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Dogs Adopted in April 2003
 Dogs Adopted in April 2003

Pax, 9 mon old male Beagle  Adopted
Pax is a nine month old Beagle boy, really quiet for a beagle and fully crate trained. He is just a sweet, sweet pup and much cuter than the picture. He weighs about 15 lbs and he's a bit cross-eyed. It makes him all the more endearing. He's just a wonderfully affectionate pup.

Read his Success Story

Gracie, 18 mon old female Golden mix   Adopted
Gracie is 18 months old and was saved from a shelter in the south. She is a lovely dog. Good with kids.

Renamed Gracie Charlene. Read her Success Story

Misty, 2 year old Collie mix  Adopted
Misty came to us as a stray, and we located her people, but they were not able to take her back. It's a sad story, but Misty won't let it get her down! She is a Collie mix, but very short. She is so pretty with her unique coloring. She is just so very sweet and charming. She is an affectionate girl who wants to be by your side. She tolerates other dogs but doesn't like dogs who jump into her face as she was tied out and picked on by male dogs.

Renamed Molly. Read her Success Story

Lila, 11 month old female Lab mix  Adopted
This pretty girl is Lila. She is a Labrador Retriever mix. The shelter said she was 6 months old (as of 3/23), but she looks and acts a little older. Nevertheless, she is a puppy with puppy playfulness and more than enough calm to make her a very sought-after lab (most have high energy). She is good with other dogs.

Renamed Lexi. Read her Success Story

Desiree, 2 year old female Dobie mix  Adopted
Desiree came to us from a shelter in OH. She is a gorgeous dog and very affectionate. She's going to bond well as she rode part of the way to MA with her head on the driver's lap. She's great with her dog walker as well and is personable to everyone she greets. She has a lot of personality that seems to keep coming out the more we know her.

Transferred to Baypath Humane Society in Hopkinton, MA and has been adopted.

Rosa is a 3 month old beagle mix pup. A little girl, but a real hell-raiser when it comes to play. Who could resist that face, though? She and Rosa are full of fun and play, play, play.

Please be someone who stays at home or works from home. No small kids, please. Adopted

Dixie Chick

Five year old beagle girl. Very Sweet.

Adoption in progress!

Brandon is an adorable 3 month old Beagle/terrier pup with the sweetest face and slightly curly hair. He's a cutie who is going to be spoiled rotten, we're sure. Adopted

Princess is a 3 month old female Shepherd pup. She is just a love and a really good puppy.Crate trained.Her picture doesn't do her justice. She has a gorgeous coat and very pretty face. She is as sweet as can be and very smart like a shepherd, but has all the qualities of a mixed breed dog. She is a cuddly dog and loves to be held and stroked. She's doing to be small to medium-sized. Adoption in progress.

Silver is a male 1.5 year old Powder Puff Chinese Crested. He is as sweet as can be and loves to sit on your lap and be stroked. He will need obedience training as he's not leash trained. He's a smart dog and a willing learner and will make a wonderful companion for the right adopter. His coat will need regular brushing and grooming so he is best suited as an indoor dog and not for unsupervised activities outside. No small children, please, as he is a delicate toy breed. Adoption in progress

Dallas, 8 month old Shepherd mix male


Dallas is an 8 month old German Shepherd mix who is mostly shepherd. He is totally house broken and mild mannered. He weighs about 45-50 lbs. His foster mom says he is a velcro cuddler. He is fostered with a female shepherd and they play all day. What a cutie! He is a total sweetheart.

Bear is a Labrador Retriever,Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix. He is a puppy.This adorable face belongs to Bear. He is a 3 1/2 month old (as of 3/1) Labrador Retriever/Catahoula Leopard mix. He is as huggable as a teddy bear! Bear is an active, playful dog who loves to romp and run. He enjoys other dogs and will be a fine in a mult-dog home. He is a happy, friendly puppy who knows no strangers. He thinks all people are here to pet him. And with his face, most everyone wants to stop and pet him! He is also smart and will train very well. We are boarding him in Sudbury and if you have an application on file, we'll meet you at the kennel to show him.

Maggie 1 year old spayed female Spaniel cross

Maggie is young female spayed mixed breed who whose owner worked long hours and felt she deserved a better life. She was listed as a Peke/Pom mix, but we don't see either breed in her. She looks more like a spaniel/lhasa mix. She is spayed and crate trained.

Notes: This cute little girl is only a year old and is crate trained.She just loves to ride in the car and will kiss you all the way to where you're going.


Barnabus, 10 month old Australian Shepherd mix

Barnabas is an Australian Shepherd Mix male.He was brought to a shelter along with his 2 brothers since their person could not find homes for them. We are guessing he is an Australian Shepherd mix, with maybe a little Collie thrown in. Barnabas is about 10 months old now (as of 3/24).  He is a good natured guy who is eager to please and is fully house broken. He still jumps up so will need work on Off.. With his breed mixes, we think he will train very well.. He is VERY mild mannered and gentle on a leash. This dog is a dream! He was adopted and returned as the resident dog was not happy with a new dog in the household. Since Barnabus is a people-centric dog he would also do best as an only dog.Adopted

Cassie, female Chocolate Lab mix, 1-2 years

Cassie is a gorgeous chocolate lab mix with a little white on her chest. She's medium sized, 45-50 lbs. and a bit shy at first, but is as sweet as can be. Available upon spaying.


Brady, AKC Basset, 5 yrs. spayed female

Brandy is a 5-year old pure-bred spayed female bassett hound. Raised from a puppy by an elderly man, who could no longer care for her due to failing health. She is fully housetrained. She is an excellent walking companion for leisurely morning and evening walks on leash. Like many bassetts, she has some skin allergies and will need frequent baths or professional grooming. Diet should help with this too.

Brandy is a true couch potato and would be perfect for a retiree or someone who is home a lot. She was not raised with children, so we will not be placing her with kids. Brandy is doing well in her foster home with a resident beagle. They do not play, but they seem to get along well. Looking for a nice home to enjoy quiet, leisurely nature walks on leash, the occasional treat and a back scratch.  Adopted.

Butterscotch 5 month old Cattle Dog mix female

Butterscotch is a five month old Catle dog cross. She will be medium sized and is a bundle of love and energy. Her tail never stops wagging. She will need some training not to jump up but she's small enough so that it's not a big deal right now. She's about 25 lbs. and will grow to be in the 40 lb. range. She loves people and gets along great with other dogs. Adopted.

Roux 4 month old female Chocolate Lab pup

This 4 month old puppy arrives on 4/6 along with 3 adult labs. She is a sweet, sweet puppy. Adopted.

Dexter, neutered male Lab mix, 2 years

Dexter is a gorgeous labby boy who might have a little Rottie thrown in. He is an absolute MUSH of a dog who loves to ride in the front seat of the car with his head out the window or in your lap. Already neutered and begging for a home!

He came from OH and all the transport people raved about him. He didn't like the crate, but if you let him sit on the seat he's your best friend. Good traveling buddy for someone and very well behaved. Had to have been someone's pet as he knows many commands. Adopted.

Boomer, 2 year old Lab/Chow mix

Boomer is a very happy boy. He is house broken and was with a family who had to give him up because of a new land lord.  He was raised with kids, but we recommend strong kids or teens as he is strong and has lots of energy.  He is ready to find a playmate and get a new home. 60 lbs.. 2 yrs. old.  He was one of West Virginia's death row dogs.  He is high energy and has no training, so please be willing to work with him and have a place for him to run. He is in foster care and he plays well with the resident lab.  Good with cats, plays hard with other dogs, so labs or large breeds are best. Would be great with a female lab who likes to play. Needs a fenced in yard or a rural setting where he can run. Adopted!

Trip, 2 yr old Border Collie mix male

TRIP was rescued out of a Watertown shelter in December after spending 2 months there. He was picked up as a stray. He is a Border Collie mix although he looks Aussie. He is approximately 2 yrs old and weighs 46 lbs. We got him neutered and up to date on his shots. Trip is a sweet loving dog but has timid tendencies around some men and runs and hides if hears a loud noise. He did great in basic obedience using a training collar. He knows sit, stay, come, working on down, off, leave it. He loves to give kisses. Adopted

Monty, 2 year old male Border Collie cross

Monty is a gorgeous 1 to 2 year old Border Collie cross who was about to be put to sleep at a WV shelter. Our rescue friend got him out in the nick of time. He is mild mannered and pretty low key, but he is head shy when he first meets you. He doesn't like everyone to just reach over his head or touch his back side. This is considered a flunk on our temperament test, but he was super for the groomer and for the vet and is doing well in his foster home so we'd like to give him a chance. He seems to prefer men, so a single guy would be great. Monty is a smart dog who plays well with the foster dogs and loves to hang out in the yard or on the deck. He is not a wanderer and is housebroken, so he has some good qualities. We are looking for a special owner who will let Monty settle in slowly.  No kids, and preferably a guy owner or dog-savvy woman. Adopted

Monty sitting by a tree. He initially was tied as the foster's fence is low, but he is not a jumper and likes to stick around, so he uses the doggy door to come and go and stays within 10 feet of the back door as a rule. This day he was under the tree because the foster folks were working in the back yard. He is good with the foster dogs and knows his place in the pack (not at the top).

Tripper, 1 year old female Hound/Jack Russell cross

Plan on love at first sight when you meet Tripper.

Tripper is an adorable 15 lb. female houndy Jack Russell cross. She has one ear up and one down. The picture of cuteness and adorability. She could be mixed with basset or beagle as she has the shark's fin tail that they are famous for. Her personality is very sweet, curious, affectionate and just darling. She doesn't have a serious bone in her body and just loves everybody. She is all play like any pup, and then she will crash, big time. She is as smart as a whip too and figured out the doggy door the first hour in the foster home. She has energy, but it's not with the intensity that you see in most JRTs. She is just a love.She's spayed, all vaccinations, and ready for a permanent home. .

Tucker, 4 year old neutered male, housebroken

Tucker is a 4 year old neutered male collie mix who is low to the ground. He is sweet and housebroken. Great for working person. Sorry for the bad picture. He's really cute. Adopted

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