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Hello, I have been meaning to write and tell you how wonderful Peabody has been doing. We have had her here with us for about 9 months now. She is a very special animal and I thank god we found each other. I was very sick over the summer and she was at my side all the time, it was incredible. She was the best medicine I could have ever had. I wanted to tell you about her life now, but I think I will let her tell you in her own "woofs"......

Hello to all my shelter friends in Kentucky and Massachusetts! I hope everyone is doing well. I am doing great! Do you remember me? I was the very shy dog (but oh so sweet). I am still a little bit shy, but I am such a lucky dog to live here in Mendon with my new family. My human family loves me so much! Especially my mom! Her and I are very close. We walk together every day, once in the morning and once at night. I love our walks together. I miss her when she goes to work, but I am lucky cause my grandmothers are with me during the day, talk about being spoiled!!!! At 3:00 my mom and the kids get home and play with me, so I am never alone.

Everyday I get to play in my big yard and sometimes go walking in the woods. Right now we don't walk in the woods to much, its hunting season and there are lots of hunters out. I really don't like their guns. They are loud and scare me. They remind me of something but I am not sure what.

Its been pretty warm here in Massachusetts, it did snow a few times and I loved the snow (I hate the rain) I love playing in the snow, running around and burying my nose in it - I even like eating it!

The food here is really good, I get fed twice a day, really good stuff, wet and dry food. The other day my mom took me to a dog bakery. I got to see them making dog treats. Mom bought me a bag of them and also she bought me a Canolli! Boy was that good! Once in a while I get a special treat in my dish, Roast Beef, or Chicken or cheddar cheese - my favorite. I also get treats, but my family makes me work for them. I have to do tricks and stuff. My mom especially likes when I give her a "high five" it makes her smile, so I do that one really well. I can sit, lie down, roll over, come, go, stay, say hi, beg, jump up (but only when I am told to!) and I can even pray and say I am sorry. I am very smart you know. The kids here love to teach me tricks. Alyssa spends a lot of time with me, she likes to snuggle, she is 9 years old. Brian likes to play rougher. We play tug of war and fetch and stuff like that. Sometimes I get him to snuggle with me too, Brian is 7. I love snuggling!

This was my first Christmas here and I was so spoiled. I got a brand new bed, you can see me lying on it in one of the pictures my mom is sending. Its really soft and has a pillow around it. I had a nice bed before, but this is REALLY nice. We put the new bed in moms room where I sleep and put my old bed in the living room so I can hang out with my family at night. I also got some great new toys, one is a fish and inside are fish eggs. I like it cause I can take the fish eggs out and mom puts them back in again, we keep doing that over and over until Mom gets tired of it. Some of my toys I ripped the stuffing out - I thought that was what I was supposed to do. I am getting better at putting my toys away in my basket when I am done playing with them. I usually remember.

I bet you are wondering if I am still really shy..... I am but not nearly as bad as I was. When I meet new people I am hesitant at first. I usually wait until they are ignoring me and then I come and sniff them out. I am afraid of big men with beards, we had one come visit and I barked. I have only barked three times since I came here, once at him, once at a woodchuck and once at a wild turkey. We have a lot of visitors at our house, a big extended family, complete with dog cousins. I know most of them by now and don't mind them coming over.

I also have some dog friends in the neighborhood. My best friend is a black lab named Pepsi - we have a ball together. I also have a friend next door named Mason. He is a rescued Greyhound. He is a very nice dog but he had it rough when he was younger. I am glad he has a good home now. I wish all dogs could be as lucky as we are.

My wish for the new year is that people would spay or neuter their dogs, take good care of them and give them lots of love - that's all we want. I pray that the homeless dogs find wonderful families to share their lives. With people like you working so hard for us, I know many of them will.

God Bless You and thank you for all you did for me.


Peabody Conley (also known as Peebers, PB, Princess Peabody and Baby Girl)

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