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--- On Mon, 3/16/09, McAnneny Linda

Subject: Fw: Katie's Success Story (f/k/a Brandy)
To: "Jill Greblick" 
Date: Monday, March 16, 2009, 10:10 AM
Good morning Jill,
Thanks for looking into this . . . Katie is a great dog and she is just a joy.  She could be the poster
child for successful adoption of a rescue.  We tell everyone that she came from Save A Dog and
that SAD does wonderful work . . . and, most of the time, we're wearing our Save a Dog hats,
too!  We'd like to continue to feel part of the SAD family, and we're looking forward to giving
you and Katie the chance to say "hello again" at Paws in the Park.
Take care and have a great day,
PS - It the below is too long or too windy, feel free to edit it down . . . but I could go on about
her for DAYS!  She is just too sweet  . . .
From: McAnneny Linda
Subject: Katie's Success Story (f/k/a Brandy)
Date: Monday, December 8, 2008, 7:31 PM
We picked Katie up on June 15th, Father's Day, of this year. She never made a sound on the 45-
minute ride to her new home and, when we arrived, she went up the stairs to the screened-in
porch and sat down. We had to coax her over the threshold, and she slunk through the doorway
as if she were expecting to be punished. For weeks, she hesitated to come into the house, never
barked and didn't wag her tail. BUT she loved to ride in the car (especially in the summer with
the top down) and go for long walks . . . so we made sure she got plenty of both. Pretty soon the
real Katie began to emerge - she's gone from a shy, submissive, frightened dog to a non-stop tail
wagger who doesn't hesitate to claim her spot right smack in the middle of the bed each
night. She's also figured out that she can take a flying leap off the futon and land in the
convenient lap in the chair, where she warms hands and heart all at once. Katie is a wonderful
animal, great with kids, cats, other dogs, adults, you name it! She goes with us everywhere
possible ~ she visits sick relatives in nursing homes, rehabs and assisted living; she visits elderly
relatives in their homes and tries to play with their fussy old cats; she visits grandkids and suffers
the indignities visited upon  good-natured dogs by toddlers and she never misses a beat.  We
take her with us whenever we can, and now, most of our friends start conversations with "How's
Katie?"  Katie's predecessor was a much-loved and greatly missed lab mix who passed in April of
this year. It took a couple of months for us to contemplate adopting another dog, knowing that
no animal could ever replace our beloved Jasmine. Katie hasn't replaced anybody ~ she's carved
out her own,unique place in our family with her loving heart, her goofy smile and her endlessly
wagging tail. We are grateful to everyone at Save A Dog for the great work you do.
Kevin and Linda McAnneny

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