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 Moe's New Digs

Hi Jill,
He is doing absolutely great.  We saw Lily yesterday at Cold Springs, she was so happy to see him and thought he looked terrific. 
He is getting a ton of exercise, doggie playtime, training, snuggling and more.  We're establishing a daily routine, I like to do that right away.   6am quick pee outside, 7:30 am big walk - I have friend/neighbor with a 1 yr old choc lab - Marley.   She & Moki are now bff's, (we've agreed to do vacation exchanges already).   We do 10 mins of training 3x a day after his outings. 
He has already learned to heel perfectly and do a stay & sit at EVERY corner.   He's doing a really good stay from about 6 feet away.   People can not believe this dog hasn't been obedience trained for years.  We have a noon time walk to and romp at the Week's Field, where there are usually some dogs to chase around with.  A good snuggle and afternoon nap, then to Cold Springs in the afternoon for a good 1.5m walk and doggie play group.  He is a big hit there, people are amazed at how well he gets along with all the other dogs.  I think he did about 6 miles back and forth chasing across that field yesterday.
We do an evening stroll to say hi to the neighbors then call it a night after a 10pm pee in the back yard.
He is eating well, drinking lots, peeing, pooping and making himself completely at home.  He is curious and brave, but not a destructive or particulary mischevious boy.  It helps to get lots of that crazy dog energy out of his system with other dogs and our playtimes in the yard.  And he's hilariously good at entertaining himself with a good squeaky toy.  He is so calm and content much of the time, it's hard to believe he's a youngster. I think he's barked once so far, at a mailbox.
He's in high demand, we have play dates lined up for the next couple of weeks.  The name Moki means "surfer dude" in Hawaiin, he is turning out to be true to the name.  He has so much personality, we are having a blast getting to know him.
Hope I haven't gone on too long!  Here are a couple of pics I took this morning.
Ciao,  Annie

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