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 In Memory of  Tobey

Dear Shirley

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing to you to tell you of the passing of our dear Tobey.  I am not sure it you remember us, but Tobey is still on your website.  He is the thumbnail picture of the puppy second from the left on the top. That is the very picture that drew us to your home to check out the dogs in July of 2006. On that day, Tobey followed us around, ignoring his sister’s pleas to play as we met a few of the dogs you had available.  He was just too cute to leave behind so we strapped him into the back seat between my 2 kids (then aged 5 and 9) and took him home.  I remember you had (happy) tears as you snapped a couple of pictures and said you thought it would be a perfect match as you felt he had chosen us.  And you could not have been more right.

He made himself at home right away and even befriended our cat Jack. His favorite place to be was always where ever we were.  We went for lots of walks, on camping trips and hung out in the neighborhood with the kids and his puggle buddy from down the street.

A couple of years later, we moved to a new home and we got him a ‘sister’ when we adopted our redbone coonhound Heidi. From that day on the 2 were pretty much inseparable. Tobey seemed to assume the role of protector of the pack.  He never liked it when someone wasn’t home and would sit in the window on lookout until they returned.  Lucky for him our lives were such that someone was almost always home.  Tobey had a pretty simple life, but it was one that I think he was happy with.  He went for daily walks, chased balls in the yard (though he never gave them back), occasional trips to doggie daycamp, and a few swims in our pool. He watched over our growing kids and met all their friends and visitors with enthusiasm and a protective eye.  He loved to be talked to and was a great listener.

In the last few months he was slowing down and had had a few health problems but mostly we and the vets attributed his minor problems to his older age.  On December 15th(2018) we went out for our usual walk through the neighborhood.  Suddenly Tobey became weak and collapsed.  My husband rushed to get the car and we drove him to the ER.  We were shocked to find out that he had Hemangiosarcoma. Sadly, they thought a tumor had ruptured and they could not save him. We said goodbye to him the same way we took him home so many years ago, with him tucked between my two kids (now 17 and 21).  My husband and I stayed until he took his last breath.  He will always hold a special place in our hearts and our family does not feel complete without him. 

I would like to make a donation in his memory and to say thank you for doing the work you do and for helping us have that sweet soul be part of our lives. My only regret is not having another 12 years with him.

Yours Truly,

Joanne Cardarelli and family



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