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 Several Updates from Hugo

Hi Shirley - Attached are two photos and here is an update that you can use any parts of as you see fit. How do you distribute the newsletter? If its email, can I be added to the list? If it's hard copy, do you need my address? Thanks and take care!

Hugo is doing great and loving life having turned one years old in June. He got over his fear of water this summer and now loves splashing around and grabbing sticks out of the mud. Hugo loves to munch on grass and sticks and steal paper towels left on the counter. He spent Labor Day weekend walking around downtown Boston, meeting new friends (humans and dogs) everywhere he went and enjoying the warm sun - which he loves to lay in on our porch. Hugo would love to see photos of any of his brothers or sisters and sure misses his Save the Dog friends, especially Diane!

Hugo has been a great addition to our lives and we can't remember life before him. Adopting him is the best decision we ever made and we are so glad to be part of the Save a Dog family! Kevin, Briana & Hugo Curran

First update:
Hi Diane & Shirley,
Hope you are both well. Attached are new photos of our little boy Hugo, who we love dearly. Also attached is the record of his neutering, which we had done in December. He did great though hated the e-collar. The final attachment is his certificate of completion from puppy kindergarten. Diane, you did a great job of teaching him sit because he had that down from day one. He won over the entire class despite always trying to eat the other dogs' treats any chance he got - he is a food lover!
Can one of these photos be used to add to the "Recently Adopted" section of the website under October 2008 when he was adopted? Also, Diane and I have been talking about bringing Hugo over for a visit to the new adoption center. Would this Sunday work best or next Saturday, February 7th? Let me know!
Take care and kisses from Hugo!

Second update:
From: Briana Curran
Date: Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 4:13 PM
Subject: RE: Hobbes pictures

Hi Diane,
Attached are photos of Hugo for you and Shirley and Villa so you can see Hugo loving the snow. He cries to go out and play in the backyard because he loves to eat, run and jump in the snow! I'll get the neuter certificate in an electronic file and send to Shirley for Hugo's record.
We still have him in day care full time because I can't bear the thought of him alone all day and he loves it where he goes and the two women who run the place love him. He has all these little doggie friends that he loves and takes naps with during the day. If you ever want us to bring Hugo over for a play date with your dogs, please let me know, I'm sure he'd love it.
Enjoy the photos and I'll keep them coming!

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