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 Dixie-Girl - Adopted: 7/31/2010

Dixie and Ginger are inseparable pals. They were rescued together in WV along with 19 other dogs. First the adopter brought home Ginger and she was sad, so she adopted Dixie too and now they're both so happy!



I know I had said that I wanted to meet Dixie and then I would have to go home and make a decision.  If you could have seen the two dogs together you would understand that the decision was made in two minutes.  Ginger and Dixie were so happy to see each other.

When Dixie got to the house she immediately started to explore the yard.  Soon Ginger and Dixie were running at top speed all around the yard.  I was impressed that Ginger, with her short legs, actually kept up with Dixie.  When Dixie went off to explore, Ginger ran over to her and jumped on top of her.  They were soon rolling around and playing.  It was so adorable. 

When they wore themselves out, Dixie easily went in the house without any hesitation.  She quickly found the squeaky toys—boy does she love them.

At meal time Dixie gulped down her meal, and then went to grab Ginger’s.  Ginger, being passive, just backed up to let her.  All I did was say “Dixie, no” and she stopped.  Dixie also comes when she is called.  She is hesitant when it comes to being petted right now.

They have been playing and having a great time.  Ginger was definitely missing this.  I got them a large bed, because they, at times, like to lie down together.  At bed time Ginger came in to be picked up into the bed.  Dixie wanted so badly to be on the bed, but she shied away from being helped.  I didn’t push it, I brought in a small dog bed and put it next to my bed—she seemed happy with that.

Ginger did show a tiny amount of jealousy, but it wasn’t a big deal.

Thank you for all you help and suggestions.  It has been such a pleasure adopting from this organization.  It is obvious that you really care.



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