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 Peanut, formerly Annabell


Hi Diane,



Peanut is doing great! We have had a great summer and fall so far. She has been everywhere - hiking in Bar Harbor with us in June, beach, lots of swimming at various lakes, sleepovers, long walks, lots and lots of time in the park and of course it always ends with her curling up with us at the end of the day. Everyone loves her and we get lots of compliments when we are on our walks. She has the funniest personality, stubborn, playful, talkative, and loving. We are still so grateful to have found her through Save a Dog!


Attached is a recent picture of her comfortably laying on top of the pillows on our couch - she looks like a lion haha.


Hope all is well with you and the boys! Let me know about the wine.





Hi Save a Dog,

We adopted Peanut(formerly Annabell) two months ago today. She has been such a great addition to our family. She LOVES being the center of attention and to cuddle up with us whenever she can. She also is loving the dog park around the corner - the second she gets in and off her leash she gets the other dogs running and chasing her. It has been so fun seeing her "grow up" in the last two months and we couldn't thank Diane and the rest of your team enough for our Peanut.


Attached is a picture of one of her favorite spots in the sun :)


Previous correspondence:

Hi Diane,


Peanut is doing great! She has a lot of energy but I think we have done a pretty good job of wearing her out :) She is curled up next to me right now.


This weekend she was out and about with us a lot. She met her entire extended family and took a couple car rides (which she did great in!) and we even took her to her first trip to Especially for Pets. We also signed her up for obediance classes there which she starts next month. They even gave us 10% off for having adopted her (in case you want to pass this tip on to others). They also give you 10% off on each purchase for the first month you adopted. 


Attached are some pictures from this weekend. My favorite one is of her stretched out on her back entertaining herself while we were eating breakfast with a  toy she got from one of her Aunties. Also one with my brother and his girlfriend hanging out. I have to say one thing - she loooooves people and other dogs - she has to stop and greet them whenever she sees them on the street.


I did make the wet food on Saturday! I think it came out really well and she seems to like it a lot (which I wasn't worried about). It was pretty easy and I definitely will keep making it.


Hope all is well with you, Shadow, and Henry! Have you had any new friends join you yet?


Talk to you soon

Kaylin, Chris and Peanut


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