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 In Memory of  Brady


WWBD? What would Brady do? I can assure you he would not be moping around or sad for very long. There was way too much ball to play, people to greet, cookies to eat (but only the good ones) and smiles to bring to everyone's face. He seemed to always be on "set" (ready-set-go). He could anticipate your every move. It as as if he knew what you were going to do before you did.

Brady was one of Candy's 7 puppies. Tow of these pups were not healthy from birth. Boots passed at 10 days, but Brady fought hard, SO hard, to survive. He obviously had a mission to complete and now we know that he would not have much time to complete this mission. I do wish that ew had been slower on the learning.

Because of Brady we will all play more and stress over the little things less. Turn off those mindless time wasting gadgets and enjoy the people and fur friends we are with. We will hold each other tighter. 

Life holds NO guarantees!

Brady lived more life and had more fun in his short 17 months than some people do in their 70 or 80 years.

The silence in our home will surely be filled with noise again but the hole in our hearts will linger. After the pain has eased we will think of Brady with a smile and say 

"I know now what Brady would do!"

Brady, we all miss and love you so very much!

His foster family in Tennessee

Lynn and Terry Strasser

Additional note: 


Dear Shirley,
Wanted to let you know that we lost sweet Brady.  He developed Blastomycosis and he lost the fight after Terry told him he could stop fighting last Sunday morning.  This has been sooo difficult!  Brady is the ill pup of Candy's that we kept with us instead of sending him to you. 
We saw that we could post on your page and it sure would help us to see him there. 
Attached is a picture of him, I do hope it is not too grainy, as he hated his picture to be taken so most are blurred, and a little story I have written up.  
Terry has put a check in the mail and you should get it this week.
Thanks so Much,
Lynne and Terry Strasser
Save A Dog, Inc.
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