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 Molly - Adopted: 11/9/2009



Molly's Rescue story is so compelling, we decided to include it in its entirely, as told by her rescuer, Villa Mitchell, animal rescuer, Tennessee. This is what it is like in many southern towns... no place for dogs to go, just wandering from neighborhood to neighborhood, nobody's dogs. Molly is one very lucky dog!






I got a call one day from a woman who lives ~5 miles from me.  She said I needed to come get this boxer mix dog and her litter of pups. She said the dog had the litter in the barn on their property.  She said animal control had been trying to catch her for over a year and they said they knew this was her 3rd litter.

She said Molly did not belong anywhere in the neighborhood and just wandered from house to house for a couple of years.  Some people fed her and sometimes she just ate whatever she could find and slept wherever she could find shelter.


I took the pups and sent them to Shirley when they were old enough to transport. I did not take Molly at that time since I had no place to put her and the woman said she would get Molly spayed and her vaccinations.  One day she called me and said I needed to go pick Molly up from the vet's office....she had been spayed and vaccinated.  I ended up with the bill for the vet work...which was okay!  When I said I had no place to put Molly, she said she would just call animal control to pick her up. Molly would have been put to sleep if they had picked her up.

I got a friend to foster Molly for a few weeks.  Molly would not let her put a leash on her and the woman said I had to come get her. 


 Merry Thompson (transporter) got her sister to take Molly to her house. She tried to teach her to walk on a leash and could not.  She kept Molly for a few weeks (outside) and then said we had to come get her!  She said Molly was very uncomfortable inside and therefore she left her outdoors.


Barbara (who fosters some for me) took Molly to her house and taught her to walk on a leash! She also kept Molly outdoors. So....Molly was shuffled around from foster home to foster home while with us.  This was not the way any of us wanted it, but at least she was safe, fed, cared for and we were trying to teach her the basics that she needed to know to be able to transport to MA.

We all loved Molly and were so anxious for her to get into a home where she could feel secure and safe.  Please tell her adopters that we will always be thankful that she has such a good home.  We would love it if they would let us know occasionally how Molly is doing.

I also want to thank Shirley for taking Molly and thank you for fostering her.  Things could have turned out so awful for Molly if we had not all worked together to save her. I love knowing she will never have to feel scared, cold and hungry again! This is truly one Happy Ending!


Your treatment of animals reveals your true character.



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