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Dogs Adopted in July 2001

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 Dogs Adopted in July, 2001

 Litter of Lab mix puppies - 3 months old     Adopted
Litter of Lab mix puppies, six in all. Four girls and two boys.

One of the boys is now Jefferson. Read his Success Story

 Tyler, 5 years old Male Lab mix    Adopted
Tyler was found living at the town dump and rescued by some people who felt he deserved a chance. We do too. Tyler is currently being treated for heart worm and will not be available for adoption until late August. If you would like to help sponsor Tyler, we would sure appreciate it. He's a very gentle and loving boy.

Read his Success Story

 Larry, one year old or less Lab mix    Adopted
Larry is a very small lab mix who is very playful and loves attention. He appears to be full grown at 30 lbs. He was a stray. Because our foster homes are filled up these days we're boarding him at a local kennel and he absolutely adores the teens who are caring for him. He's a nice dog in a small package.

Renamed Tuesday. Read his Success Story

 Digger, 8 weeks old Female Shepherd/hound mix    Adopted
Digger, who just came in with Taffy is a Shepherd mix puppy. She is cute and playful. We are not sure how big she will get at this point.

Renamed Blitz. Read her Success Story

 Buster, 2 year old male beagle    Adopted
We have a 2 year old male beagle who needs a beagle-savvy owner or someone who will properly socialize him. A single person or young working couple might be fine for him. He is housebroken and really a nice dog who deserves a chance.

Adopted from BREW beagle rescue

Boo -- 3 month female -  Lab/hound Mix

Boo is a female three month old Lab mix who is sweet, affectionate, and playful. She is a very good puppy. She is very good with other dogs and is crate training well. She is small for a lab, but very labby in behavior. She loves every body. Adopted!

Blue -- 1 year old male -  Australian Cattle Dog

Blue is a young male Australian Cattle Dog who just came in. He's sweet and lovable and a happy little guy. He loves to play and gets along great with other dogs. Can hold his own with large dogs but might be too much for smaller dogs. He loves dog parks and especially loves the water. He would be a great dog for someone who lives near water or who likes sailing because he's the right size for a sail boat. He is really a fun dog and not as active as most ACDs we know. His foster mom is having a ball with him. Adopted by our own Jayne MacRae!

Maya --1.5 year old - female hound mix

Maya is a lovely 1.5 year old hound mix. She is fully housebroken and loves kids and dogs. Good with kids, cats, and other dogs too!  Calm in car, does not pull on leash, is semi-housebroken (went outside on the grass w/us during xport.   Very sweet, and calm while in our care. A good sized girl, close to 50 lbs. Would love to have a large, fenced in yard to roam in and possibly another large dog to pal around with. Adopted!

Spike - Male Chihuahua. Two years old

Spike is a 2 year old male Chihuahua.  He was surrendered because his owner did not have time for him.  He is the sweetest little guy.  A definite lap dog who will follow you around like a puppy.
He would like to be an only dog as he is threatened by other dogs. He is gentle with cats and kittens, however.  Chihuahuas are a needy breed and are wonderful companions for retirees or stay-at-homes as they crave human companionship. This is a big picture of him, but he's really tiny.

Gordy -- 1+  old male -  Beagle/Basset

Gordy is a a beagle/basset boy who was recently adopted and is being returned as the family feels he needs another dog to play with. He  does love to play with other dogs, but also craves human affection and especially adores children.

Gordy needs a fenced-in back yard and preferably someone who can be with him during the day or another dog to play with. He is very much a puppy still. Adopted

Collie Pups -- 10 week old

Just in. Eight week old Collie mix pups who will be early spayed next week. Adopted!.

Slapshot --3 year old - male fox terrier

Slapshot is a 3 year old male terrier who was purchased at a pet store as a rat terrier. He looks a bit more like a smooth-coated fox terrier to us.

His owners did not have the time they felt he deserves. Slap shot is crate trained and housebroken, and is good natured..
He is good with kids, although not raised with them. He is not good with cats. He is probably too high energy for an apartment, but would love a back yard to run in.


 Alex -- Female Lab mix -- four years old

Alex is a lovely four year old lab mix. She was rescued from a bad situation by her neighbor who works in dog rescue. Alex loves companionship, likes to play with other dogs and is just a great dog. She doesn't like to be alone but would be a great dog to bring to the office as she just lies by your feet. She also loves other dogs. She will make someone a wonderful companion. Adopted

 Taffy Shepherd/hound mix -- 8 weeks

Already Adopted!

Taffy, who just came in with Digger, is a Shepherd mix puppy. She is cute and playful. We are not sure how big they will get at this point.

 Sarge -- Male German Shepherd mix -- one year old

Sarge is a young German Shepherd dog who is easy-going and eager-to-please. He loves to go on walks, get scratches behind the ears, and he also loves pig's ears (a dog treat that some humans find disgusting). He has the most beautiful, soft fluffy coat. Sarge crates well. He seems to be a shepherd/collie mix and would make a great best friend for someone. He loves teenaged boys. Adopted

 Litter of Lab mix puppies -- three months old

Litter of Lab mix puppies, six in all. Four girls and two boys. Adopted!

Sebastian -- 8  old male -  Silky Terrier

Sebastian is an eight year old neutered male Silky Terrier whose owners travel too much to be able to spend the time with him. His dog sitters are moving to FL and he needs a new home. He is a little shy with strangers but will warm up quickly. He is a dog who was very well cared for and is very healthy. He should be a great companion for a retiree or someone who can devote the time to him. He loves to sit next to you on the couch and watch TV. He also loves his toys and is very playful. Adopted

Rosie -- 1+  old female -  Rat Terrier

Rosie is a sweet female Rat Terrier whose owner just had a new baby, so she did not have time for both.

Rosie is a sweet dog. She gets along with dogs, we think cats but will test, and kids.

She weighs about 12 lbs. Will need reinforcement on crate training. Adopted

Blaine --4 year old - male beagle

Just arrived. Blaine is a four year old male beagle, who is small and sweet. He was found as a stray and treated for lymes disease and is recovered and shows no effects of the disease. He is peppy and active and loves everybody. He would be a good companion for another dog or just a great addition for a family. He will crate well and is pretty quiet for a beagle. He is housebroken and not a chewer, but will need supervision outside as he loves to follow his nose. He is a very affectionate dog and child safe. He loves to play with other dogs too. He has beautiful markings so we think he was bred for show, but allowed to roam. Adopted!

Rambo -- 9 mo. old - male Bernese Mt. Dog mix

Rambo is a 9 month old male who is a Bernese Mt. Dog mix. He is sweet, housebroken and calm. He is going to be adopted by his foster provider, but has severe hip dysplasia so will need surgery at Tufts. If you would like to send a donation to help off-set these costs, please send it to Save A Dog at P.O. Box 1108, Framingham, MA 01701 and mark it for Rambo's surgery. Thanks! 


Zeus --1 year old - Tibetan Spaniel mix

Zeus is a one year old male (soon to be) neutered Tibetan Spaniel mix. He weighs 28 lbs. and is playful as a puppy. He will need training as he is  not housebroken yet. Adopted!


Shadow -- 4 year old male -  Lab/DaneMix

Shadow is a four year old male black lab whose owners adopted when he was six months old. Shadow grew larger than they expected and is a 95 lb. strong dog. This, combined with long working hours, prompted them to give him up. He is enrolled in an obedience class at the Especially for Pets in Acton, MA. We would like his adopter to continue obedience training him. He is very responsive and an all-around great dog. Adopted

Cody -- 3 year old male -  Rough-coat Collie

Cody is a gorgeous 3 year old male collie whose owner went off to college and the family travels a lot. He's an awesome dog and a rare find. His beautiful coat will need lots of grooming. We're hoping he can be adopted by someone who has the time to spend with him as he has spent a lot of time home alone. He was raised with cats and kids, but we would prefer school age and up.


Leanne -- Female Lab pup -- 4 mos  old 

This puppy was adopted on SAturday and returned because of family allergies. She loves to be with you, so we'd prefer a stay-at-home or work-at-home. Adopted

Flower is a dainty eleven week old female mix. She's very tiny, possibly a hound or whippet mix. She is as cute as a button and sweet as can be. She's already crate trained. Adopted!

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