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 Ebony, formerly Delta


I just wanted to drop you a note on Ebony's adjustment to our home and family.

She is doing really, really well. She and the cats acclimated much more quickly than I expected them to. She and my daughter have a special bond that I could have only imagined. She's fitting in and making her spot in the family as though she has been here since a puppy.

She has met several dogs in the neighborhood while out on our 4 walks per day and they have their own little social group. If an owner sees Ebony out, they will bring their dog out also. I have seen no aggression from her towards any other animals, and her confidence is growing. She has even begun to play with the other dogs when they come outside.

She has learned her place in the "pack" and is following us well. Once she learned the routines and we got eating times down, everything fell into place. We still have a little trouble with separation anxiety (we think) as she is leaving one wet spot each time we leave the house, no matter how long we are gone for), but we are hoping this will settle down in time as she accepts this as her permanent, and not temporary home.

She has brought out much joy in my entire family...including my 95 year old grandfather. Each Saturday we go to his house for tea with him and Gram. Ebby had joined us for the last 3 weeks on this outing. When she enters their home, she heads immediately for my Grandfather, who allows her to put her head between his knees and pats her ears until we call him to the table. We had to stay at his house over the weekend when Gram went to the hospital...instead of sticking close to Holly and I, she went in and slept on the floor right next to his bed. It was precious.

Ebony's coat is getting shiny and soft. Jill was amazed how soft it was when we stopped by her home last Saturday, and at the amount of confidence Ebony had as well.

There is so much more I could say, but I need to go take her out! I have attached a few pictures for you.



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