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 Henry - Adopted: 11/17/2009


Thanks to all of you who voted for Henry! He won the Basset of the week contest. He got a big hug from Mom and a chew bone.

Kate Bergquist, CIC


Shirley's note: Henry is a precious Basset Hound who was rescued along and had such advanced glaucoma that his eye had to be removed. He is a lucky dog, though, as our Insurance agent adopted him and her dogs are her children. Here are her updates.


Sent: Friday, February 26, 2010 12:17 PM
To: Shirley Moore
Subject: Henry update

Hi! He's doing much better...and I thought you might enjoy this poem which is
written about him!!
My friend/coworker wrote it...a very talented guy...and he certainly captured Henry's
Kate Bergquist, CIC
Gallant Insurance Agency, Inc.
Henry the Pirate King

From the bosom of the southern Trade winds,
A hull, a belly, plump with plunder,
Singing baritone with barks of thunder,
Marauding buccaneer hymns,

Sails Henry, the Jolly Pirate King,
Rollicking, as his ears, like bangles, swing.

Under his colors, two crossed bones aflag,
He’s come through cannonball and gale,
With peg-legs and notched wagging tail,
Dark, dark eye as his barrel chest drags

Across the floor.  His dauntless forty gun galleon
Is moored at the backdoor. About his neck a silver medallion

Bears his name.  Still singing through the carpet streets,
No thoughts of hangings or planks,
With a maw of slobbery thanks,
He gives a lick and paw for land lover’s treats

On which he’s waited an ocean to dine,
Still rough with brine, a happy canine.

Under the hunters and beasts, the constellations,
Across the vastness of the seven seas,
Surviving scurvy and nibbling fleas,
On the undulation of his nautical migration,

He’s at last made port.  Gazing at the obsidian sky,
He howls and winks his one good eye.

By the mighty triton of cold Poseidon,
And the lonely eye he’s relied on

To navigate the seas from green Aegean
To the azure of the Caribbean,

By only wind and the ocean of stars,
He sails back to sleep in the front seat of his car.

I hope again, after the next hurricane season,
If he escapes Davey Jones and the cost of treason,
To hear the echo, the rollicking song,
See his ears, like bangles swing,
And meet once again,
Henry, the Jolly Pirate King.

by Kevin Gallant
July 2,2010

Basset Hound Central... is the new name for Gallant Insurance.  My co-worker JJ just adopted two bassets from ARL and they immediately took to Henry!


Kate Bergquist, CIC

Gallant Insurance Agency, Inc.









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