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Save A Dog, Inc. - Success Story
 Krista, formerly Kristy
Thought I'd send along our success story:

Kristy was brought in for rescue because her owners were not taking proper care of her in W.Virginia. We stopped in to a meet and greet at the Petco in Framingham and it was love at first sight. Actually more like love at first pat, as Kristy pushed herself against our legs when we reached down to pat her. She stuck to us like glue as we talked to the volunteer who was handling her, showing off her great personality. The placement process was quick and painless, thanks to the great volunteers at save a dog. Next thing we knew Kristy was part of our family.

We call her Krista now and we couldn't be happier. She loves to sit on her window seat and take in what's happening outside. She takes some time from her busy schedule patrolling her window seat to jump on the couch with us and get comfortable. We couldn't have hoped for a better dog. Krista has such a great personality that even people driving by when we're walking the streets can see it shine through. Total strangers pick up on her happy demeanor and have to give her a pat or at least a smile. She loves car rides and meeting people. She's made friends with some of the youngsters in the neighborhood, even getting a few Christmas cards sent just to her. She loves to be outside, especially in the snow.

We'll always be grateful to saveadog for their help in connecting us to Krista,
The Zaino family.

Save A Dog, Inc.
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