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Dogs Adopted in February 2004

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 Dogs Adopted in February 2004

Daisy, 18 mos Female Corgi/Cavalier Span Mix Adopted
Daisy is small in stature, but weighs about 25 lbs. She is not fat, just solid like a corgi. She is a delightful pup who is house- broken and friendly to everyone she meets. She is still a pup so will chew if not supervised. She would be happy with a nice back yard to run in and a family without a lot of stuff lying around for her to get into. She is truly a joyful puppy and deserves a family who will shower her with love and training.

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Homer, 1 year1 old Male Dane Mix Adopted
Homer is a young male Dane mix who loves his family and gets along great with other dogs. He is 96 lbs. now and has had two homes because of his size and energy level. He is housebroken and has a heart of gold. There must be someone who wants him. He is young, probably under a year. He is like a big puppy. whoever adopts him is in for a good time as he is a laugh a minute.

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  Trixie, 16 week old Lab Retriever mix     Adopted
Trixie, left, is a female lab mix who has really blossomed in her foster home and just a delight. She loves balls and chewies and she loves playing with the other dogs. She also settles down quickly and is not a hyper puppy at all. She's a good girl who is going to thrill her adopters. She also loves to be held or to sit in your lap. She loves the water and loves stuffed animals. She would be a wonderful addition to any family.

  Bearded Collie / Beagle / Terrier mix puppies     Adopted
These pups were named after the seven dwarfs. At first there were 7 and we got 5, but we're down to 3 special pups. Born 11/19/03. Mom was a beagle and dad was a bearded collie/terrier mix. Older kids (8+) are preferred as they are too young to take much abuse from toddlers and young children.

Doc, above and right, is a black and white puppy with shorter hair. He is so handsome, the picture doesn't do him justice. You will love cuddling this little pup as he loves to be held. Adopted

  Shelby, female Golden Retriever / Lab Retriever mix     Adopted

Incredibly sweet, lots of outdoor energy but a real velcro dog in a safe surrounding, Shelby loves people, kids and especially other dogs. She can be timid at first, but quickly warms up to you, giving lots of kisses and snuggles. Does not like barking, noisy dogs that she does not know, but plays and plays with any dogs that want to. She rides well in the car, has no food issues, loves to chomp on big bones, and obeys commands like come, sit and lie down. She crates well. Not a barker. In the house, she snoozes next to you wherever you are.Although she has had a couple of housetraining accidents, due to initial nervousness, she is doing well now. Just a wonderful, beautiful dog with a coat of long black silk and the delicate face of a doggie movie star, she is a smart/sweet companion for a family.Adopted

  Zoe, 7 year old Female Standard Poodle mix     Adopted

Zoe is a seven year old female Standard Poodle mix who was turned into a KY shelter because she was "too old". The first thing she did in her new foster home in Wayland was to pick up a stuffed toy and prance around the yard with it.

She is housbroken and weighs about 45 lbs. She is a picky eater with kibble, but likes canned Iams. We think she was an only dog or would like to be an only dog as she does not play with other dogs.

She would be a wonderful dog for a working household. Won't you give her a chance? Seven is not old. She is shaved down in this picture as her coat was very matted so her coat is going to come in beautifully.

Zoe and her stuffed ball. She loves stuffed toys. She will toss them in the air and pounce on them. She also loves to hold them in her mouth. Sweet dog.

Bridgette, 9 mos female Mini Australian Shepherd mix     Adopted

Bridgette is another blue-eyed beauty who just came into our care. She's about 9 months old and a little shy at first. Here she is at our adoption event taking an afternoon snooze. We'll try to get a better picture up.She would love a home with another dog to play with or someone who doesn't mind a dog who's a little timid in new situations. She would be a good walking or jogging partner once she's trained. She is a beautiful dog and a nice size too. She's not more than 30 lbs and will probably stay small.

Check out her beautiful blue eyes. Now there's a possibility she's a shepherd/husky mix, but she's awfully small, about 30 lbs.

  Skillet, 16 week old Male Lab/hound mix     Adopted

This very expressive face belongs to Skillet. He is one of 8 puppies that found their way to the PAWS Shelter in KY and is now with Save A Dog. He is about 9 weeks old (as of 12/1) and is a Labrador Retriever/Hound mix. All these puppies have been in foster care where they are learning about living in a house. They are coming along very well with the house training. They all sleep in a crate at night. Skillet was shy when first arriving at the foster home. However, his foster parents have worked with him, and he is a little ball of joy now. Comes on the run for a good scratching. He is a real charmer and is very playful. He has a very cute white streak on his scruff, almost in the shape of an 'S'. Please consider adopting Skillet.

  Misty 10 mos Female Lab Mix     Adopted

Misty is about ten months old. She was adopted out as a young pup and recently returned when her owner became allergic. She is lovable, playful and good with children and other dogs. She is house broken, loves squeeky toys, knows to sit, down, right paw, left paw and both paws, loves to sit with you and watch TV quietly. She can be shy if strangers or visitors try to pet her (she pulls back at first). She is used to a fenced in yard and does her business immediately after her feeds twice a day. Does well at boarding places. Vaccinations are up to date and she is spayed and microchipped. She is a wonderful family dog.
  Sneezy DOB: 11/19/03 Male Mostly Terrier Mix     Adopted

Sneezy doesn't sneeze at all. He loves to play and is also very smart and attentive of people. He can be tearing around the room and when you talk to him he will look up and stop dead in his tracks and listen with everything he's got. He's already crate trained and neutered and microchipped. He is very much a terrier in personality so he will terrorize your cats and other animals, we think. He was adopted but is quickly coming back as the cats need a break.

Please, no small children as he is at the mouthy stage.

 Freedom 3 mos Female Lab Mix     Adopted

Freedom is a 3 month old female Lab mix. She came up from WV and is a very sweet lab mix. She seems small for a lab, but that's no guarranty she won't be large. She's gentle and very affectionate and can be seen this week once we receive your application.
  Jake (Cheyenne) 15 mos Male Border Collie Mix     Adopted

Jake (Cheyenne) is a male border collie mix who is being relinquished by his owners. He is currently in the owner's home. He would be a great second dog as he loves to play with other dogs. He is safe in the house, is not a chewer, not destructive, doesn't jump on furniture or counters, and is housebroken but also good in a crate. He loves the water and in the summer you can't keep him out of his wading pool. He lets you take his food and toys with no problem. His owners think he gets too worked up while riding in a car when he sees other dogs or squirrels and he was too unfocused in obedience training because he wanted to interact with other dogs. We evaluated him with a young dog and he was not dominant at all. We found his energy level to be average but to be on the safe side we'd love to place him where he has the option to run off-leash in a safe environment, i.e., large fenced in yard or rural area (farm).

He is calm in the house and very well behaved.

  Sidney 9 mos Female Mini Australian Shepherd     Adopted

Sidney is a 28 lb. female Mini Aussie with the bluest eyes. She is a beautiful dog and very small, although seems to be full grown. She is very people focused. She would make a terrific agility dog, but is fine with leash walks and is very calm in the house. She would much prefer her person to another dog or animal and would make a terrific dog for a single or couple. She will play with other dogs, but at feeding time needs to have her own space. She has no food issues with people. We cat-tested her and she ignored at first and then thought it was fun to chase. She has some herding instincts so small children might not be a good idea. This picture doesn't do her justice as she's a gorgeous dog with beautiful eyes. She will grab your heart and never let go.
  Mara 2-4 years Female Lab / Pit Mix     Adopted

Mara is a two+ year old spayed female black lab mix. She was in a shelter in CT and just about to be put down, but two volunteers went down and rescued her. She is a joyful dog who loves to play with squeaky toys and balls. She knows sit and down and understands many commands, like go get a toy, go outside, go lay down. She is an amazing dog and will make someone a best friend for life. We are working on not jumping up, but she occasionally jumps up when she's excited so would need older kids. This picture doesn't do her justice. She's a much prettier dog and is very affectionate. She might have some pit bull in her but don't hold that against her as she is friendly with other dogs and plays with the other dogs every day in her foster home. She can be seen in Sudbury, MA, in her foster home.
  Luke 3 mos Male Shepherd Mix     Adopted

Luke came in with the Aussie litter, but is definitely Shepherd through and through. He's also the brainiest, but he's a Shepherd so that's what we'd expect. He's already figured out stairs and how to get in and out of the crate quickly to snatch toys and bones from the other pups. He's very gentle, though, and there is no growling from him at all over possessions. All the pups eat side by side out of the food bowl too. He has huge paws so expect large when he grows up. He is going to be an awesome addition to any family who truly appreciates this breed and he sticks like glue. He listens well already so will be easy to train too. Training is required for puppies
  Mark 3 mos Male Aussie / Lab Mix     Adopted

Mark is a 3 mo. old male Aussie mix with big labby paws and a gentle personality. He looks like his brother, Matthew, but is slightly bigger and is a blue merle color all throughout his coat. He is just as sweet as his brother and would make a wonderful dog for any family. We don't guarranty size, but expect he will be big.
  Matthew, 3 mos Male Aussie / Lab  Mix     Adopted

Matthew is a 3 mo. old male Aussie mix with big labby paws and a gentle personality. He looks like his brother, Mark, but has more black on his body. He is as sweet a dog as you will find and would make a wonderful dog for any family. We don't guarranty size, but expect he will be big.

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