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Dogs Adopted in October 2001

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 Dogs Adopted in October, 2001

 Angel, 5 year old female rat terrier mix    Adopted
Angel is a five year old rat terrier mix. She is devoted to a single owner or female household. She is a very sweet dog. She seems to be housebroken as long as you read her signal. She's not a chewer. She loves cushy places to lie down and prefers to sleep in the bed.

Read her Success Story

 Albert, 2 year old Male Beagle    Adopted
Albert is a two year old neutered male beagle who loves to play. He is good with cats and other dogs. He would be great with older kids or an adult household where he can get lots of walks or have a back yard to play in. He is housebroken too.

Read his Success Story

 Colby, 6 month old Male Beagle    Adopted
Colby was raised for field trials and didn't pass the test, so he is looking for a nice family or beagle lover to adopt him. He is as affectionate as they come and loves to run and play. He's short and stout like a basset, but has AKC beagle papers. He would be a great pal for another dog or good as a family dog as he is fairly gentle. When he gets outside he will run around in circles and loves to roll and roll over on the ground.

Renamed Elwood. Read his Success Story


Chance is a very playful lab/shepherd male puppy.


Otis -- 9 mo.  old - St. Bernard

Otis is a young male St. Bernard who was given to a family for a Christmas present. He is great with kids and is very lovable, but too big for the family. Like any strong dog, he would need obedience training and a large yard. He's housebroken. Has many positive qualities. He was recently neutered. Adopted!

Buddy is a one year old terrier mix who was adopted by a family with teenaged children. Adopted

Jacob is a 9 week old mixed breed dog, probably something very small. He is a male.


Jack -- 5 year old - Jack Russel terrier

Jack is a five year old Jack Russel terrier neutered male who is housebroken and trained on an invisible fence. He is great with kids, but not cats (as he chases them). He would make a great family dog. He also knows obedience commands. Perfect for the working couple or family. Comes with AKC papers. Adopted

Jilly is a nine week old female mixed breed small dog. She had an applicant at our adoption day, but the woman changed her mind, so she is still available. Adopted!

Misty is an eight year old healthy American Eskimo female dog. She was raised with children, but would probably do best in a quiet, adult home at this point. She's very small for an Eskie and would make a nice companion for someone who understands northern breeds. Adopted

Maxene is a one year old female Lhasa mix. She is good with kids and dogs and deserves a great home. Adopted

Clifford is a one year old soon-to-be neutered Bull Mastiff mix. He is a big playful boy who will need a strong owner. Someone willing to do leash work would be our preference as that seems to be the one thing he needs to work on. He is a big friendly dog who gets along with other dogs, but has not been cat tested. Because of his 100 lb. size he will need an adults only home. He is the perfect dog for a mastiff lover. He has been through some obedience training as he knows sit, down, and paw. He needs to work on heeling. Adopted

Klaus -- 9 year old - male Lab

Klaus is an awesome purebred black Lab who was recently displaced due to a divorce. He was raised with small children and is as lovable as they come. We call him Mr. Happy as his tail never stops wagging. He is nine, but acts five. He knows sit, stay and heel. He was raised as the only dog and seems more tolerant of females as pals than males, but would do fine with a younger male. He's just an all around great dog, very healthy, good hips. Adopted!

Jazz is a six month old purebred German Shorthaired pointer female. She is absolutely lovely and true to the breed is full of energy. She will need a large place in which to run and someone who is devoted to giving her the exercise she needs. She can climb chain link fences so will need a stockade or be trained for invisible fence. She is absolutely one of the most affectionate dogs we've ever met. Adopted!

Chief -- 3.5 year old - male Cocker/golden mix

Chief is a very affectionate 3.5 year old Cocker mix whose owner was moving and the landlord doesn't accept pets. Chief will live in your lap if you let him.   His intelligence is obvious in everything he does.   He has played "fetch the ball" over one hundred times already with his foster mom and he ran four miles with her the other day. Chief loves to ride in the car and he loves boat rides, but he's not wild about swimming. He is very friendly to big dogs and was raised with another dog, but there are some dogs he just doesn't like. He has not been exposed to cats and was not raised with children. He weighs about 35 lbs. Adopted!

Snoopy is a five year old neutered male who was raised with young kids
but was given up by his family due to lack to time. He is being fostered, and the foster family says he's a wonderful, lovable, cuddly guy--a real tail-wagger. Very content to play with toys, take naps, ride in the car or snuggle. He is completely housebroken, doesn't chew, likes kids and adults, but chases cats. He loves to get tummy rubs, and loves to go for walks.  He is not dominant, and has done well with his timid foster Beagle "sister." He got used to his foster family and surroundings and even to
a crate in just two days, and happily settled right in. He's just a great dog--a real love-bug. And beautiful, too. The photo doesn't do him justice.

Jacques -- 11 month old - male terrier mix

His foster mom says, "Jacques (or Jacky as we call him) is really a doll. He's so much calmer and relaxed than when he arrived.  He now enjoys laying around cuddling and being petted. He chases a ball; loves to sleep on the furniture; and sticks close by us when we go for walks.  He doesn't chase the cat although
he's fascinated by her.  I make the whole posse sit for treats when they
come in from a walk and he has picked that up pretty quickly.  He will be a
nice dog for someone."


Wendy -- 11 mo.  old - Terrier mix (female)

Wendy is an eleven month old female terrier mix. She is full of energy and playfulness and can be a bit mouthy so she would do best with older children or a family who is willing to put the right amount of training into her.  She was adopted recently, but the family feels she is too active. We would prefer a terrier-experienced or dog-savvy adopter so that Wendy can have a permanent home. One with other dogs would be ideal for her. Adopted

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