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 In Memory of  In Memory of Dixie

July 23, 2021,


Hello Save A Dog,

 We are reaching out with saddened hearts, as we recently lost our dog, Dixie, to her year-long battle with cancer and hemangiosarcoma. You would know her as Lindsey, as we adopted her from Save A Dog in July 2007.  Interestingly, we had arrived at a Save A Dog meet and greet with our eyes set on another dog, but fell in love with Dixie when we were notified there was already a waiting list for our original choice. Her given name was inspired by the book "Because of Winn-Dixie," because the first couple of days we had her she constantly smiled like Winn-Dixie does in the story. 

It is impossible to put into words how much she meant to us. Dixie lived a long and very happy, spoiled life as the princess of our household. She enjoyed trips to the beach in South Carolina, to the ski mountains and campgrounds in New Hampshire, and to every family celebration and holiday in between. We always joked that she had won the doggie lottery, going from a West Virginia shelter dog to a Princess in Boston. She was the perfect family dog - easy going, great with kids and on long car rides, and had a personality of her own.

Dixie loved our backyard, and spent hours outside sitting in the sun amongst the birds and bunnies, surveying and patrolling through the shrubs and flower beds that made up her territory. She always knew when someone was sick or upset, and would stay by their side until they were better again. She never failed to greet our friends or our daughters returning home from college with speedy laps around the house, sliding everywhere on the hardwood floors but not caring at all, and whines of pure excitement. Family, friends, neighbors, our daughter's Godmother (who called Dixie her "God Dog"), the mailman, everyone loved her - she was truly a part of our family. In her final days some of the only food she would eat were treats from the mailman.  She was, and will always be, so loved. We miss her terribly already. 

 Even in the last weeks of her life, she still had her spunky puppy energy that made her so special. She remained loyal and loving until her last day, even through her declining health. Thank you for bringing Dixie into our lives, and for all that you do for other dogs like her. We hope that when the time is right we will find another dog as perfect as Dixie through your organization. 


 The Brush Family 


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