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Dogs Adopted in February 2002

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 Dogs Adopted in February, 2002

 Diesel, 4 month old male Boxer/beagle mix    Adopted
Diesel is a puppy, the perfect puppy, house trained, quiet, loves to be loved. He came from a shelter where he would have been euthanized. He is a lap puppy as he will constantly crawl into your lap. He will need obedience training and socialization with other dogs.

Renamed Brady. Read his Success Story

 Raisin, 3 year old male Poodle    Adopted
Raisin is a sweet, shy three year old Poodle who will make someone a wonderful friend. He weighs about 10-12 lbs. He would be great for a senior. He's housebroken and seems relatively quiet.

Read his Success Story

 Iris, Black Lab female, born 12/25/01    Adopted
This is one of two puppies who arrived recently. She came in with her sister Petal.

Renamed Brandi. Read her Success Story

 Jasper, 7 mo. old male Lab mix     Adopted
Jasper was found as a stray. He has some growing to do and has had virtually no training. Jasper is a wonderful lab who has young, puppyish behaviors, but is actually pretty calm for activity level as compared to most young labs. He is very gentle, not pushy to adults or children. He is very endearing, a real sweetheart and bonds quickly.

Renamed Jaz. Read his Success Story

Cowboy -- 7 mo. old neutered male Aussie mix

Cowboy.  This dog was left on the porch of a rescue friend of ours in NC.  He looks to be a cattle dog mix. He loves to go for car rides and is quiet He has lots of energy and would do well with another dog to play with or someone who would take him for hikes and/or agility. He weighs about 30-35 lbs and is about 7 months old.  He's cute and full of it, a top dog with other dogs, possibly because he was just neutered. Loves to play. Adopted!

Skye -- 11 wk. old Aussie mix

Skye is an endearing and mischief-loving Aussie mix. She is smart as a whip, but needs the right adopter who will channel her energies in the right direction. With the right level of training, she is going to make one awesome dog.  She has behaviors typical of a cattle dog and will need a dog-savvy home and not a first-time dog owner or one with small children because of her herding instincts. She would be great with another dog who likes to play or as an agility dog as she is incredibly smart. Obedience training is a must for all puppies. Adopted!

Flower -- 1 year old Chinese crested - female

Flower, a nine month old Chinese Crested Powder Puff, is very sweet and passive and charming.  She loves the other chinese cresteds, but is extremely fearful of large dogs.  She is extremely sweet.  She is good with other small dogs and cats.  She is curious about her surroundings, and is learning a few commands by watching the resident dogs. She is motivated by food.  She loves being outside.  She was not raised with children or men so a female home is preferable. One with another small dog would be ideal.  Adopted!

Sparkle -- 1 year old English toy spaniel - female

This is one of Sparkle's eight week old pups. Please be a stay-at-home and no small children. These are tiny, fragile pups.

Sparkle is a young female toy spaniel who recently had pups. She looks sad in this picture, but she is actually a playful, very affectionate dog who seeks the attention and companionship of others in a nondemanding way. She is a good mom to her pups and is a tiny bit head shy when she first meets you. She is submissive with dogs and people, but very affectionate. A real love! Adopted!

Lab/shep mix pups -- 8 wk old (3 males, 5 females)

These puppies will be at our adoption day this Saturday. No phone calls, please, unless you already have an application on file.

All puppies Adopted!

Frannie -- 4 month old female Spitz mix

Frannie is lovable and affectionate and full of fun. She will be spayed this week and available soon after. She is great with people and kids. She jumps. She is enjoying playing with other dogs too.  Adopted!

Ralph -- 1.5 year old male terrier mix

Ralph is a cute terrier who is friendly and fun-loving. He is soon to be neutered and ready to adopt.  Adopted!

Sheldon -- 3 year old Sheltie male

Sheldon is a nice male Sheltie who is quiet and a little shy at first, but will warm up once he gets to know you. He likes other dogs and likes to be petted and brushed. He doesn't play a lot at this stage. He will pull out toys from the toy box, but is not a rough and tumble player. He would be a great companion dog or even a friend for an older, non-boisterous dog. He's housebroken, rides well in the car and likes to go on walks. He will bark some in his crate, but will settle down. he also has a beautiful coat, which will require regular brushing. We're not sure if he was raised with kids, so adults only, please. Adopted!

Picolo -- 2 year old Chihuahua mix - female

Picolo is a young chihuahua mix who  was found by a wonderful girl on a busy highway along  with another dog. She was in a foster home in NC along with other dogs. She said she was housetrained and can do some tricks. She weighs about 10 lbs. She's housebroken. Good with cats and dogs. Just a great little dog. Adopted.

Daphne -- 4 year old female Beagle

Daphne is a very sweet four year old beagle who was a stray from Lowell. She has a mild temperament and is a bit shy at first. She would make a great dog for someone who wants a lot of love and is willing to give enough in return. Adopted!

Tripp - two year old neutered Terrier mix

Trip is a two year old male neutered terrier mix who is all black and is medium sized. He weighs 48 lbs.  He could be mixed with retriever or some sort of water dog. He has a heart of gold and is very mild tempered. He will make a great family pet or companion for a someone. Adopted

Greta - five year old spayed German Shepherd

Greta is a gorgeous purebred female German Shepherd female who passed our temperament test with flying colors. She is trained on Invisible fence and knows many commands, although not formally obedience trained. She is warm and affectionate with children, but we would prefer older children. She was raised with two other male Shepherds and must be given up as the owner is moving to an urban area out of state with a dog limitation. She will stay with her owner until she gets adopted but will be available by private appointment and at our adoption events. She's healthy, up to date on shots, and spayed. She was not raised with cats. Adopted!

Mr. Bigs - one year old Lab mix

Mr. Bigs is a young male lab. He is a really nice dog who is very labby in all his behaviors. He's a good boy and will be a wonderful addition to a family or single or couple. He will be available as soon as he's neutered. He has similar qualities as Jasper in that he is lovable, but needs some training. Adopted

Black Lab pups - two females, born 12/25/01

This is one of two puppies who arrived recently and will be at our adoption day on Saturday! .Both Iris and Petal Adopted

Chihuahua mixes - two males, 8 weeks

Vinny, tiny yet Alpha

Woowee, deep in thought. I wonder who's going to adopt me? Adopted!

Chloe, Boxer/pointer mix, 9 months female

Chloe is a young boxer pointer mix who is very sweet and affectionate but not trained yet. She's much cuter than her picture. Adopted

Bode -- Lab/shep mix puppy -- 10 weeks old

Bode just arrived this week and was very shy at first but is coming into his own.  Quite bonded to me already.  Loves to be held.  Very playful outside, bounding about, chewing on sticks so he's not an introvert by any means.  Had a couple of accidents in the house, but most of his business has been held properly outdoors. Will be an easy puppy to train. Adopted

Riley -- 16 week old male Lab mix

This is not a good picture as Riley is a most beautiful dog. He is going to be a large dog and is a bit alpha in personality, so he would be great in a household with other large dogs and/or with someone who will spend the time to train him. He LOVES to play and loves his toys.


Shelty puppies -- males 10 weeks old

 apologize that we had so many applications for these puppies that we could be selective about finding them the best possible homes. The only ones left are a female and the little male runt, Squirt, who will be neutered on 3/14/02. We would like a home with somone who is small dog-experienced. He would be fine with another small dog or with cats and we insist on someone who works at home or a young retiree. No children as he is really too tiny.

These Sheltie mixes have a pure Sheltie Mom and unknown Dad, but we suspect terrier or something small. Adopted!

Becky -- 2 year old female Shelty

This is the Shelty mom to the puppies above. She will be available after March 14, her spay date. Right now she is with her pups as they find it comforting to nurse occasionally and being a good mom, she lets them. She's housebroken and uses the doggy door in her foster home. She's quiet so far and very affectionate. A wonderful lap dog. She weighs under twenty pounds. She would be great in a quiet home with no other dogs as she's really a people-focused dog. Adopted!

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