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 In Memory of  Angus

Dear Shirley & Save A Dog,

October 3rd 2008 we went to Save a Dog to meet Ginger's litter of Angus, Muffin and Marcel.  We thought we were there for Marcel, but Angus crawled into my lap and stared up with his warm brown eyes and we knew Angus was the one.  He chose us. He's the one at the top of the October 2008 adoption page...
I'll never forget you said to Angus as we walked out to door with him, "I thought you'd be the last one to be adopted."  We were definitely the lucky ones.
He was my husband Jon's first ever dog, and boy, was Jon lucky.  What a warm, smart, kind soul Angus was.  Jon taught him all the tricks: sit, lay down, shake, high-five, nose (staying with a treat on his nose).  And one trick Angus learned on his own--hug.  If you knelt down, Angus would gently jump up and put his paws on your shoulder and stay for a back rub from you. 
Angus was quirky, afraid of throw pillows falling on him, afraid of swimming and deep water, never a watch dog, but always a cuddler and lover of a good blanket swaddle in the cold months.  He was a social butterfly, eventually having more friends in our neighborhood and getting us invited to neighborhood parties because of his personality.  Just seeing someone walking on the other side of the street would make Angus' tail wag and his face smile in a 'hello!'  Strangers were just friends you hadn't met yet.
Angus lived for 'adventures.'  Many weekends were away visiting friends, sitting by lakes and ponds, hiking new trails, exploring new towns.  He enjoyed 2 road trips down to Myrtle Beach, a ferry-ride and long weekend in P-town.  He was so well behaved he was always welcome in stores and dining on patios, his goals: making friends, getting attention and a few treats.  He visited friends in New Hope, PA, trips to CT for friends and family, Thanksgiving away in Stonington, ME.  He even went on his family sailboat!  And an unforgettable weekend in 2017 in Sturbridge where he threw his best party ever--his parents' wedding!  Then he enjoyed an 'Angomoon' with his newlywed parents in NH and ME.
He had unstoppable energy for hikes and exploring.  Once never stopping on what turned into a 10 mile hike through the Fells.  He always wanted to be the center of it all, the one to open gifts, loved food and took treats so gently.  He would walk around our garden and sniff the flowers.  It earned him the nickname of Ferdinand (among many other nicknames), because he was like Ferdinand the Bull---didn't want to fight, just wanted to smell flowers, soak up sunshine and fresh air.
We were blessed to have such a lovable and loving dog for 10 years.  And are so saddened this life was cut short this summer with a diagnosis of stage 5 lymphoma.  We tried to battle, and made the most of weekly trips to Portsmouth, NH for treatments, followed by walking around town, patio dining with his own grilled chicken, and ice cream by the water.  He pulled through for my birthday, then went for his weekly appointment only to learn treatments weren't working and cancer was spreading--but rallied for his best Portsmouth day trip yet.  His last hurrah.  The next day, Thursday, September 13th 2018, Angus had one of his worst days and we knew it was time.  Angus' had finished on a high note.  He never lost his appetite for the best foods, and enjoyed a whole package of bacon on his last day with us.  
We miss him so, and know he's enjoying grassy fields with flowers to smell, sunshine to soak up and friends and family past to enjoy the company of and get some ear rubs from.  We will always miss our quirky, cuddly, loving, adventure-seeking Angus.  And we hope to live our lives like Angus would have--enjoying every minute of fresh air, friends, food and new places.  Thank you for bringing him to us, our lives will never be the same.  <3

Rebecca (Emanuel) Durante

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