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Dogs Adopted in July 2002

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 Dogs Adopted in July, 2002

 Oscar, 1 yr old male border terrier     Adopted
Oscar is a border terrier and appears to be the brother of Harriet. He can be placed separately. He is full grown and approximately a year old.

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 Finnigan, 4-6 month old male terrier mix    Adopted
Sweet and playful. He was left by the side of the road and the person who brought him in said that he and Jarvis, his friend sat in the same spot for an entire day, waiting for their owners to come back.

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 Sasha - 1.5 year old female Shepherd     Adopted
Sasha was tied in a backyard and received no attention. You would never know it and she is the sweetest, mushiest dog you'll ever meet. She is gentle and now becoming playful. She deserves a wonderful home with obedience training as she is very attentive on a leash and constantly looks to you for guidance. She's a very smart dog who is going to be someone's best friend and companion.

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 Max, 1 year old Male Sheltie/Shepherd mix    Adopted
Max is a one year old tiny male sheltie/shepherd mix. He weighs about 20-25 lbs. and is full grown. He is playful, adorable, with a sheltie bark. He has a sweet personality and loves attention. He would do best with someone who can spend time training him and loving him. He is happy to sit in your lap, but a little anxious in the crate so will need some reassurance and training.

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 Koko - 1.5 year old female Chocolate Lab mix     Adopted
Koko is a beautiful spayed Chocolate Lab mix. She seems 90% lab and LOVES the water. The first thing she did when she got to our house was to jump in the wading pool. After running around the yard to play, she was right back in the pool. She lived in a condo with a family and is kid friendly, but too active for little ones as she's a powerhouse on a leash. Off leash she is playful in the yard and lots of fun.

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 Cookie, 1 year old female Aussie mix     Adopted
Yes, my name is Cookie and I am as sweet as one. I am one of those dogs that is probably a true mix. I have the long body and short legs of a Corgi, but more of the coloring and look of an Aussie. I love people and just want to be next to them so I can get some attention. I am a very sweet girl who is affectionate. I am submissive with people and other dogs. My personality makes me a great dog for kids.

Renamed Serena. Read her Success Story

 Penny, 1 year old female small mixed breed    Adopted
Penny is a one year old very small dog who were turned in for chasing goats. She is a little timid and we don't have a full history on them, so no children, please.

Renamed Micki. Read her Success Story

 Fred, 3 month old male pointer mix    Adopted
Fred is a sweet and energetic hound/pointer mix. He LOVES the water and has no problem putting his paws right in the wading pool. Throw a piece of an ice cube in the pool for him to fetch and he is a happy camper. Fred is gentle but can be a little jumpy as he is still only a puppy. He loves hugs and to be petted and yet is very happy to lie out in the sun and relax. He will make a good family dog.

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Floyd -- Male Hound mix - 9 weeks old

At first we thought Floyd was a beagle/dacshund mix, but he's grown so much in the past couple of weeks that we're thinking maybe coonhound. He's a sweet, sweet boy. Adopted

Miss Marple - 10 week old  mix - female

Miss Marple is a curious little puppy who is very petite in size and large in personality. She's fearless and into everything. Confident and playful with a zest for life that shouldn't be squelched. She can hold her own with big dogs or small. Don't let this large picture of her fool you as she's tiny, weighing all of 7 lbs. so far. Adopted

Sweet Pea - 2 year old Beagle mix - female

Sweet Pea is a very petite female beagle who is spunky, but sweet as her name indicates. She's playful and loving and house trained. She was adopted but the family with young children was overwhelmed at caring for a new dog and kids at the same time. She is sweet and gentle and has no baggage. Please give her a chance at a permanent home. Adopted

Harriet is a border terrier and appears to be the sister of Oscar. She can be placed separately. She is full grown and approximately a year old.

Libby - 5 month old Retriever mix - Female

Libby is a 6 month old lab/border collie mix. She's house broken and good in the house. She loves to play, and is already pretty good at catching a frisbee. Very athletic and quick, she would make a great dog for an active household. She loves to give kisses, and is happiest when with her people or other dogs. Libby is a dominant dog who would love a canine pal, as long as he/she doesn't mind her being the top dog.

An adult home or older kids (teens) is preferable for Libby. Adopted along with her pal, Jenna

Jenna is a 1.5 year old very petite and sweet Siberian Husky who was let out by her owners to run the neighborhood one too many times. Owners decided not to pay the fines this time. Walks well on a leash and is very affectionate. Adopted, along with Libby to the couple above who live in Medway

Beth is a 13 week old beagle girl who is spayed and up to date on shots. She likes to chase balls and play all day. She will need lots of socialization with people and dogs so please be someone who has time for her. Many applications received. Her sibling, Barry, is also available. Adopted.

Zeus is a one year old neutered male mixed breed dog who is as affectionate as they come. He loves to crawl in your lap for pats or just walk by your side. He has his crazy side too as he will jump 3 feet striaight up in the air and race around the yard like crazy. Zeus has the most beautiful golden brown eyes imaginable. Pictures do not do him justice. He would make a great agility dog as he is quick as a whip and as smart as they come. We all feel he has star qualities is is deserving of an awesome home! He needs a large place in which to run.

Zeus is a nice medium-sized dog who loves to run and is very agile. I'm looking for an agility situation for him. He's kind of a special dog in that he really caught our eye when we were looking at shelters in WV. He was living outside in a pen and could jump straight up in the air to get your attention, never once barking. When let out of his pen he raced around greeting everybody, then raced back in his pen on command.

He has the stance and build of a border collie dog, lean, alert, aware of everything, but not hyper in the house.  He needs some work with riding in the car as he drools and trembles. He would need clicker training for that or reward-based training.  He's not a top dog, nor would he challenge a top dog, but he can hold his own with dominant females and uses his quick reflexes to dodge other dogs. He LOVES to be chased. We would like to see him go into a situation where he'll get the love and attention that he deserves. Someone with flexible work hours or who can take a dog to work would be great! Adopted to an agility family and very happy

Oreo -1.5 year old Retriever mix - Male

Oreo is a male retriever mix who was abandoned by his people when they moved. He was tied to the porch with two other dogs and left to starve. He's a good dog and doesn't deserve such treatment. We took the first step in saving him and now it's up to someone to adopt him.

He is a sweet dog with many attributes. He gets along with other dogs and is very gentle with the foster's kitten, even tho' the kitten is not so gentle with him. He is very calm, although he's playful like a puppy. He comes when called immediately.  He's even housebroken!  He is recovering from heart worm treatment and is being kept quiet for now. Adopted!

Stella - 1.5 year old Female golden/collie cross

Stella is a young female golden collie cross who is people friendly, adult spayed & UTD on shots. She is a big fluffy dog with a gorgeous face of a golden. She appears to have some Malamute in her. For big dog lovers, this is an awesome find! She should probably be the only dog. Adopted to big dog lovers in Grafton!

Bobby - 2.5 year old male Peke-a-poo 

Bobby's owner sadly turned him in when her condo forbid dogs. He is a happy little boy, usually with a big smile, but this picture was taken late at night. He loves visiting children but was not raised with them, so we're looking for an adult home for him! Adopted

Katie - 1 year old female Beagle

Katie is a 1 year old female beagle who came from a WV shelter.  She is a gentle, happy, curious and loving dog. She's interested in everything, but your stuff is safe! She'll only sniff it and doesn't chew or steal. However, she likes to be the top dog and will try to move up in the pack of humans if you let her. She would do fine with a dog owner who is commited to training her and/or with a strong male dog. She enjoys the company of other animals and plays with the foster provider's lab all day long.

Adult home only. Adopted

Rascal - 2 year old male Collie

Rascal adores kids and is not a chewer. He also sticks closeby when outside.

Rascal is a beautiful male Collie whose purebred parents looked like Lassie dogs. He was the runt of the litter and relinquished from his WV home for deer chasing. Poor little Rascal has mange right now and needs a home or foster home who will see him through his treatment. No other animals, unless you can keep him quarantined. Mange takes approx. a month to clear up totally. Rascal's is a mild case, hence he still has a beautiful coat. Adopted!

Andy - 3 year old male PBGV/lhasa mix

Andy is a really nice PBGV/lhasa boy who was tied out most of his life. No worse for the wear, he is happy in his new home with a family in Natick. Adopted!

Harmony, 1 year old female small mixed breed dog

Harmony is a one year old very small dogs who was turned in for chasing goats. She is a little timid and we don't have a full history on them, so no children, please. Adopted!

Abe - 1 year old male beagle

Abe is a one year old male beagle who we adopted out as a pup. He is coming back as his adopters did not realize the time commitment of owning a dog.  He's a happy little dog who loves kids and dogs and he just wants to play, play, play. He is totally housebroken, sleeps in his crate. He is a bit of a chewer still. He is enjoying the company of the lady beagle at the foster home and might do well with another dog for companionship. Like any beagle he is very food motivated and loves to sniff around outside. He has not been with cats. His owners said that he is better off not being left alone all day, so please be someone who can give him the time and attention that he needs. Adopted

Pebbles  - 3 month old pointer mix, male

Pebbles is just waiting for someone to give him a hug!! He LOVES people and is happy to sit in your lap to be petted. He is good with other dogs and would love to have an older child to play with. He is still just a puppy so younger children may find him a little overwhelming. He loves to play with his toys, he sleeps well at night and would very happy as a second dog or as a first dog with an active family. As he is just a puppy he will need lots of exercise to help him expend his energy. Pebbles has a great personality and will grow to be a wonderful, gentle family member. Adopted 8/4/02 by a preapproved family in NH.

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