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 Opal, now Annika

Hi Shirley,


I am finally thinking about this when I am near my computer and thought you might like to have a few updated pictures of Opal - now Annika.  The one of her with both boys (kind of a funny picture!) was taken the day we got her, the coffee table pictures were right around that same week, then the rest are a potpourri up until the present 14 weeks.  She's very photogenic if I do say so myself!  :)


She is doing just great, she learned quickly to sit and wait for her food, she's sitting and waiting at the door while we go to the garage to get her food, she's learned sit to a down (with a treat of course!) and is now working on down from a standing position.  We had a session with a trainer yesterday who thought she was a "confident, happy little stinker" and said she is definitely well-adjusted with no separation anxiety.  She is 14 weeks now and weighs 20 pounds.  Only one minor medical issue, we got her on a Thursday and Sunday afternoon she started with diarrhea.  I brought her in the next day just to be sure she was ok and she tested positive for Coccidia.  10 days of something that started with an "A" and she was all clear.  She makes us laugh, I am so happy we got her, she does a great job of filling the empty space that Divot left and she is just what the doctor ordered.  We all love her up to the sky.  She's met lots of dogs and kids and just yesterday had her first real playdate with the 7 month old puppy next door - they did GREAT together!!!  So much fun, lots of body rolls and open mouths, no yelping, a little running and many front flips by Annika.  It was a blast.  We will definitely keep that as a regular feature, it exhausts both of them, perfect for both households!!!


Anyway, that's a quick update - I have recommended Save A Dog to several people who have asked, hopefully more wonderful homes will be coming your way from Medway!


I will write again with pictures as she grows - I'm sure you would be as interested to see what the finished product looks like as we will be!  If you get any pictures of her siblings I would love to see them as well, we couldn't do the Tuesday puppy kindergarten classes as I do Meals on Wheels on Tuesdays but I would love to see how they all grow up.


Thanks again Shirley,


Lisa Swan

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