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 Daizee is GREAT!


Hi to All,


Here are some more pictures of Daizee in the snow/mud.  Our yard is getting very messy on days when the temps warm up.  Daizee loves to run around after a tennis ball.  When they are new, it's hard to get them back from her.  Once she gets a hole in it, then she will let me have it back to throw for her.  She hops around like a bunny sometimes, it's so cute. 


Last night when I came in from work, there was no Daizee at the door to greet me, so I started calling her, still no Daizee.  My grandson had taken her upstairs, and closed the door, but once the door was opened, she came down to give me kisses.  She and Jada (the boxer upstairs) are getting along great.  Which is good, because now they can visit each other's homes when their people have to be away.


Hope all is going well with each of you.




Martha & Daizee



Hi Daizee Friends,


Daizee is getting more comfortable in her new home.  We've been working on sit and then down, which she is getting pretty good at, now I've been trying to work on stay while I walk a few feet away.  Sometimes it works.  I haven't found a toy she can't destroy yet, except the Kong.  I bought some knotted tug ropes, she and Jada, my daughter's boxer, like to play tug of war together, they tire each other out.  Tigger my cat is getting better about Daizee, he will be near her, until she starts sniffing his rear, then he gets mad.  

When we go for a walk, Daizee is good with the harness I bought.  She always waits until we get home in the yard to relieve herself, however.  Sometimes she races around the yard like a greyhound.  She is amazing, and beautiful, and in the pictures I think you can see her smile.


Take Care,


Martha & Daizee

And she made the news!

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