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 Cricket ... A Tails & Tales Update

Cricket is an unforgettable dog. She had a bit of an "attitude" when she arrived at Save A Dog. I remember the first time I was about to bring her to a meet-and-greet event and I didn't realize that she was guarding her precious orange squeakie. She gave me a growl and I said, "Okay, you're not adoptable yet. You're not going." After that we worked with her, but the ball was always a prize possession. Francine and her husband fell in love with her, despite her quirky behaviors and her "attitude". She still has her moments, but they love her just the same. Read on... Shirley


My husband and I welcomed Cricket (We still call her Cricket.) into our home and hearts on January 3rd. If you're not sure who Cricket is:

Adopted January 2008

Cricket has made a wonderful adjustment! We are so pleased!

She gets along well with her 15 year old mini-Schnauzer sister Miss Rose. They are both territorial about what they view as "theirs" but we let them settle that "sibling issue" on their own and that has worked out well.

Cricket likes her new vet and her new groomer! Once her health checked out on our end and she was bathed and clipped ... WOW! What a princess pup!

She is VERY friendly to anyone who comes into our home ... both human and canine. And she and Rosie enjoy long walks through our woods and around our neighborhood!

I was told she might not like to be held ... wrong! LOL! From day ONE she has let me cradle her like a baby, rub her tummy, and brush here forever! Attached is a photo of Miss Cricket in her new doggie bed holding her heart snuggly which she loves. All I have to do to get her in that position is say: "Cricket ... Show me your tummy!"

She's such a sweet little girl!

Adopting an older dog was the perfect situation for my husband and me and the experience has been positive in every way! It's something we hope to do again in the future.

Thank you in advance for adding Cricket to the Success Story site.


Francine McCarthy


January 2009

Dear Shirley,


It was a year ago today we adopted Cricket and welcomed her into our home and hearts. Since we don't know her birthdate, we are celebrating January 3rd as both her 13th birthday and her adoption day.


We made some mistakes along the way ... mistakes that nearly led to our relinquishing ownership. But our stubbornness and willingness to work hard on Cricket's behalf have paid off. That and excellent advice from our vet and a dog behaviorist have helped us become better leaders ... and she has subsequently become a good little pet!


Cricket will always have her "issues" but we have learned to deal with them in appropriate and safe ways. We hope she will be with us for several years to come.


When we woke on New Year's morning, we couldn't find Cricket in any of her usual places. Then we noticed her sleeping ever so soundly under one of our Christmas trees! I am attaching a photo of her for you to enjoy.


Many blessings to you and everyone at Save-A-Dog.


Francine McCarthy

Cricket's "Mom"


A January 2010 Update:

Dear Shirley,

I hoped to send you this yearly update regarding Cricket on January 3rd, her adoption day. But the little minx wouldn't stay still long enough for me to get a good photo. I think she has come to associate the camera with a blinding flash and heads for cover when she sees it.

I am sending you a few photos ... one is the photo we received via Save-a-Dog when we asked for more information about her prior to adoption. The others were taken recently. I want you to see the great change! She is healthy and robust and her coat is GORGEOUS! So thick and shiny!

Cricket has become a real "mommy's girl". She likes to follow me around the house BUT just the first floor. She will follow me to the foyer but as soon as she knows I'm going upstairs, she goes to her little bed and waits there till I come down. She loves to be brushed, to have her tummy rubbed, and to snuggle with me if I sit or lie on the floor. Her groomer, her vet, and her handlers at Acorn (where we leave her RARELY for pet boarding), tell me she is an angel! She will ... at last ... let us pick her up to put her in the car BUT not for any other reason. Strange but true.

It took her a while to warm up to my husband, but they are ... at last ... good buddies. He shares his toast with her every morning ... :-)

When we stay at the cottage on the Cape, she can jump on and off the sofa by herself ... something she can't do at home. You can almost see a smile of pride at that accomplishment. As much as she likes sitting on the sofa with us there, she WILL NOT allow us to pick her up and put her on the sofa at home. Another strange but true Cricket scenario.

She eats well and although she has gained SIX pounds, her vet says she is in excellent health and that the gain is partially due to having been spayed so late in life ... and living the good life where there is no competition for food.

We still do not completely trust her not to bite. As recently as last summer, she growled and snapped at our other dog Rosie and nipped my son-in-law's hand. But forewarned is forearmed, so we let everyone know her situation and so far there have been no unfortunate consequences. At least I'm no longer afraid of her and we can be face-to-face and she'll lick my nose .... and I let her without fear.

Every year we hope to come to the May event but it always coincides with Cricket's first trip with is to the Cape ... and she loved the Cape house, the beach, and all the activity.

Our other dog Rosie is now almost 17. Her vision and hearing are poor and she is losing muscle mass. But other wise she is in good health. So Cricket is the one we take for longer walks. She has come a long way on that score! And has gone from a dog who wouldn't go out in rain OR snow and who was allergic to grass ... to a dog who will go out in almost any kind of weather ... as long as one of us is with her.

So that's our update regarding Cricket. After a less than auspicious beginning, she and we have come a long way together.

Many blessings to the people and pups at Save A Dog.

Francine McCarthy

An August 2010 Update:

Good Morning, Shirley.
Cricket is now an "only child". Shortly after I sent you her January update, our dear sweet little RosieBow took a sudden and drastic turn for the worst and crossed The Rainbow Bridge on January 29th. She was almost 17 years old. We still miss her every day!
Despite the fact Cricket was not very "fond" of Rosie, she mourned her death and sniffed & looked for her for many weeks afterward. Cricket has changed since Rosie's passing, too. She is less aggressive AND allows us to pick her up! Miracle of miracles!
I'm thinking some of her negative behaviors may have been from having another dog in our home. She seems to be a better pet as an "only". With the age estimate we were given for Cricket, she is now about 14 1/2 years old. She is in good health and we hope to have her for a few more years! I never thought I would say this ... since she was such a challenge when we first adopted her ... but she has turned into quite the little charmer! I will miss her as much as my other "girls" when she is gone.
Anyhow ... I'll wait to hear if the supplies we would like to donate are of any use to Save a Dog.
Thanks in advance and have a great day.
Francine McCarthy

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