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 Rosie, formerly Jenna
Hi Shirley

I finally got some photos of Rosie downloaded. Here are a few choice ones for you. Enjoy.

Stina Hughes

So, we've got her! .... and she snores! So cute 8-)

Little Jenna is now Rosie and she joined us on Friday last week. I've been very busy trying to help her feel more comfortable around the house.

She is very timid and is simply too good on a leash not to have suffered at someone's hand (my guess only). She has not barked, growled or whimpered since we got her. She is a dear and is making progress each day toward feeling more secure in her new home. She loves her doggie den and has taken to eating just fine - although I've been literally spoon-feeding her water. She seems either very picky about the type of bowl she drinks from, or someone shoved her nose into a bowl of water at some point and scared her. I have only one bowl that she'll drink water from and she'll only do it if no one is looking at her. I woke up in the middle of the night hearing her lapping up some H20 from one of the cats' very shallow bowls. (I said a silent "Hooray" when that finally worked!)

She loves to go for walks, although is tentative about coming out of her den - once she's out, though, she is game for a stroll. She has had only two accidents in the house, both on the first afternoon when she was really scared. Otherwise, our floors and carpets are intact. And, you know Lindsay is just waiting for an excuse to pull up the upstairs carpeting.

She was spayed a week ago and still has her stitches - and she is taking very good care of herself. She doesn't lick at the stitches or anything. The wound looks to be healing extremely well. In fact, she has twice invited me to rub her belly with her little tail carefully wagging just a bit. I, of course, am careful not to get too close to the site of the incision.

She's been coming to work with me each day and has her spot in my office. It is a corner where she can see me - fitted out with her little matt, food bowl and the odd doggie treat. And, she has reliably done both of her businesses (so to speak) at our daily lunch time walk.

Lindsay and Sarah have been playing a role, too and I want to encourage especially Lindsay to work at assimilating himself into her world a bit more. At first, he felt he might let her come to him, but I am finding that she is responding very well to me offering up gentle interaction on my schedule rather than hers. She is accepting this approach and learning that no one in our house will hurt her. So, we might see if we can expedite her acceptance of him via a similar method. At some point it isn't practical to have her so keyed in on me.

Well, that is my little doggie update, the timing of which was driven by the fact that she is laying beside me snoring away, having great doggie dreams about running in a wide open field somewhere, following her nose!

Stina Hughes

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