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Dogs Adopted in May 2001

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 Dogs Adopted in May, 2001

 Blanca, 1.5 year old female Bichon mix    Adopted
Blanca is a one year old female Bichon. She is a real sweetheart and desperate to bond with someone. She follows her foster mom around like a puppy so we would love for someone who can spend the time with her. She is housebroken. She needs to be the only dog as she is dominant with other dogs. She's fine with cats.

Renamed Maggy. Read her Success Story.

 Mindy, 2-3 year old female cocker spaniel    Adopted
Mindy is one of a pair of chocolate cocker spaniels who were found by the side of the road in tiny crates. They seem to have been a breeding pair. She does not like little dogs so she would do best in a home with other medium and/or larger dogs. She is sweet and lovable to people.

Read her Success Story.

Colonel - 2-3 years old Male - Beagle

Colonel is a three year old male beagle who was raised with kids in a busy family who didn't have time for him. He's a sweet, docile boy.


Angel - 2 year old female - Schnauzer mix

Angel is a three year old female mini Schnauzer mix. She is sweet and lovable, friendly with kids and dogs. Will make a lovely companion for anyone willing to give her the time.

Update: Foster mom says she is an absolute love and absolutely worships her ten year old son. Likes to play in the yard but will constantly come running over to get a pat. What a great dog!


Baby - 3 year old Female - Border Terrier mix

Baby is a lovely three year old female border terrier mix. She looks to be mixed with Shih tzu. She is tiny and sweet. She crates well and is very quiet. Her rescuers said she is very lovable.  She is housebroken and used to being leash walked. She is very good with the foster's ten year old son, but can be a bit dominant with other dogs. She's not dog aggressive, but just likes to be the boss. She is sneezing a bit so we can make private appointments to applicants who do not have other dogs in the household. Adopted!

Ruthie -- young female -  Shepherd mix

Ruthie is a sweet female Shepherd mix who we picked up at a local animal shelter this week. She is being spayed and should be at the adoption day.


Snowball - 2 year old male -  Lhasa/shih tzu mix

Snowball is the other shih tzu mix. He is tiny and sweet. This is a bad picture but I caught him when he was eating and dogs don't know how to eat with their mouths closed.


Little Bit -- 7 mo. old male -  Chihuahua

Little Bit is a 7 month old male Chihuahua.  He is a real lap lover and quickly bonds with children and adults.  Lacking some of the bravado of his breed, he is submissive and nervous around larger dogs and even cats intimidate him sometimes.  He loves attention and would flourish with a family that could spend a lot of time with him and children who will be sensitive to his delicate size. Adopted

Milo - 6+ year old Male - Lab mix

Milo (formerly Chief) is a beautiful yellow lab/hound mix who is gentle and seems to have been someones cherished family pet. He has manners, drives well in a car and is good with kids. Real nice dog. We thought he was much younger as he is in such good shape, but the vet thinks he's a bit older than our original estimate of three.  He weighs approx. seventy pounds. Adopted!!

Mindy and Murphy - 2-3 year old female and male cockers

Mindy and Murphy are a pair of chocolate cocker spaniels who were found by the side of the road in tiny crates. They seem to have been a breeding pair. They do not have to be placed together, but neither dog likes little dogs so they would do best in a home with other medium and/or larger dogs. They are sweet and lovable to people.


Faye - 2-3 year old Female - Terrier mix

Faye is a sweet cairn/silky mix who weighs about 10-12 lbs and is as sweet as can be. She loves people and wants to be a little lap dog for someone.


Keno - Cattle dog puppy, male

Keno is a four month old neutered male puppy who is just full of himself and playful as can be. He's going to be a great dog for hiking, agility, or any activity where he can get lots of exercise. He seems to have some Catahoula and terrier thrown in there.


Megan - 2-3 year old Female - Long-haired chi mix

Megan is an absolute love. She is great with cats, and dogs, likes men, and so far any adult who has come to the house. Not tested with small children. She would be ok in a home where her owner is gone part or all of the day as she seems just content to lie around, however we'd like to see her lose a few pounds and expect her energy level will go up if she does. She is just a mellow and easy-going dog. Her rescuers said she has a wonderful disposition and we can see why.


Scooter -- 8 mo. old male -  Lhasa/poo mix

Scooter is a sweet eight month old 13 lb. Lhasa-poo who loves everyone and  and loves to give kisses. He was neglected in his former life so he had to be shaved down as he was so badly matted. He is a non-shedding type of dog so when his hair grows out he is going to be gorgeous. He is very needy and follows his foster mom around like a puppy. He is not housebroken so we are working on crate-training. We would give preference to a stay-at-home, nonbusy person who wants a lifelong companion. This dog deserves your time. We've discovered that he likes to chase cats too. Adopted!


Bruten -- 10 mo. old male -  Chinese Crested

Bruten is a purebred hairless Chinese Crested who is a retired show dog from Holland.  He is a little shy at first but melts quickly into a warm and spunky ball of fire.  He is good with both other dogs and cats and loves to play with any creature willing.  Hairless Chinese Cresteds need a lot of special care such as sunscreen and clothing to protect them from the elements.  But if you are up to the extra work, they will reward you with unyielding love and affection.  Bruten will be on the high end of our adoption donation scale (see application) due to the fact that Chinese Cresteds are a valuable breed and we want to assure both that he will not be resold because of his worth and that his new owner is willing to make the financial investment associated with the extra costs of clothing and care of this rare breed. He would be a super dog for someone with allergies. He weighs around 12 lbs. He's playful and good with other dogs. Adopted!!

Prince - 2 year old male -  Lhasa/shih tzu mix

Sweet and lovable. We have one grey and one white, both males and small. No small kids, please as these are delicate dogs. Little Prince does not like other dogs when he is on a leash, so he needs work on socialization. He loves to be held and will whine softly for your attention. He is housebroken. Adopted.

Elton -- 7 month old male -  Cocker mix

Elton is a 7 month old recently neutered male cocker mix who is playful and full of puppiness. He is very friendly, needs house training and will need to be obedience trained like any dog would. He would be fine with older kids and/or with other dogs. Adopted

Simba - 2 year old male -  Bichon

Simba was formerly an outside dog, if you can believe it, but he is loving the attention he is getting as an indoor dog now. He is warm and affectionate and very needy for attention. Please be someone who can give him lots of love and attention. We're looking for a stay-at-home who has time for him. Simba is in the ten pound size range.


Lucky - 2 year old male -  Terrier mix

Lucky is an adorable male terrier mix with a Benji-like face. He's housebroken and good with other dogs. He waits patiently while food is being prepared and gently takes food from your hand. He does not chew or destroy, is safe in the house. He loves to ride in the car and he does not bark at people or dogs passing by. He sleeps in his crate. Would love a nice fenced in yard for plenty of exercise or people who love doggy activities like ball-throwing or hiking. Adopted!

Driscol - 3 year old male -  Beagle

Driscol is a three year old beagle who was raised with kids, but kept outside. He is very good in the house and is a nice-looking beagle with a sweet face. Driscol is easy-going and happy. He gets along great with kids and dogs, but chases cats, not to hurt them, but to play. Nevertheless, he may do better in a cat-free home.


Ebby - Female beagle. Fifteen month old

Ebby is a fifteen month old female beagle who was raised for field trials and just didn't live up to the expectations. She has been spayed and is ready to go. Ebby is a very snuggly, lovable beagle who is going to make some family very happy. She is a little on the chunky side but we're sure she will run it off. You should see her run around the foster provider's back yard. She is also quite comical and likes to roll over and over to get her leash tangled. Ebby is submissive with other dogs and seems fine with children. Adopted!

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