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Well it has been almost 5 years since we adopted Taffy in May 2003. My 9 year old daughter Gabriella and I fell in love with her at Petco in Natick, MA (where Save A Dog was having an event). When we told my husband we wanted her, he was skeptical. He went to see for himself and she charmed him too! (he had grown up with cats). How sad we all were when we heard she was in the process of being adopted. I still went to the website everyday to get one last look at her. Then one day the website said her adoption had fallen through. I made a quick phone call and we were lucky enough to be able to adopt her.

In the last 4 years and 7 months Taffy has brought a lot of joy to our house. I still smile when I read the description of her on the Save A Dog website - everything is so true. First of all we kept her name - Taffy - because what else would you call a sweet dog that brings a smile to your face everyday. At first Taffy went to doggy day care twice a week as my husband only worked from home 2-3 days a week. Everyone loved her at Gibson Kennels - her nickname there was love muffin. Within a few years of getting her, my husband worked from home 5 days a week and Taffy has been his loyal companion ever since.

During my daughter's elementary school years, Taffy loved walking up to the bus stop with us in the morning and saying hello to all the neighborhood kids. Now years later, when I am taking Taffy for a walk through the neighborhood these same kids (now in their teens) will shout out a hello or come give her a good pat. Even the younger children are getting to know her now!!

In November of 2004 we welcomed our second child Sean. Taffy has been absolutely wonderful with him. She loves to sit next to us when we read Sean bedtime stories. She loves to go on walks or to the playground with Sean. In turn, Sean loves to hang out with Taffy. Sean always wants Taffy to come into his room while he plays. When we go for walks, Sean loves to talk to Taffy as she walks beside his stroller. One day Sean and Taffy were sitting on the couch next to each other and I over heard Sean asking Taffy if she was comfortable. Our daughter is still crazy about Taffy and visa versa. She is now a teenager and loves to sleep late on the weekends. Taffy loves to get under the covers with Gabriella and enjoy a late morning nap.

Our whole family just enjoys Taffy and we can't thank you enough for adding her sweetness to our life (as your website advises).

Taffy is a great ambassador for your organization. When we are out with her, people always ask us where we got such a wonderful dog and we always refer them to your website.

Attached are a few pictures of her.

Frances, John, Gabriella, Sean and Taffy Collins

Save A Dog, Inc.
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