     Adopted
Bobby is a sweet basset mix who has the saddest face. He is not a barker, just loves pats and attention and loves to frolic in the snow. Like any Basset, he likes to sniff, but he is very, very people oriented and very much wants to be with you. He's just a love. He gets very excited when he sees a leash because that means he's getting a walk, but in the house he is just a couch potato.

Read his Success Story

 Grant, 20 weeks, male Collie mix     Adopted
Grant is a 4 month old male Collie Mix. He is very good in the crate and on his way to being crate trained. He is quite a character. He loves toys and like to hoard them and bring them into his big bed in the foster home. He is not destructive, but likes to jump up. It's not a big deal because he's a puppy, but he will need obedience training.

Renamed Buddy. Read his Success Story

 Peabody, 2 years old, female Elkhound/Beagle mix     Adopted
This is a Peabody, who has an unusual look to go along with her odd name. We are guessing she is an Elkhound/Beagle mix. She has the silvery gray coloring and double coat of an Elkhound, but her hair is short and her face is a bit like a Beagle. Whatever her breeds are - she is one striking dog! Peabody came to us as a stray. She is affectionate and really enjoys your attention and pettings. She seems to have a loving nature, and is a quiet, calm dog.

Read her Success Story

 JoJo, Male Bassett mix     Adopted
Male Basset/Shepherd mix or Corgi. We're not sure. Seems young. Jojo is little, corgi sized. Very good in his crate. Didn't make a peep all the way to MA.

Renamed Nelson. Read his Success Story

 Charlie, 1 yr. old male Chocolate Lab     Adopted
Charlie is a sweet one year old male lab who came all the way from a shelter in OH where he was supposed to be put to sleep. The shelter manager said he was too nice of a dog so went to great lengths to help him come to New England where he would have a chance at a good home. He just loves people. He's strong on a leash, but is friendly as can be and doesn't have a mean bone in his body.

Renamed Hershey. Read his Success Story

 Peanut, 1 year old female Beagle mix    Adopted
Peanut came to us as a stray so we do not know her history. She is friendly and does not pay any attention to cats. She is very curious. LOVES toys. Playful as can be. Great with other dogs, submissive. Very beagle-like so please research the breed and know what you're getting into as beagles can never be trusted off leash. They tend to follow their noses.

Renamed Tutter. Read her Success Story

 Sammy, 3-5 year old neutered male Shepherd mix    Adopted
My original Mom came across some hard times and we were brought to Massachusetts so she could focus on getting back on track. I LOVE people and I love to play outside! I am housebroken and an easy keeper. I would do best in a household with no young children as I was not raised with them. Someone who can spend time with me at home would be perfect, but I should be fine with a working person too.

Read his Success Story

 Frankie Blue Eyes 2 year old male Spaniel mix    Adopted
Frankie is a 17 lb. Spaniel mix who was found dragging a picnic table behind him on a chain. He is heart worm positive and will need an adopter who is willing to crate him with short leash walks for the first month while he recovers. He is a very calm dog already, so might be good for a working person or retiree.

Read his Success Story

Savannah, female Great Dane, 3 yr

This beautiful Great Dane girl is 3 years old and very playful. She will need a large fenced in yard and experienced owners. She likes other dogs but they would have to be big as she's a large dog.Adoption in progress!

Bibo, male Great Dane, 3 years old

This beautiful Great Dane boy came in with Savanna. He is very underweight right now and we are feeding him lots to put on the pounds. He's a dear, sweet dog who just wants to be by your side. He's a home body, not a dog who likes the cold, but it could be because there's no meat on his bones. He's desperate to bond with his people. He will need a large fenced in yard and experienced owners. Good with other dogs, but no small ones, please.He needs lots of attention, someone who can spend a lot of time with him. He wouldn't be good at home all day as he was crated most of his life prior to coming to Save A Dog. He's a submissive dog. Adoption in progress!

David & Bathsheba 6 month old male and female Bernard mixes

David and Bathsheba, seen here playing in the snow, are male and female large breed dogs who are very fluffy and golden in color. The owner said they were St. Bernard mixes and we can see a little of that in the feet. Both are good natured dogs who would be great for families with older kids (10+) or for the adult home who wants a large breed dog. They are calm puppies and not over rambuncious as some puppies are. Whoever gets them will not be disappointed. They will be placed separately.

David, pictured left.

David and Bathsheba are male and female and  Shepherd or Goldens mixed with something fluffy. They are six months old. They will be placed separately. Preapproved homes given first preference. They are gorgeous and crate trained. Fenced yards are a must if you have kids. Otherwise, show us that you're going to exercise them with more than leash walking!Adopted

Bathsheba, left, was originally called Sheba, but since we've recently placed two dogs named Sheba, we named her after the lovely lady whose beauty was too much for King David. She is a real looker, and will probably continue to be a show stopper as she grows into a beautiful adult. Adopted to a preapproved home. If you applied for her and want to be kept on our active list, please email us.

Bloomers, 1.5 yr. old Sheltie mix, male

Bloomers is one of the most affectionate, dogs you'll ever meet. He was rescued by a woman who has small children and cats and he was gentle with all. They called him Bloomers as he would try to play with the kids by pulling their pants down. He's just a love!!

Bloomers is a small dog, sheltie sized, about 35 lbs barely.

He wants to sit by your feet and be patted all day long. Adopted

Noah, 2 month old Dacshund mix

Noah is a Dacshund Mix. His picture looks lab, but he's really a labby coat in a daschund body. Very cute.He's in the 10 lb. range now but will get bigger.Notes: Noah is about 2 months old and is already spoiled and loves to be held. He will be available to preapproved homes (home check already completed) first.

This pet is: up to date with routine shots.


Princess, 3 year old Collie mix

Princess is a spayed female Collie mix who is about 3 years old.

She's medium-sized and very shy at first, but will bond closely with her person. Her rescuer had a heart attack so she came to a WV shelter very frightened, but became quite attached to the director and followed her everywhere. She would love to be someone's best friend.

This pet is: up to date with routine shots, altered. Adopted.

Max,  1 year Westie male

Max is a feisty 1-year-old male, neutered pure breed Westie. His original owner gave him up when the landlord no longer permitted pets. Recently, Max got a new suitable home when his owner suddenly took ill and had to relinquish him. Max enjoys playing fetch with a tennis ball, running, and going for long walks and playing with his toys. He gets along with other high-energy terrier type dog, but is too rough for shih tzu-type dogs. Adopted

Gina, 1.5 year old Lab mix

Gina is a beautiful Lab. She is calm, quiet, crate trained and just gorgeous. Her coat just shines. She came to a shelter tied to the front gate. Gina came in with another black lab and they were fine together.

She is thin from kenn She should weigh 45-50 lbs. when she gains back the weight.

She is in a foster home now and is happy. Her only vice is barking at strangers when they come into the house. ADOPTED

Bailey, 9 mo. old male Chocolate Lab

Bailey is a gorgeous chocolate lab whose owner worked long hours and finally realized that it was not fair for such an active dog to spend all day in a crate. He's 9 mos. old, neutered, and up to date on shots. Obviously a well cared for dog who has a little extra weight due to lack of exercise. Please be someone who can give him the time and attention he so deserves. He wll not let you down. As you can see, he loves the snow. ADOPTED.

Cinnamon 1.5 yr. old Aussie mix, male

Cinnamon was rescued by a woman who has kids and cats and dogs after learning that he had been homeless for awhile. He was seen every day wandering up and down the country roads, with no family to call his own.. He looks like a little fox and is smallish in stature. He weighed in at  32 lb. at the vet's. He is smart as a whip and will be a quick learner, but needs some obedience training has he doesn't know too many commands. He was evaluated by NEADS and did really well, but they thought he was too dominant with other males so he was returned. He likes to play with other dogs, but plays hard. We've been thinking maybe he has some cattle dog in him as they tend to be tough little dogs during play. Hence, we decided not to place him with cats or very young children in case he plays too rough for them. He would be a wonderful hiking partner or just a dog to hang out with after work. He crates well and would be fine for a working person. He came down with a bit of kennel cough, but is doing much better and is not hindered by an occasional sneeze. A single dog family would be ideal for Cinnamon. He would also do well with a female lab-sized dog as he loves to play. Check out the videos below. Someone is really going to love this dog. He is so affectionate. Adopted!

Howdy is a large 2 year old black Labby boy who is neutered and house broken. He is with us now and is a VERY good dog. He came to our volunteer's meeting and settled right down, enjoying pats from everyone and then fell asleep on the floor. He was good with the other dogs in the household and did not chase the cats, although he seemed interested in them.

The foster person from the originating shelter said he was attached to her teenaged son. He doesn't like being crated and knows how to unlatch gates, but is pretty safe in the house and not a dog to run off. He was fostered on an 11 acred unfenced farm and stuck around.

Whoever adopts this dog is in for a real treat as he's just so nice. His only vice is he jumps up to say hi, so small children might not be a good idea. We'd love to see him go with someone who will play with him. He LOVES the snow and prefers to lie in snow over the soft grass. Very labby-like in behavior.


This cute girl is Amy. She is about 6 months old )as of 3/1). We are not really sure of her breeds, but are guessing Husky and something smaller. She is only the size of a Sheltie and won't grow a lot more. Amy was brought to us by her people. They did not have time to work with her, and so she is with us. A sad story that happens a lot - people just don't realize dogs take time and need attention. Amy is a very sweet dog. She is shy, but not in a fearful way, more in a 'I don't want to offend you' manner. She is very eager to please and just wants to be loved. She is affectionate and gentle. She enjoys playing, and has been fine with the other dogs.Adopted!

This attractive guy is Devon. He was brought to the shelter along with his 2 brothers since their person could not find homes for them. We are guessing he is an Australian Shepherd/Australian Cattledog mix, with maybe a little Collie thrown in. He has some of the coloring and markings of a Collie. Devon is about 8 months old now (as of 1/24). He is a bit nervous at the shelter, but is starting to come out of his shell and showing what a nice dog he is. He is a real sweetie who wants to just please and make sure you are happy. He has not learned many social manners yet, but with his breed mixes, we think he will train very well, and could become a good agililty dog. Of course, he will be satisfied just being your companion too. He really enjoys people "making over" him, and will show his pleasure with a happy tail wagging. He also is energetic and enjoys playing and running around the yard. He is just fine with other dogs too. Adoption in progress!

Sammy, 3 year old male Beagle

SAMMY is a 3 year old male Beagle.

Notes: A SWEET GUY VERY FRIENDLY, not a leash puller, very gentle.

Adoption in progress!


Hazel, 1 yr old female Lab mix

Hazel is a one year old female yellow lab. She is crate trained and gets along with other dogs. Adoption in progress!

Brandi was found in Paris, KY last fall, a wild child-full of energy. The man caring for her had taken her in for an Irish horseman who had to return to Ireland. She's full grown, spayed and full of love and energy. She just wants to be played with so much. She has a sweet disposition and seeks out kids to play with. She's good with cats and the horses and other dogs. Weighs about 40#.

She has been in a foster home in KY. Adoption in progress!

Alexis, 2 year old Malamute mix female

Alexis is a 2 year old Alaskan Malamute,Husky Mix who was somebody's pet as they put a lot of training and attention into her. She sits and gives you her paw. She will lie down and she's fully house broken. She's more than ready for a good home. She is not high energy at all. Just a mellow mal/husky mix. Sweet, with brown eyes. Gets along great with other dogs too. She is the size of a husky with Malamute markings. She could have some shepherd in her. Adopted

Fuzzy, Chow pup, 4 mo. old female

Fuzzy is an adorable 14 week old female chow mix puppy. This delightful little furball is the friendliest puppy. She greets everyone with a tail wag and thinks everyone is her best friends.

She is playful and full of herself, but as cute as can be. When she gets excited she jumps straight up on all fours. It's so cute. What's not to love? She plays well with other dogs and is not too bossy, but just loves to run and get in on all the fun.

Fuzzy will not be at our adoption event on Saturday, but private appointments can be made if you've filled out an application. She is being fostered in Melrose. Adoption in progress!

 3/24/03 from KY Already spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. All these dogs are good with kids

Mula. This young terrier came into a shelter in KY with a broken front leg. Save A Dog is sponsoring him to come to MA as we're sure we can find him a good home. The ideal adopter would be able to care for him and keep him relatively inactive while he recovers. Any help with medical bills would also be appreciated. The surgery will cost around $200-$250. Coming on March 23rd. He's around a year old, give or take and a very sweet dog. We have raised the money for his surgery. Thank you, everybody!


This is Little Chubs who came to a KY shelter as a stray. We are guessing he is an Alaskan Malamute/Hound mix. His face definitely has some Hound characteristics, and is just adorable. He has a black and tan, thick coat. He is about 11 months old (as of 2/21) and is ready to run and play. He is a very sweet, loving dog. He gives affection easily and has not met a stranger. He thinks all humans are his friends. This attitude carries over to other dogs too! Little Chubs will make a great companion. All he needs is a chance!

Chubbs is a large dog but extremely calm and affectionate. ADOPTED!.

Malcum is a sweet, gentle male sheltie/spaniel. He is just the most affectionate little dog we've seen in a long time. He just wants to climb in your lap and be held.  He is young, under a year, and small, 20 lbs. Adopted!

These are border collie mix puppies from a litter of 5 that were brought to the shelter. They were brought in by a person who was not able to look for homes for them. Their Mom is a purebred Border Collie, and we think Dad is a Labrador Retriever. They are 10 weeks old (as of 2/21). The three pictured here are Dexter, Baxter and Xander, all males.  All are very sweet and playful. They are curious and want to explore and get into anything. They like to chew, and find shoestrings appealing.

Dexter, adopted!

Xander, adopted!

Crow, adopted!


Female Golden Retriever/ Lab mix, 3-5 years old. She is a very quiet dog and is going to make someone a wonderful family dog. Just lovely. An easy keeper. Adopted

Emily is a 2 year old female who was listed in a WV shelter as a Basset/lab mix. The only thing labby about her is her coloring. She's got a sweet little face and a basset-shaped body, basset legs with a basset tail that stands straight up. This is so you can see them when they're walking through the bushes. She is a confident little dog, about 25 to 30 lbs. and she would respond well to obedience training. An adult home would be best as she was teased by children.

From foster mom: Emily COMPLETELY HOUSEBROKEN. She has no destructive behaviors as long as she has a couple of toys. I have left her alone free in the house for 6 hours at a time incident free. She does whine a lot in a crate - but really does not need one. She is perfectly cat safe and gets along very well with my own dog. She would really benefit from a fenced yard. Adopted.

Buttercup is a young, sweet terrier mix who just wants love. She is quiet and not demanding (could she really be terrier?). Anyway, she will soon be spayed and ready for adoption. Sweet and submissive best describe her. We'll let you know if her foster mom says differently. Adopted

Maxi is a sweet nine month old beagle/whippet mix. She weighs about 15 lbs. and is nearly full grown. She likes kids and dogs. Is a really sweet dog in a nice size. Picture doesn't do her justice. Adopted

Sophie is a mild-mannered 3 month old Border Collie/Lab mix puppy from KY. She is playful and silly at times, but can be a little shy in new situations. She's a smart puppy and on her way to being house trained.


This picture does not do her justice. She is a GORGEOUS lab.

This sweet natured girl is Netty. She strayed her way into the shelter and has completely won our hearts. She has such a happy, bubbly personality you just can't help but smile when you are around her. Netty is a 9 months old (as of 2/21) Labrador Retriever mix. She looks close to be being purebred. She has a soft temperament and loves to fetch and play. She will be a great family dog. She has been fine with other dogs. She loves all people and quickly gives her affection. Netty will be a loving and loyal companion.Adopted

Bunny is a female cattle dog puppy who is 8 weeks old (as of 2/21). She is very affectionate and comes to greet you even when she's in the middle of playing. She just loves to play but is happy to just lay at your feet when you need a break. She gets along well with other dogs and is just the perfect lady. She sleeps through the night and is crate trained. She does so well I let her and her brother have full run of the house taking her out after naps or every hour and we have not had any accidents. She loves kids and people and will grow to be small to med. size. We just love her here at her foster home. Already spayed and microchipped. Adopted

Sunny is a male ACD (Australian Cattle Dog) pup who looks to be 90% or possibly purebred. He is really affectionate he loves people and other dogs. He is playful and happy, he plays nicely with his sibling above and other dogs in the foster home. Like is sister above he also has full run of the house we take them out after naps or every hour and we have had no accidents. He sleeps through the night and is crate trained. He also settles right down when you need a break and will just sleep at your feet. The two are just lovely puppies who will make someone really happy. Cattle dogs are not for children as they tend to herd. He will need an owner who will train him from a pup he is very smart and already will fetch a ball and bring it back to you. Already neutered and microchipped. Adopted

Frankie is a purebred Australian Shepherd male. He's a blue merle with beige points.  He was abandoned at a vet's office for 7 months along with a sibling dog. Good with dogs, but since he's reserved and quiet, we will not place him with kids (also in case of herding tendancies). What a gorgeous dog and so well behaved. He is a rare find! Crate trained and quiet. Adopted

Luna is a 3 month old beagle mix pup. A little girl, but a real hell-raiser when it comes to play. Who could resist that face, though? She and Rosa are full of fun and play, play, play.

Please be someone who stays at home or works from home. adopted

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