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 In Memory of  In Memory of Tika, adopted in December, 2001

Dear Save a dog


I just want to relay to you the final chapter of a success story


We adopted Sophie, whom we renamed Tika, from Save-A-dog in December 2001. If you look at her original picture she is a goofy, young, out of focus border collie mix.  I fell in love with her picture and fell oh so much further in love with her once she joined us. Thank you Save A dog ( and her foster whose name I can’t remember now).

From that point onward Tika continued as a fun and happy family member with little to no health issues. We sent in a success story about her to a couple of years later, which you have in your success story archives.  Subsequently, she helped us integrate yet another cat and a ferret into our fury family. Indeed we often joked that she felt very matriarchal toward Dodger the ferret, acting as if Dodger was her pet. She would nudge him and lick him. And Dodger did little happy dances around Tika.  The cat we mentioned in the success story continued her very good relationship with Tika and I often observed them rubbing up against each other. Tikka’s friendship/sisterhood to Breezi our English Setter mix, whom we adopted in 2003, continued to mature and evolve successfully, eventually Breezi becoming the Alpha whereas at the beginning Tika was the Alpha. They didn’t cuddle together much but were clearly bonded and looked to each other for response to situations. We hiked, we walked, we cross country skied all together over the years. Tika become arthritic over time but her stoic nature took her onward – like the pink bunny she just kept going and going. And she NEVER stopped loving snow.    She was still enjoying life- albeit a little more slowly, up to a week ago . Sadly we said goodbye to Dodger, at age 7, in February this year, then goodbye to Breezi, at age 12.5 years, in August and now sadly I have to report we sent Tika over the rainbow bridge to join Dodger and Breezi just yesterday. She was 14.5yrs.  Our two cats continue on with us and give us solace.  

We celebrate the lives of all our fury family members who have passed this year. We are better for having had them in our lives and as much as we are both very sad right now we have much to be grateful for


So this VERY MUCH a success story but all success stories have to have final chapters .


Thanks for all you do at Save A Dog. We are eternally grateful to you for our dear Tika


Karen Moore-Brunelle and Arthur Brunelle

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