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 Wigeon, formerly Kate
Hi Shirley,

It was a year ago today that we adopted Wigeon (aka "Kate"). Right now she is playing with her Dad and enjoying her "birthday" present -- a new pink Loofa Dog toy. We couldn't be happier with her. She brings us so much joy. Thank you for uniting us with her. Attached is a picture of our family, taken this summer.

Merry Christmas,
Mary Albis

Dear Shirley and Save-A-Dog,

We adopted Wigeon (formerly known as "Kate") from Save-A-Dog almost a year ago, on December 19, 2006. She is the most loving, funny, wonderful dog and has brought unbelievable amounts of joy to my husband and me. At first, Wigeon was incredibly shy and frightened of just about everything new and unknown to her. We thought we had adopted a real cream puff. She did not bark or utter a sound for the first 3 weeks we had her. She hated to go for walks, always looking behind her and hesitating to go forward. In time, with lots of reassurance, patience, and positive experiences, a little fiesty and fun-loving personality emerged. At the graduation of a 6 week session of dog obedience training, she won the award for "Most Improved in Confidence." Wigeon loves to walk for miles now, barks to warn us when someone is at the door or passing by the house, and is goofy and silly and happy. She loves other dogs and cats, happily plays with her toys, chases a tennis ball in the backyard, wrestles with my husband, and jumps into our laps to snuggle. I have never known a dog that is so loving to her humans. She still gets motion-sick, but daily trips in the car to run short errands have helped her. We even went to the vet and back this past week (12 whole miles!) without her throwing up. Wigeon still doesn't know what to make of walks on the beach -- she doesn't like the waves, has no desire to go in the water and is afraid of dead horseshoe crabs -- but little by little, she is adjusting to this new environment too. She has discovered that clumps of seaweed are the perfect spot to "mark" on and that seagulls are fun to chase inot the air.

Thank you to Shirley and Save-A-Dog for matching us with Wigeon. I still remember the call from you, Shirley when you said, "I think I have the perfect dog for you and your family." Truer words have never been spoken.

Mary Albis

P.S. See attached picture of Wigeon.

Save A Dog, Inc.
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