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Hello Save a Dog Folks,


In August of 2002, we adopted a 2 year old female black lab mix from you, named Cinder.  She has been a wonderful dog and I wanted to start the New Year by sending you an update and a picture of her (now 8-1/2 years old!) and her 2 "housemates."  Chester is a 6 year old male red heeler mix we adopted about a year ago from the Asheville, NC humane society.  He and Cinder are the best of friends!  Laddie is a 13 year old West Highland Terrier who enjoys the company of the "big dogs."  Cinder has a calm, sweet personality and is a certified therapy dog.  She loves to take long walks on the trails in the mountains of Western North Carolina where we live.  Cinder loves life and loves everyone she meets -- canine and human.  She was a wonderful to Chester when we adopted him, and helped him learn how best to fit into our pack.  We will always be grateful to Fern who was Cinder's foster mom after she was transported to Massachusetts from North Carolina.  We think it is ironic that we subsequently moved to North Carolina, so you might say Cinder has returned to her roots.  In honor of our rescue dogs, we volunteer at the Asheville Humane Society and foster cats/kittens and dogs/puppies for them.  We've fostered close to 100 animals so far!  In our opinion, rescue dogs are the best dogs ever ---- and Cinder proves that every day!


Sharon Wood and Barry Silverstein

Cinder, Chester, and Laddie

Asheville, NC  (formerly from Acton, MA)


More Updates below:

Hi Shirley,

It's so nice to hear from you!  I checked out your web site and saw that you now have a building.  It sounds really nice!  I'm very happy for you .... and for the dogs.  I've recommended Save A Dog to many people over the last 6 years, and I hope some of them have adopted from you.  I'm currently fostering a stray mama dog and her seven 5 week old puppies for Asheville Humane Society.  Ironically, the mama looks almost exactly how Cinder looked 6 years ago when we adopted her!  Funny how those kind of things happen.  We're having a blast being foster parents --- lots of work, but the rewards are enormous.  I've listed my address below and would welcome any correspondence from Save A Dog.

Best regards,

Sharon Wood and Barry Silverstein


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Hi Sharon,


Thanks for the wonderful update on Cinder and her friends. Cinder was a very special dog to us. I’m so happy to see that she’s doing well. Would you send us your new address so we can send you our holiday card with our new address. After almost 10 years of running it out of our home, Save A Dog has a home of its own.


Thanks again for keeping in touch and God bless you for having such a heart for the strays.


Shirley Moore

Executive Director

Save A Dog, Inc.

Save A Dog, Inc.
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