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Dogs Adopted in November 2003

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 Dogs Adopted in November, 2003

 Luke, 5 month old Italian Greyhound male mix    Adopted
Luke is a 5 month old Italian Greyhound/Feist mix. He came to us emaciated, but got lots of TLC and food in his foster home so he's looking good. He is beyond cute and deserves to be the love of someone's life. He's very affectionate and very well socialized. He is very active and would be best as an only dog as he tries to squeeze in between the foster mom and her other dogs to get all the pats.

Read his Success Story   Wait until you see Luke now!

 Sammy, female Lab/Great Pyrennes mix    Adopted
Just arrived. A female Lab/Great Pyrennes mix puppy. She is already spayed.

Renamed Bella. Read her Success Story

Just arrived. A male Lab/ Great Pyrennes mix puppy. Please, no inquiries unless you already have an application on file. He is already neutered. Adopted, but we expect more puppies soon.

Cory, 1 year old  male Corgi mix

Cory is a peppy little 20 odd pound dog who has corgi ears and height. He's a real cutie and is quiet in his crate. He was recently neutered and we believe possibly house broken. He came up from TN. He is ready for adoption. Please apply. Adopted

Teddy, 6 mo. old male Shepherd/husky mix

Teddy is a six month old male Shepherd/husky/lab/whatever mix who is joyful and affectionate. He needs some training, but is eager to learn and responds well. He's about 35 lbs now and needs to gain a little weight.

Adoption in progress

Cookie, 5+ year old Shih Tzu female mix

Cooke is a five year old female Shih tzu mix who came to us via an overcrowded shelter where she picked up kennel cough. She seems to have one cataract, so she could be older than five. She is a happy little girl, about 13 lbs. and is completely housebroken and used to being someone's lap dog. She may need a dental cleaning after adoption. Adoption in progress.

Josie, 10 week old Blue Heeler female pup

Josie is a ten week old Heeler pup who just came in. She is a quiet puppy who likes to settle down on a comfy couch or dog pillow and quietly chew on a squeaky toy or bone. She is just a love. She also loves playing with the other puppies in the foster household. She already is crate trained and almost house broken. She's a very laid back puppy who loves nothing better than hanging out on the couch.

Apply here

Andy, Lab pup, male

It hurts to see a puppy this badly neglected. He is so skinny and just starved, for food and love!

This little lab pup came to us covered with flea bites and mange. His skin is just as red and itchy as one can imagine. He is the sweetest pup. He melts in your arms and quiets down as soon as he is held.

We treated his mange and look how nice he looks now.

One of our former adopters, Christina Aquilino, who is mom to Gracie (formerly Nipper) brought him home. See happy adopter below.  Adopted!

Sally, 2 year old female Lab 

Sally is a gorgeous 2 year old yellow lab who just spent 3 weeks in an overcrowded shelter in NYC so she is a bit kennel crazy. She is a lovely dog and rode up here in the arms of a teen-aged girl in the front seat of the van. She is very typical of labs in that she loves water and just loves to be with people. We hope for a stay at home or folks with flexible hours and a nice place for her to run. She is already spayed, seems to know all about living in a house. She will sit for a treat, but was not trained to stay off furniture. Sally was placed through the Medfield Animal Shelter.

Golden mix puppies

Honey Bee, Penny and Poli are three beautiful Golden Retriever mix puppies we recently placed. Poli is on the left. Adopted

Pepper, 4 month old Cockapoo

Pepper is a gorgeous 4 month old Cockapoo puppy. Her owners bought her and didn't realize how much time that puppies need so they are giving her up in hopes that we can find her a home who will give her the attention she needs. She is typical of a puppy in that she is very needy and just wants to be held.  She is very affectionate too and great with the foster's teen-aged son. No small children, please. She's perfect for a stay at home who wants a lap dog.

She needs help with house training, but is very willing to learn. She's already using the puppy pads. Apply here. Adopted

Onyx, 4-6 month old Lab pup, female

Onyx is a lovely retriever mix female who is 4-6 months old. Here's what her foster mom says about her:

She is curious about but submissive with other dogs. She went nuts when my neighbor's kid (12 yo ) came over to play with her, so I think she'd be great with kids. For her age, her energy level is very good - she's mellow, not a wacko puppy. She sticks nearby. I had her out in the yard for a couple hours while I raked leaves, and she stayed with me rather than running off. She slept through the night in her crate without a peep. She rides well in the car (zzzz...) She LOVES to eat -she's going to be a chowhound. She's probably about 25-30 lbs now, but I don't think she'll get much bigger than 40. And best of all, she appears to be housebroken. No accidents so far, and she gave me a few signals when she wanted to go out - sat by the back door with that look. Apply here. Adopted

Brownie, 2 year old Shih Tzu female mix

Brownie is an adorable, tail-wagging, shih tzu female. She is very active, was raised with a toddler and needs to home where she will be loved and trained. She was just spayed and is ready to go. Adopted!

Poppy, 4 year old Shih Tzu male 

Poppy is a sweet little blonde Shih Tzu  who was relinquished by a family who had a young toddler and another on the way. He tolerated a lot of abuse from the toddler so he is safe with kids, but please let's give him a break and adopt him to kids school aged and up. Adopted!

Autumn, Hound/Lab female

We had fun dressing Autumn up at our bake sale at Petco yesterday. She was not amused, but took it in stride. Adopted

Autumn is a very sweet labby mix who came from a WV shelter where she was the favorite of the volunteers. She is gentle and sweet, but can also be timid for the first couple of days. Pretty soon she is wagging her tail everytime she sees you and lying down so you will pet her. She is housebroken, crate trained, very good on a leash and seems to know basic commands.  She loves to play and chew on her toys but what she wants most is for someone to pet her and reassure her.  She's not the type to take to the soccer games where there are lots of people but she would make a great walking or running partner.  She needs a quiet home to start out with so no young kids, but she should be fine with teens. She weighs about 50 lbs. Adopted

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