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Dogs Adopted in January 2005

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 Dogs Adopted in January 2005

Lucky Joe, 1 Yr Old Male Golden Retriever Mix  Adopted
“Lucky Joe” is a small Golden Retriever mix, blonde, 1 yr, 20 lbs (but is a skeleton – should weigh at least 45 lbs). He was rescued from an overcrowded VA shelter just before being put to sleep. This emaciated sweetheart was found on a blanket on the side of the road in an area where several other dogs have been dumped. Despite what he’s been through he is sweet, quiet and affectionate. His medical tests show that he has malabsorption, due to a pancreatic insufficiency, so he receives enzymes with every meal and is doing well.

Renamed Gabriel. Read his Success Story

Jenna, 2 years old Female Beagle  Adopted
Jenna is a little pure bred beagle. She is approx. 2 years old and weighs about 20 lbs. She is a little shy but friendly and will walk on a lead. She's good with other dogs. What a cutie!

Renamed Rosie. Read her Success Story

Shelby, 6 yrs old Female Labrador Retriever Mix  Adopted
Shelby is a six year old spayed female black lab who is as sweet and easy going as can be. She likes affection, but is not pushy about it. She will lay down to take a nap when nothing is happening, but is always ready for a walk or play when the opportunity arises. She is not a real "clingy" dog and is fine napping in another room by herself.

Read her Success Story

Maxine, 10 mons Female Golden Retreiver Mix  Adopted
This young girl LOVES to play. She also LOVES the water. Maxine is approx. 10 months old and weighs about 40 lbs. She was seized by the dog warden because she was in mud up to her belly and not being taken care of. This young girl is a blast and will need a home that can give her plenty of exercise.

Read her Success Story

 Benji, 3 years old Male Soft-coated Wheaton terrier  Adopted
Benji was relinquished by his family as he is still very active even though he is past the puppy stage. We'd love to get a home with breed experience as terriers are not for everyone. He has shown no signs of aggression at all, but he is a little head shy about getting the leash clipped on and doesn't enjoy being patted on the head. We think he will calm down if he can get adopted by someone who has the time.

Read his Success Story

 Quincy, 3 months Male Labrador Retriever Mix  Adopted
This lab mix puppy was rescued from a city pound in the nick of time. He is very loveable, but clueless about how to act. He jumps all over the place, on people and other dogs. He is a bit of a handful, but is very responsive to positive reinforcement training. He learned to sit on command in about five minutes with the use of a clicker and some treats.

Renamed Guiness. Read his Success Story

  Charlie, 18 mons Male Rottie / Collie  Mix     Adopted
Charlie Charlie

Charlie is a big sweet guy! He is personality plus as he just loves everybody he meets. He is so good-natured, he is everyone's favorite. He is approx. 18 months old and weighs about 80 lbs. He's good with other dogs and very playful with the foster dogs in the household. He walks pretty good on a lead but is certainly young enough that he would benefit greatly from obedience training. He looks to be a Rottweiler mix, so we would love someone with large breed experience (even though he's going to be an easy dog).

  Chocolate, 1 year old Female Elkhound  Mix     Adopted
Chocolate Chocolate

Chocolate is a young Norwegian Elkhound mix who is cute and friendly. She came in with Marshmallow and they are good friends. She is only about a year old and has a black/brown coat and little pointed ears. Weighs approx. 25 pounds. She looks like a little brown fox! She is a gentle puppy and extremely loving and affectionate. She is going to make someone really happy, she is such a love! She will be spayed prior to adoption.

  Sheena, 3 years old Female Beagle  Mix     Adopted

Sheena is approx. 3 yrs. old and weighs about 30 lbs. She is just a doll baby. Very calm and quiet. Walks great on a lead and has a beautiful soft coat. She's good with other dogs and just sweet as can be. Sheena was spayed on 1/5/05.

  Cinnamon, 4-5 yrs old Female Britany Spaniel/Collie Mix  Adopted

Cinnamon came to us from a southern shelter, where she was picked up trotting along the side of the road. She was only 30 lbs. and was heart worm positive. She has been in loving foster homes and is fully recovered from her ordeal and is a nice medium size of 45 lbs. She is as sweet as can be, is good with other dogs and cats and loves kids. She is very gentle and she loved the kids she met at our last event. All she needs is a fenced in yard as she likes her privacy when going to the bathroom. She seems to be about 4 or 5 years old. She has a lot of love to offer. Won't you give her a chance?

  Sandy, 10 mons Female Yellow Lab  Mix     Adopted

Sandy is a 10 month old spayed female retriever mix who is very affectionate and devoted. She just loves people and wants to be with you. She loves the water and loves playing in the snow. She is crate trained and very good in her crate. We’ve been working on not jumping up and she responds well to praise. She just wants someone to play with her as she is a big puppy. Please be someone who will love her forever! She would do best as an only dog as she just loves people. Also, she’s too curious about cats and would torment them with her chasing so no cats, please.

  Bailey, 1 year old Male Corgi / Sheltie  Mix     Adopted

Bailey is a sweet one year old neutered male Corgi mix who is obedience trained and house broken. He is a young dog with a lot of energy so an active household would be the best situation for him. He was trained using clicker training and is very motivated and a smart little dog, but given his young age he needs lots of positive reinforcement or he will forget everything he’s learned. He is also trained on the Gentle leader collar and walks perfectly when the collar is on, otherwise he pulls. He weighs about 25-30 lbs. We would prefer kids over 10 as he is still a bit mouthy.

  Marshmellow, 3-4 yrs old Female Spaniel  Mix     Adopted
Marshmellow Marshmellow

Marshmallow is a tiny spaniel-looking female. She came in with Chocolate to a WV shelter. She is 3-4 yrs. old and only weighs about 10-15 pounds. Her coat is white with black and brown patches. Very sweet little girl. She will be spayed prior to adoption.

  Victoria, 3 year old Female Lab / Pointer  Mix     Adopted

Victoria is a 3 year old lab/pointer mix. She is a very sweet girl, very calm and well behaved. She loves the snow and just loves being out doors. She has the bulky build of an english lab with a little pointer or dalmation thrown in. She plays nice with other dogs both large and small. This girl is personality plus.

  Wendy, 1 year old Female Boxer  Mix     Adopted

Hello! My name is Wendy. I am a sweet little girl about a year old. I LOVE to be around people, especially children. My favorite thing to do is cuddle. My owner turned me over to a shelter because he couldn't keep me anymore. I am very skinny right now so I'm glad he gave me the chance to find a better home. I am only about 25 pounds but will probably be no more than 35 pounds when I am full grown. I am on the small side of medium.

I am already spayed, housebroken and up to date on all my shots. It would be the best holiday present to get a new home.

  Milly, 1-2 yrs old Female Beagle    Adopted

This is Milly. She's 1-2 years old good with children and small dogs. Very small, under 20 pounds. She is very sweet. She will be at our meet and greet event on Sunday at Petco, Natick from 3-5 PM.

  Whiz, 3 mons Female Aust Cattle Dog  Mix     Adopted

Whiz is a female Australian Cattle dog mix. She has the markings of a blue heeler with floppy black ears like a spaniel or pointer. She is sweet and playful. She will need someone who understands the exercise needs of the breed.

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