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Dogs Adopted in September 2001

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 Dogs Adopted in September, 2001

 Kelly, 6 year old female beagle    Adopted
Kelly is a six year old spayed female beagle. She was raised with children and had the happiest life until her owner became very ill and could no longer care for her. Because of the illness she could not take her out for walks, so Kelly lost her good housebreaking habits. She's a lovely dog and can go with kids but needs an owner who has time to take her for walks.

Read her Success Story

Dana -- 1.5 year  old - Dacshund

Dana is a one to two year old female dacshund mix. She is sweet and adorable. She can be quite comical and when you take her for a walk her little feet paddle like there's no tomorrow. She pulls on the leash, but only weighs about 20 lbs so it's not a big deal to most people. Nevertheless, we recommend obedience training and some leash work in particular. Adopted!

Teddy -- 1 year old - Border Terrier

Teddy is a Border Terrier who was found as a stray. He is very sweet, friendly and playful. He likes to play with other dogs, has not been tested with cats, but doesn't seem to have a high prey drive. He's calm and inquisitive in a quiet way. Teddy will be neutered on August 30th and ready to go soon after. Please apply if you are interested in meeting him. Adopted

Cookie and Oreo -- 9 mo. old Poodle mixes

Cookie and Oreo are two Papillion/Poodle mixes, male and female,9 months old, whose owner has cancer and had to give them up. The owner would like the dogs to be placed together as they are inseparable. They are very playful, but require a fenced-in yard as they are very curious and mischievous, but absolutely adorable and fun to watch.

A work-at-home or stay-at-home would be preferred. Please apply if you are interested. Adopted!

Phoebe -- 1 year old - female Tibetan Spaniel

Phoebe is a one year old Tibetan Spaniel who has just finished nursing a litter of puppies. She is small (under 20 lbs.), but full of energy. Here she is in her foster home on her favorite raft. Her foster mom says she is fearless and loves the water. She will dive in and loves to swim. It would be great if she could go to a home where she can swim in a pool or on a lake. Adopted!

Phoebe's puppies -- 1 year old - female Tibetan Spaniel

Chandler, left, is the male puppy and Monica, right is the female. Both pups are 7 weeks old and due to be spayed on 9/13. They are small, fluffy dogs. They will probably be long-haired, like mom. Chandler has an adoption in progress.Adopted!

Dolly --4 month old - female retriever mix

Dolly is a shy 4 month old Lab mix female puppy. She startles at sudden movements or loud noises so we think she should go to an adults only household, just to be on the safe side. She is very gentle, though, and is gaining confidence with her foster mom and dad. She would flourish in a family with other dogs as she loves to play. Adopters will be required to formally obedience train her as this will build her confidence.  She is a beautiful dog. Adopted!

Regis -- 9 mo.  old - Beagle

This nine month old male beagle was trained for field trials and flunked. He is very affectionate and a real velcro dog as he follows his foster mom everywhere. He is house trained, quiet and loves to be with people. In fact, he prefers people over dogs which is a rare quality in a beagle. He does get along with dogs and is very submissive with them. Adopted!

Mouse is a nine week old male chihuahua or minpin mix, something tiny. He is as sweet as can be. Loves to play with other dogs. He doesn't like the crate, but we are slowly getting him used to it. Like any puppy, he needs a lot of attention and training. He is pint sized. Adopted!

Rose -- 2.5 year old - female beagles

Rose is a 2.5 year old female beagle who has an adoption in progress.. Adopted to a vet from Tufts

Simon is a one year old male coon hound mix. He is a slow moving, quiet dog who likes to sit by your feet.   He loves to either sit at your feet or go for a walk. He will jump ten feet in the air to catch a biscuit. He's got lots of personality and is just itching for the right owner. Older kids a must and adults preferred as he was a stray. It's such a shame that he wandered or got lost as he was well cared for. He seems to have been recently neutered. Adopted to a woman and her retired stay-at-home Dad.

Thelma came in with her sister Louise and both are nearly four months old. They appear to be Australian shepherd or cattle dog mixes. Both are very sweet. Adopted!

Louise, the sister to Thelma, is a sweet puppy.  Both are nearly four months old. They appear to be Australian shepherd or cattle dog mixes. Both are very sweet. Adopted!

Sally is a gorgeous female collie, recently spayed and had to have surgery again for complications. Hopefully, she's coming with the rest. A quiet home is preferable! Adopted!

Belle is a young, female, terrier mix. She's a puppy who needs a stay-at-home and no small children as she's a terrier. She has a sweet personality and is full of puppy antics. Adopted!

Derrell is a male collie/shep mix who looks to be a 3-4 month old. He's a very quiet and well behaved puppy. He will not be at the adoption day as he just came from a shelter. Adopted

Buffy is a 1.5 year old female terrier mix who is confident and inquisitive. She loves to jump up in bed with you and watch TV. She is very alert and active. She will make a nice dog for someone who is terrier-savvy as she has the terrier attitude. No children or first time dog owners, please.

She bonds quickly, loves attention, loves to ride in the car. She's in the ten pound range. Adopted

Juniper -- 10 month old Mini Schnauzer

Juniper is a Miniature Schnauzer neutered male whose owner had to relinquish for health reasons. He is a very good dog, and very smart.  Is interested in the cat, but isn't chasing her anymore.  He is getting better on the leash.  Knows "come" and "sit" and we are working on "stay".  He is much more quiet than he was when he arrived.  He LOVES to be outside.  He loves toys.  He loves to play.  No real issues.  He is an all around wonder dog. We would prefer a fenced in yard and someone who doesn't work full time or a home with other dogs to play with. He was not raised with children so needs to go to an adults only home. Adopted .

Chips --10 year old - Male Sheltie

Mr. Chips is a ten year old male Shetland Sheepdog who needs a new home. A multi-colored, neutered male who is up to date on his shots. "Chips" is very gentle and good with children. With a typical Sheltie temperament, Chips is sensitve, but vigilant in his duties as watch dog when he hears unusual or loud noises. He has made a very good guardian for our family.

We have a two yeard old child and are expecting twins so our living situation will soon change and we will be unable to dedicate as much time or energy to Chips as he needs.

He is very adaptable and would be suitable for a family, single person or couple. He loves to run and is very playful. Adopted!.


Angel -- Approx. 5 year old - female rat terrier mix

Angel is a five year old rat terrier mix. She is devoted to a single owner or female household. She is a very sweet dog. She seems to be housebroken as long as you read her signal.  She's
not a chewer.  She loves cushy places to lie down and prefers to sleep in the bed.


Lacy -- 10 week old - female Mixed breed

Lacy is a ten week old female mixed breed. She could be mixed with pit or boxer, we're not sure, but she has an adorable personality. She is as playful as they come and loves other dogs. Her ideal home would be one with other dogs who can reinforce her positive dog-to-dog skills.


Odie -- 1.5 year old - female beagle

Odie is a sweet female beagle who was a field trial flunkie. She loves kids and is very gentle.


Tanner -- 5 month  old - male Lab mix

First off, Tanner is an absolute LOVE.  He was so happy to get out of the pound I thought he would turn himself inside out jumping around!  Everyone at the vet clinic fell in LOVE with him, they kept saying how cute, what a sweetie, how smart he is for sit/stay and paw, which he did over and over for treats and at everyone's delight...
His physical went beautifully - good coat, good structure, vet estimated his age at 5 1/2 months -- no fleas/ticks, clear eyes, ears clean except for a little wax buildup. The vet thought he detected a slight heart murmur so this will be further checked by our vet.

Klaus -- 9 year old - male Lab

Klaus is an awesome purebred black Lab who was recently displaced due to a divorce. He was raised with small children and is as lovable as they come. We call him Mr. Happy as his tail never stops wagging. He is nine, but acts five. He knows sit, stay and heel. He was raised as the only dog and seems more tolerant of females as pals than males, but would do fine with a younger male. He's just an all around great dog, very healthy, good hips. Adopted

Here's Klaus running with some kids at the adoption day. What's not to love?

He's housetrained, easy-going, and kid tested. Adopted!

Dixie is a young husky mix, female. She's a year old, well trained, but very active. She will need a large place to get lots of exercise. She needs a fenced in yard as leash-walking will not be enough to exercise her.

Older kids, teens, would be fine, but no young children. She would be great for a couple who likes to do hiking or running. You won't wear her out. Adopted to a young couple who is fencing in their back yard for her. Lucky dog!

Sadie-Mae is the daughter of Cameron and appears to be Shepherd mix. She's four months old. She is too cute. She appears to be a shepherd/golden mix as her fur has the soft fluffy feel of a golden. Sadie-Mae was adopted out and is being returned for allergies. She is doing really well with house breaking and has only had one accident in recent weeks. She is an absolute love and will make whoever is lucky enough to adopt her very happy. Adopted to a loving family who wanted a large dog!

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