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Dear Save A Dog,

Well I haven't been in touch with you since September 2000 (really with Jane) and I thought it was time for an update. Addy is still with us and still her complicated self. Nothing's easy about her but we love her dearly just the same and accept she is a different dog. Last we communicated I was at wits end, ready to throw in the towel. She is still extremely scared of unknown humans and can get aggressive. It is a part of our lives that we must always consider the Addy element when planning any activity. We have been working with a behaviorist for a couple of years and that along with $60/month in meds helps to keep the situation manageable. We have moved since we last spoke and now live on a 10 acre farm in Amesbury. Addy couldn't be happier. I've enclosed some pictures (from last summer) just so you can see the ham she has grown into. I hope you all are doing well and know I still have fun stopping by the web site and checking in on whats going on. All the best to you all.

Becky Taylor

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