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Dogs Adopted in August 2005

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 Dogs Adopted in October 2005

 Boss, 1 yr old Male Shepherd Mix    Adopted
Smart, sweet, energetic--Boss is a beautiful, 62 lb pure German Shepherd who loves all dogs, people, and mostly loves to chase a ball! No food issues, loves being in the car, likes to snuggle at bedtime. He knows sit and down commands and is good on a leash--a little training and he is the best thing on four feet--needs a lot of exercise for about another year as he is still puppyish at 1 yr old. A great candidate for you Frisbee players who need a partner, and any kid who has ever dreamed of having his own best friend with fur!!!!!

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  Bailey, 2 yrs old Male Beagle / Lab  Mix     Adopted

Bailey is a two year old beagle/lab/collie mix who needs a new home because his family had a baby. He is friendly to everyone he meets. He is a neutered male, up to date on vaccines, and weighs about 30 lbs. He will need daily walks as he's young and very active, but is also a good dog who listens well and is very very cute. Bailey is very curious about cats, and wants to chase... so we think he should go to a home without cats. He likes kids, but "talks" in a growl when he wants to play, etc. and this sometimes scares small children, so we'd like to see him placed in a home with older children (no small children).

  Gino, 1 year old Male Beagle    Adopted
Gino Gino

Transferred to /Buddy Dog

Gino is a lemon-colored neutered male purebred beagle who needs a new home because his family moved. He is very playful and loves playing with other dogs. He is a very affectionate dog who would be a great addition to any family. He prefers lots of companionship and might be vocal if left alone for long periods of time.

  Hazel, 10 yrs old Female Beagle    Adopted
Hazel Hazel

Hazel has a sweet, sleepy demeanor, but in a big yard she runs like lightening (you'd swear she was a puppy). She MUST be leashed...she's a typical beagle and rarely listens once the wind is flapping in her ears. Hazel is very affectionate at times, other times, she's catlike and wants her own room for a little while. but she will come out to make sure "you're" there from time to time. She MUST have company as much as possible. She's great with other dogs, however, she may not ALWAYS be interested in them. LOVES to curl up in bed with you. She's healthy. She's sweet. She's very "tolerant" of kids and people petting her. Once she gets attached to you, she'll sprint across the room to you and follow you from room to room.

  Toby, 6 years old Male Papillon    Adopted

Toby is a six year old neutered male purebred Papillon who needs to find a home as his retired owners are moving into senior citizens housing that has a pet limitation. He is relatively healthy except that he has an enlarged liver so he needs to urinate more frequently than your average small dog. He would do well with someone who works from home or someone who can take him for regular walks. He was not raised with kids, but is friendly towards the grand children and everybody else. He is a joyful little guy who has a lot to offer. He gets along great with dogs and cats as he lived with two.

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