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I would like to post a memorial entry for Maggie (aka Megan) who we adopted in 2006 from Save-a Dog. I made an online donation today. When we process the loss of Maggie and are ready for our next dog, we will be in touch. thanks for bringing Maggie into our lives -- she was the best dog ever and my constant companion.


Maggie was our first dog. When we chose to adopt a shelter pet from Save-A-Dog, we felt altruistic, but it was Maggie that did us a favor by joining the family. We had no idea the countless ways she would enrich our lives. We are heartbroken without her daily presence.

Maggie constantly demonstrated how to live life. We just need to embrace her attitude and honor her innocent spirit.

Life Lessons From Maggie

1.      Welcome the start of each day with joy.  A positive attitude spreads to those around you.

2.      Greet all beings, human and creature without prejudice. Assume you will be friends.

3.      Don’t worry about mistakes. That decision is over and done. Move on and forget about.

4.      Make sure you always know the location of all the people you love.

5.      The most important moment is right now. Live in the present without regret about yesterday or worry for tomorrow.

6.      Get outside every day to smell the flowers, feel the sun, or frolic in the snow.

7.      Don’t hold a grudge.

8.      Clean up after yourself – nuff said.

9.      Don’t worry so much about what you look like.

10.  Eat a treat before dinner, it won’t ruin your appetite and it’s delicious! 

11.  Expect goodness. Be surprised when something bad happens.

12.  Keep a look out for simple treasures that are right under your nose.

13.  Get your beauty sleep. A nap in the sunshine is very rejuvenating.

14.  Love unconditionally.

The Thompson Family

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