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 In Memory of  In Memory of Pogo - Best Dog in the Whole World!


Overall, the best descriptive name for Pogo is "Pogo is the Converter."  Pogo touched everyone's life - and especially those who had previously been immune to canine charms. The number of people who would say that they previously were "not dog people," but who later fell in love with Pogo was an ever increasing number of family members, friends and strangers. People who had never touched a dog before were suddenly petting and talking to Pogo. He converted all of them to dog loving. And he was of course loved by those who were always dog lovers.

When I first adopted Pogo from Save A Dog, he was somewhat scruffy and weighed 22 lbs. But, he was already gentle and friendly at 1.5 years old. I could not resist his unique look of one ear up and one ear down. When I pulled away with Pogo seat belted in the front seat, he tapped me on the shoulder with his paw as I was backing away, as if to communicate that we now belonged to each other.

That incredible bond lasted for another 9 wonderful years. He would grow to be a healthy 40 lbs and his coat grew with a beautiful sheen. When I first adopted him, he would come to work with me some days, since I worked for myself as a sole practitioner in a shared office space with a good friend. Later, I would go to a small law firm in Boston where Pogo would accompany me to work on Fridays. My friend at work referred to him as "Pretty Paws Pogo" because of his beautiful looking paws.

Pogo was very gentle, kind and sweet. When I took him to training class, the trainer said one day that everyone else had to work on eye contact, except us. Pogo never would take his eyes off me. Also, he hardly ever barked. But, his great talent was howling at fire engine sirens. We think he was probably a shepherd/beagle mix, but whatever he was, it was perfect. He went peacefully in my arms after a short and sudden illness. He deserved a peaceful and respectful sendoff.

It has taken me months to be able to write this because I am now ready to let Save A Dog know that I had a lovely dream about Pogo in which he was chasing squirrels off leash. That means that he was sending me a signal to let Save A Dog know that I am ready to bring another incredible dog home from Save A Dog with an open heart and open arms.

Tom B.
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