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  Roxie, formerly Robyn
Hello Karen and Shirley-

I hope you are enjoying your Summers. I am writing to give you an update on Roxie. As you can see, we changed her name. She didn’t respond to “Robyn” and neither of us really liked that name so we changed it to Roxie. She doesn’t respond to that either, yet, but I am confident she will soon.

It was two weeks on Tuesday the 14th that she has been here. We took her in to have her stitches removed on the 9th and since the day after her stitches were removed, she has had no more bleeding. Since there is no bleeding there is also no need for the “Elizabeth” collar, which is a blessing. Roxie does not know how to back up. With the E-collar on, she would walk or run into something and just keep pushing until she got through or past it.

Her weight is up to 72lbs. An increase of 3 pounds since she arrived. As her recuperation from the spay operation has progressed so has her energy level. I take her out on the beach early in the morning and late at night and she runs like the wind, sniffing each and every clump of seaweed, then charging off to the next one. After she sniffs the seaweed she blesses it. She is a true hoot to watch. Soon the “summerpeople” will be gone and we will have the beach to ourselves. She is rapidly learning to walk without tugging on her leash, thanks to the introduction of a Halti collar and a lot of persistent consistent discipline.

We got her a couple of chew toys and a Kong which she loves. Karen, I can attest to her ability to bark. She is not a nuisance barker but has rapidly laid claim to her yard and voices her ownership to any and all dogs that wander by. She has been a delight with other people and plays with all the dogs she has come into close contact with. She is a total slut for having her belly rubbed. I work at home a lot and to my joy she has adopted the knee well under my desk as her place to hang out while I work.

I am including a picture of her taken a couple of days ago and I swear she has grown since then.

Thanks for all your work and effort to bring her into our home.

John Coleman

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