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 Dogs Adopted in December 2003

Suki, 14 week old female Golden mix Adopted
Suki is a beautiful 14 week old Golden mix, probably with Shepherd or collie. She is affectionate with kids and great with other dogs.

Renamed Cookie. Read her Success Story

Stubby, 4 month old male beagle Adopted
Stubby is a 4 month old beagle boy who is a gorgeous reddish color. He is as sweet as can be and very submissive. He is a local boy who needs a good home.

Renamed Murry. Read his Success Story

Chance, 6+  year old male Australian Cattle Dog

This sweet ACD was scheduled to be euthanized this Monday morning, Nov. 24th, but a kind-hearted rescue volunteer took him home and boarded him, then drove him to meet our volunteer. We're calling him Chance because someone gave him a chance. Won't you?

He is a wonderful dog and typically very smart. He loves his squeaky toys and will fetch and bring back and drop it at your feet, then stare at it until you pick it up and throw it again. He's a big boy, but very gentle. Just a real sweet heart.

He will be at our Petco event today at Petco in Natick, MA. Adopted

Bell, 4 mo. old female beagle, pure

Bell is a very sweet four month old beagle girl who came from a local breeder who knows we find great homes for dogs. She is small in stature but solid in build. She and her littermate, Stubby, love to sniff around the back yard and they love tennis balls. They are playful and extremely affectionate. She would make a wonderful family pet for a family who can't resist that beagle face. She is just a love. Adopted

Dr. Seuss, 1 year old male Coonhound mix

Meet the fun-loving Dr. Seus. Just like the comic Dr. Suess, he is sure to being a smile to your face and lots of joy to your home. He is about 1 yr old (as of 11/18) and appears to be a Catahoula Leopard/Border Collie mix. He is very handsome with a merled coat and big, expressive eyes. Sr. Seus is a super dog and has the greatest personality. He so wants to please and loves every person he meets. He is very sweet, affectionate and gentle natures. He should be fantastic with kids. He is submissive and is happy to let any one else be the boss. Sr. Seus gladly rolls over for a good, ole belly rub.  Please come and meet this dog. You will be so impressed, and we hope you will want to take him home! Adopted

Reuben, 1 year old Border collie / Australian Shepherd mix

We wish this was a better picture - it really doesn't show how handsome Ruben is. He is a Border Collie mix who is 1 1/2 yrs old (as of 9/6). He is a very likable fellow and doesn't want to displease anyone. He is submissive with people and other dogs. He readily rolls over and asks for a big, ole belly rub. He will benefit from a stable home since that will help him build confidence. He is a little reserved, but does show affectionate. He is energetic, but not hyper. Ruben is sure to please and will be a loyal companion. Maybe you can give him the love and home he desires? Apply here. Adopted

Lab / Border Collie mix puppies, 9 weeks old

We have six of these adorable nine week old puppies. They were turned in at a shelter with whom we work and are just adorable and as playful as ever. They are more than ready to be split up. We have 3 males and 3 females. Adopted

They all look sort of like this, with different markings. There is one who looks more brown than black. All are sweet. .

 Australian Shepherd mix puppy, 8 week old male

We have a beautiful Australian Shepherd puppy, TeePee is a male and is pictured left


Tiffany. This pretty female looks like a lab/beagle mix puppy but the shelter said she was the litter mate to the puppy above, listed as an australian shepherd.

She is about 8 weeks old and very sweet. Adopted

Mackenzie, female 11 mo. old Schnauzer mix

This is Mackenzie. Doesn't she look serious here? Well, don't believe it as she is the silliest, goofiest terrier you ever want to meet. She is so much fun and full of antics, so she needs obedience training and structure. She is a fence jumper and a cat chaser so she will needs someone who will train her on leash until she is trained not to jump the fence and take off. She is gorgeous, though, and has the silky coat of a wheaton but the look of a schnauzer, except with longer legs. She loves to play with other dogs and not a top dog at all but would do best with a young male who has some puppy energy left.

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