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Hello Jill,


As promised I wanted to give you an update on Jenny who has been with us two weeks tomorrow.  We have renamed her "Jessie"....not too far from her given name!  She has moulded into our lives as if she was meant to find us as her forever home!  We are so very grateful to you all at Save A Dog for the wonderful job you do and for the gift of this pup, we're grateful for Jessie's foster family in TN who gave her and her litter mates a great start after leaving their Mum, and we're grateful to the family of Jessie's Mama, for putting her pups into the system to find happy homes.  We are so curious about Jessie's Mom and often wonder about her coloring, what type of spaniel she is etc!


Jessie has adjusted to her new life with us wonderfully.  She took to her crate very well and has slept in it in the kitchen directly below our bedroom every night.  She might protest for a few minutes but settles down quickly for a good night, and sometimes I am even waking her up in the morning before I get the rest of the house going for school etc!  Since she was with her litter mates until she came to us, we gave her a stuffed dog to sleep with in her crate, and she LOVES it!  First thing in the morning she comes out of her crate carrying her friend and takes it all around the kitchen with her, up and down the stairs, her whole body wagging in delight!  She's so funny!  She will play with it and rough house with it, and snuggle up to it for a nap, as you can see by the picture!  Jessie is completely housetrained, which was very easy, and has very neat toileting habits, and will sit by the door now to go out.  She absolutely loves her time outside in our garden - it’s a very sizeable fenced yard with trees and a wooded area on one side and lush green lawn that she rolls and rolls in.  When she goes out she teethes a lot on all sorts - something she doesn't do inside at all.  She is very good at playing with her own toys and chew things and leaves pretty much everything else alone inside - I'm amazed and am waiting for "the other shoe to drop"!


Jessie has been in the car on some adventure almost every day since we have had her!  She has attended soccer games and baseball games and charms every one with her loving calm nature.  Children especially love her as she is so gentle and doesn’t mouth on them at all.  Eventually she settles under my chair on the field and dozes - such a pleasure!  We have been walking at the lake and she is learning her leash manners and is doing very well for a beginner I think.  She knows "sit" and "come" very well now and recognizes her name.  She enjoys puppy class each week and is reacting well to clicker training.  She sits patiently while being leashed, waiting at the door, before her meals etc etc.....She naturally is such a mannerly lady!  We constantly get complimented on her - she was so polite and sweet at her Vet appt yesterday where although she does need more deworming/parasite meds, they otherwise declared her in great shape. 


After meeting Jess, we were so happy that our friends adopted Buddy and the delighted pups have got together twice - as you can see by the picture, they curled up exhausted under my chair together at a recent soccer game!  My husband and sons dote and love this pup so much - its heartwarming!  


A BIG thank you to Save a Dog for all your efforts, and for bringing us Jessie!






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