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Dogs Adopted in April 2002

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 Dogs Adopted in April, 2002

 Mona, 4 year old Female Dalmatian Adopted
Mona is an exceptionally sweet female Dalmatian who has had a sad life up until her rescue. She is so cute too and will beg by waving her paws together at you. She is a navy color and so pretty. We thought she was younger, but our vet thinks Mona is four years old as she has had several litters. She will need to gain some weight. She is fine with cats and dogs and kids.

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 Ellie, 1 year old German Shepherd mom    Adopted
Ellie, one year old Female Shepherd, shown in background. Relinquished by a breeder. Very sweet. She is shy at first, but warms up and is extremely gentle. She is also playful and will chase cats, so no kitties, please. Also, we don't know if she has a history with children, so we recommend teens and up.

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 Lily, 16 week old "Special Needs" Golden Pup    Adopted
Lily is a sixteen week old Golden Retriever who was born blind. She was the runt of the litter and born without an optic nerve. She compensates very well, though, and is able to find her way around the back yard and house without bumping into things. She has learned to sit for treats and she behaves much like any retriever who always has to have a soft toy or ball in her mouth. She is very dependent on people. For more information on blind dogs, see

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 Sophie, 5 month old White Shepherd pup    Adopted
Her foster family says, "She is very sweet, mellow and shy. She prefers to stay in her crate and nap but will play a little bit outside in the yard and in the living room (after she has been outside- no accidents in the house so far). She loves our dogs and seems to be able to read their signals. She is slowly learning about stairs; right now we have to carry her up and down, she seems to be afraid to try them."

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 Blue, 1 year old male Hound mix    Adopted
Blue is a blue tick male hound mix who was found at a dump. He willingly jumped into the car of the person who found him. He's a sweet, quiet hound who needs a best friend and promises to be one in return. He is a very friendly dog.

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Geronimo -- 1 year old male Shepherd

Geronimo is a seven month old male American bred German Shepherd. He has an exceptionally sweet temperament. He is playful with other dogs and very smart. He figured out the routine in his foster home in a matter of hours and quickly became one of the pack. Really nice dog. Adopted .

Dacshund/basset mix pups

Both neutered males, 8 weeks old and ready for permanent homes.


Saki is a tiny female lab/hound mix. She is a real sweetheart, living with one cat and getting along well. Very dog friendly, playful. Found on the side of a road in a chicken wire box with a "For Free" sign. She loves to retrieve and brings the ball back every time! Very smart little pup. Adopted

Goldie -- 3 year old female Golden/Lab mix

Goldie is a very affectionate and gentle one year old female lab/golden mix.  When she is happy to see you she wags her whole body to let you know. She already knows how to sit, but she could use some work on her leash as she pulls a little bit. She will be a quick learner.  Goldie appears to be house trained, is calm in the house, yet loves to play with other dogs.  She is a beautiful dog who is happiest when she is near you.  She deserves a loving home! Adopted.

Beauty -- 10 week old pointer mix

Dee's pups, 10 weeks old. We two females left.   Beauty, right, is one of Dee's puppies she is very sweet and shy.  She has a lab temperament and looks very lab like. Beauty is adopted.

Callie -- 8-10 months old Aussie Mix female

Callie, 8-10 months old, female, soon to be spayed. She is working on being housebroken and doing great, but still needs supervision. Callie is a silly, sweet, gentle, smart girl.  In the house she is mellow.  She likes to stay in the same room as you and lay at your feet.  She will follow you around the house like a shadow, but doesn't get underfoot.  Outside she is energetic without being hyper. She has gotten along with every dog she has met showing no signs of fear or aggression. Callie gets along great with cats.  She ignores my two and is respectful of  them, if not a little nervous. Callie has not been exposed to children, although I do think she would do fine. Adopted.

Megan -- 1.5 Year old Female Lab

Megan is a 1.5 year old female Lab who was turned in for chewing. Megan is your typical lab who needs lots of exercise and would do well with a large fenced in yard and another dog or dog friends to romp with. She is currently being fostered with another lab and is having so much fun wrestling and playing with her friend. A tired dog is a good dog and that's part of the solution for Megan. She knows some obedience commands but would do well with training. She's a very smart dog. She was raised with toddlers and is gentle with children. Although she will bark at the door if a stranger approaches, she's pretty mild once she meets you. Adopted

Julie -- Norwich Terrier mix

Julie is a sweet, spayed female Norwich terrier X, reddish in color, 6 years old.Small size - 17 pounds. Very cuddly and adorable. Did well with all aspects of the temp test. She jumps  in a Jack Russell-ish way, but we like this dog a lot. Julie has lived with one other dog, cats and children. She is friendly to everyone, including kids. She gets very excited to see kids, does some 'herding' of small kids in large groups who are running around, so she will not be placed in a home young kids. She is great with other dogs.  Fully housebroken. Likes going in the water. Pulls on a leash but tires of it quickly.  She likes the backyard.  Wants to chase squirrels and cats who run, but is generally friendly to house cats.  When she barks, it's usually in response to something, and she does stop -- very terrier like. Birthdate is on vet info as 8/1/96. Adopted! Julie's mom now volunteers with Save A Dog!

Valentine -- 12-14 week old pointer/cattle mix

Valentine, left,  is also one of Dee's puppies she is lovable and full of fun.  Looks very much like her mom and we think she will get to be about 50lbs. Beauty, right, is one of Dee's puppies she is very sweet and shy. Adopted!

Dee --  2 year old female Aussie/Lab/Pointer mix

Dee is a mixture of various sporting and herding dogs. She is medium sized and athletic in build.  She loves to play with other dogs and would make a great pal for another 2 year old dog as she is at that playful stage and loves to wrestle and tumble with her doggy pals. She is not hyper in the house, though, but relatively calm and quiet with people. She's an affectionate dog who will make someone a wonderful best friend. She is housebroken and very playful. Adopted

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