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Dogs Adopted in March 2002

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 Dogs Adopted in March, 2002
 Ginger, 10 weeks old Female Shelty mix     Adopted
These Sheltie mixes have a pure Sheltie Mom and unknown Dad, but we suspect terrier or something small.

We apologize that we had so many applications for these puppies that we could be selective about finding them the best possible homes.

Renamed Maxine. Read her Success Story

 Brett, 9 weeks old Male Golden Retriever    Adopted
Brett, a reddish-colored golden puppy is as sweet and innocent as they come. He is coming along with the crate training.

Renamed Kodiak. Read his Success Story

 Squirt, 10 weeks old Male Shelty mix     Adopted
These Sheltie mixes have a pure Sheltie Mom and unknown Dad, but we suspect terrier or something small.

Squirt was the runt. Squirt is now Gabe and his mom volunteers for Save A Dog.

Renamed Gabriel. Read his Success Story

 Midas, 9 weeks old male golden retriever    Adopted

Read his Success Story

 Timba, one year old female Hairless Chinese Crested    Adopted
Timba came from the breeder to foster care and is looking for a home. She loves lots of attention, likes to be stroked, talked to and played with. She has good toilet habits. She needs little grooming and leaves no hair around the house. Timba is looking for a quiet, loving home with someone who has time to spend spoiling her. The rewards will be a totally devoted, playful, loyal pet.

Renamed Lucy. Read her Success Story

Long Shot -- 1.5 year old female Retriever

Long Shot is a sweet 1.5 year old Golden Retriever mix who just had puppies. She is very thin, but healthy and eager for a new lease on life. Please have a large fenced in back yard and be someone who doesn't leave her home alone all day! She's a beautiful dog who will need the right amount of training, attention, and exercise. Adopted. Long Shot was our first dog from PAWS in Paris, KY. They have since provided us with many more dogs, all wonderful!

Midnight - eight month old neutered Lab mix

Midnight is an eight month old neutered male Lab mixed with something very small as he's in the twenty pound range. He's quiet and appears to be housebroken. He has not been tested with cats. He's very affectionate and so far, not destructive. Adopted and returned for guarding his toys, so he cannot go with children. He will need training in this area. Adopted

James -- 2 year old male Collie

James is almost 2 years old, just neutered, and ready to be adopted. He is large (70lb) and needs a home with a place to run or a fenced-in area. He is a sweet and compliant collie, but because of his size he can be overpowering for young children, but teens would be fine. James is housetrained, crate trained and a fast learner.  He has quickly learned basic obedience commands and walking on a leash.  James needs to be the only dog in his new home, as he is dominant with other dogs. He was recently adopted and returned as the adopter's dog became too nervous with another dog in the house. Adopted

Ebony -- 1 year old female Retriever

Ebony is a one year old flat coated retriever female who just had puppies. She has a nice disposition and she is affectionate, gentle,  and cuddly She was confident and calm and has a real gentle presence. I think she'll be a great all around dog for any situation except that she doesn't like cats. Adopted!

Chachie, adopted.

Hunter -- one year old male Hairless Chinese Crested

Hunter needs a special home with someone who can bring him out of his shell. He is afraid of his shadow and somewhat traumatized by new environments, but with the right amount of handling should come around. We're looking for someone who is experienced with the breed or with working  with shy pups. No children, a single woman or all women household is preferred. Adopted

Trixie -- 2 year old Chihuahua mix - female

Trixie is a two year old female chihuahua who needs a chihuahua-
experienced, single owner as she becomes very attached and protective of whomever she bonds with.  She is fine with most dogs as long as they're small in size. She gets along with cats. Would do best in a single person home with no children as she is really a one-person dog. She weighs 10 lbs. Trixie will NOT be at the adoption events.

Lucy -- 3.5 year old spayed female beagle

Lucy at rest

Lucy is a 3.5 year old spayed female Beagle who was given up by a family with a toddler and not enough time to spend with her.  She is having a ball in her foster home with another dog. They take turns chasing each other around the trees and raised beds. She does very well in a crate. She goes in there by herself with the door open to sleep at night.  She is a great dog not a big barker, unless she's trying to get the attention of her play mate. She needs a home with beagle-experienced people or a dog-savvy home. Adopted

Clemson -- 2 year old male Cocker Spaniel

Clemson is a pure cocker (blond) who is obedience trained and a very affectionate lovable 2 year old dog. He is great with adults and with the kids in the home, but was not great with visiting children. He needs an adults only home. He will play with other dogs and is currently at a doggy daycare, but he is dominant with some dogs so a household with a female dog is preferred. He was not raised with cats. Adopted

Sable -- 2 year old female Sheltie

Sable is a 2 year old spayed female Sheltie mix. She weighs 32 lbs. and is a bundle of love. She needs a loving home with someone who can spend time with her. She's much prettier than her picture. Adopted


Boo is a chocolate lab who was left tied to a park bench in Concord, MA, with a note indicating his name and age and that he needed a new home. A visit to the vet revealed that he was suffering from severe hip dysplasia and needed surgery right away. We appealed to our supporters and you came through. Thank you! Adopted!

Update on March 20th: Boo is doing great. He is recovering from his surgery and beginning a new life with his foster mom who is adopting him. Thank you, everyone, for making Boo's new hip and second chance at life possible! Special thanks to Katie Deisenroth, who is in 6th Grade and raised close to $300 for Boo's surgery from the Peabody and Sanborn Concord middle schools. Wow.

This one resembles a German Short-haired pointer. Adopted!

Frannie 2 - 4 month old female Shepherd or Corgi mix, tiny

This sweet pup just came in. Very calm for a puppy (and sweet).  Crate trained (and quietly).  No accidents in the house at all just yet. She goes right away when you bring her outside to do her business.  LOVES the foster's son and is quite gentle (not mouthy at all).  Not a barker.  Loves to snuggle.  Very
responsive (we've started some BASIC obedience training). Get along well with 2 big dogs.  Appropriately submissive, but not fearful.  Noticed the CAT, but could have really cared less. Looks shepherd, but is really too small.

Marie -- 1 year old female Sheltie

Marie is a one year old sheltie who has one blue eye and the other is half brown and blue: A very unique marking by far. She would be best suited to someone who can give her a lot of care and attention. She really wants to trust people, but it proves difficult for her at this time. It doesn't seem as though she has ever been exposed to affection. Adopted!

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