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 Clipper, formerly Hoagie

Dear Save A Dog,

Clipper just got back from a vet appointment tonight and we are happy to report that he is doing fabulously at 11.5 years old! We adopted him from Jane (in Hudson) via Shirley after meeting him and his 9 cuddly brothers and sisters and mother at a harvest meet and greet in Sudbury. We adopted the first puppy and got the pick of the litter (though they were all excellent!


Clipper has been a source of great joy for us since the day he arrived in our home in October 1999. He was housebroken within 4 weeks of adoption and crate-free and trustworthy at 4 months. He was a quick study which meant that I could bring him to my office where he held the important position of Chief Morale Officer for about 5 years. His daily walks around the Charles River with me and various colleagues meant that he stayed fit and trim and super happy!


People always ask me what kind of dog Clipper is and insist that he is a Saluki or a Belgian shepherd because he carries himself like he is an important show dog. I try not laugh and tell them that he is a multicultural American brown mutt whose mother was a streetwalker in the Bronx. Dorie (Calpurnia) had 2 litters of pups from different dads.


Clipper has traveled all over the east coast with us and has stayed in everything from historic inns to tents. When we travel we often appear at inns and hotels that don't allow pets, but once people see how mellow and obedient Clipper is -- he is welcomed. Several years ago Clipper won first place in a Pet Contest in West Stockbridge Zucchini Festival (out of over 100 dogs!). His special talent is sitting and staying for longer than expected and then leaping over a complicated array of haystacks on command. His talent placed him at the front of the pack!


This year marked Clipper's 10th anniversary trip to Acadia National Park. When he is on the trail he bounds up and down boulders with puppy-like enthusiasm and never lags behind despite his arthritis. It was wonderful to see that he was still able to hike all the trails and seemed eager to continue...he is my role model for graceful aging. 


Attached is the photo of Clipper wistfully watching the Queen Mary 2 in Bar Harbor over Labor Day weekend 2010. He has always loved to contemplate nature especially the sea -- he's been whale watching with us in Newfoundland and always spots the seals when we are on the beach in Cape Cod. 


Wishing all of you another year of saving dogs, bringing joy to families, and providing hope to animals who deserve for a better life!  Thank you for bringing Clipper to us and every year we hope for one more year of great times together.


PS: Clipper may want to adopt a brother or sister this year and we know he will be a good mentor!


Lori Rutter

Save A Dog, Inc.
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