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In Memory of Rudy
Rudy ~ aka Rude the Dude, CGC
est May 1, 1996 - January 29, 2007

Rudy, The DUDE, succumbed to what we believe was either multiple strokes or a brain tumor today. He would have been 11 in May. He was my black & brown, rottweiler sized pitbull. Everyone said "I want a dog just like Rudy". As a rottweiler - pitbull cross -- two of the most "feared" breeds in society, Rudy's most dangerous part was his tail. And it was always wagging.

Rudy was the happiest dog I have ever met. I always knew where Rudy was -- I could hear the thump thump thump of his tail. It was unmistakable. This one hit me harder than Tyler's death did earlier this month. I wasn't prepared or expecting Rudy to leave me anytime soon. This was a dog with nine lives.

Rudy's Halloween costume was that of a jester. And that he was. He was the only dog that would sit ON the wire for the invisible fence while the collar shocked him, his ear twitching like a mosquito was buzzing him. He was the very BEST co-pilot, always drooling on the cats that got to share the front seat with him during the transports. He carried out trips to West Virginia, New Jersey, New York and part of the way to New Orleans.

Even when Rudy fractured his femur and dislocated his hip or when he tore his ear in half; or when he was getting his nails cut and couldn't bite us -- his tail was wagging. We always knew Rudy was OK because "his tail still worked".

Rudy went into schools to show kids what a great dog he was. He constantly demanded belly rubs from anyone who he could attract. He evaluated shelter dogs and was my CGC testing dog. He was the dog who could be present in any company, and thus got to go everywhere.

Rudy's favorite moments in life was playing job foreman while we gutted the house. He would sit out with the excavater. He would sit in each room as the walls came down and went back up. If there was a tool involved, Rudy had to be there.

Watching Rudy suddenly not be able to walk caught me so off guard - I kept expecting to say "haha. Just kidding!" But it didn't happen. His tail still worked then too.

Rudy has gone off to join Tyler at the bridge. Two in one month is a lot to ask one person...

Rest in peace, big man. Careful with the tail, and don't get into it with Tyler. I will miss the sound of that tail beating everything it is near. I just was not expecting him to go so soon.

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