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Dog Rescue - "A Classic Scenario"         
-Author Unknown          
Here I am, all happy and cute,
They love me to pieces, think I'm a hoot!

I pee on the floor, they shove me outside
It's cold out here, there's a doghouse... I'll hide

They let me back in with a pat on my head
They give me warm milk and tuck me in bed

They get up in the morning, I've soiled the rug
They huff and they puff and shoulders they shrug

They toss me outside, I cry 'cause it hurts,
They mumble a bit and say some bad words

On and on it goes over again.
Then one day I pee in the den

They say that's it, besides he's getting too big
Put him outside, they do and I dig.

The next day a nice lady comes and takes me away
She holds me close and whispers, "It's Okay"

I go to a place where there are pals everywhere
They cuddle me lots, I can tell that they care

This isn't so bad and they feed me real good
They play with me lots and teach me as they should

At night I sleep in a crate, just me
Hey wow!! I made it all night and no pee.

The next day she takes me for a ride to a vet
We rush into a place, she smiles, "Our turn yet??"

In a room I get touched all over
She tells me my name should be "Sam", maybe "Rover?"

I get a pick and it will keep me healthy,
the lady counts her money, she's not very wealthy.

We get back to her place for some food and a nap
I wake up and hear her talking to an old chap.

He says that one there, (is he looking at me???)
I'm so excited I wiggle and pee

He picks me up and says, "He's the one
I'll love him so much, he'll be my new son"

The lady cries as she kisses me bye
He'll bring me back one day, but... just to say "Hi"

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