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Dogs Adopted in July 2005

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 Dogs Adopted in July 2005

 Garrett, 18 mons Male Border Collie Mix    Adopted
Garrett is a neutered male Border Collie mix who is eighteen months old. He loves to swim and plays great with other dogs. He was raised with kids ages 10 and 12 and was very gentle with them. Like a typical Border Collie, he has herding instincts and being put on a run every day made him very frustrated. He needs someone who understands the border collie personality and who has time to train him using positive reinforcement training, clicker preferred.

Renamed Shadow. Read his Success Story.

  Bode, 3 years old Male Beagle    Adopted
Bode Bode

Bode is an adorable 3 yr old male purebred beagle whose family is moving and had to give him up.

  Dotty, 6-7 years old Female Shih Tzu    Adopted

Dotty is an adorable black and white pure bred female shihtzu, small in stature (10 lbs) and a total love!

The vet tells us she's "a young, 9 years old" and says she is probably a 6-7 yr old, and has a very strong heart, but because she her eyes and teeth were not given the proper attention (a dental has been done since we took her in) and her dry eye not treated, she built up scar tissue that resulted in the loss of vision in her left they age her according to teeth and eyes. She often acts like a puppy and runs around with happiness and excitement, bounds up the deck stairs coming in from outside, and just wants to be nearby on the floor or in a comfy doggie bed.

Dotty will need eye medication 2x daily in her eyes for the rest of her life, so we have listed her as "special needs". She is otherwise a healthy and very happy little girl whose tail is almost always wagging.

Dotty was given up by her last owners because they had to move

Dotty is SWEET as can be, and will be a wonderful companion. We are looking for a special someone that will be willing to care for Dotty's dry eye and cherish her as she deserves. Dotty would prefer to be in an quiet environment.

We're looking for a lifetime commitment for Dotty, we want her to go to her forever home and not worry about having to leave her home ever again.

  Hans, 6 years old Male German shepherd    Adopted

Hans is a six year old male German Shepherd who was owned by a single guy, and who was instrumental in saving his mother's life when she suffered a fall. He is an extremely smart dog who bonds very closely to his people. We are looking for an adopter with large breed experience as he can be protective on leash, like many shepherds. Someone who works full time is okay as he will never have an accident in the house and will never touch your things. He is just so good. He understands many commands and can almost read your mind. More than one of his recent caretakers has said that he is almost human.

  Spike, 6 mons Male Beagle / Coonhound  Mix     Adopted
Spike Spike

Spike is 23 pounds of pure joy. He loves to play with other dogs and follows his foster mom around the house, quietly staying by her side when she stays in one spot long enough. Unfortunately, Spike has spent most of his life in a New Jersey shelter, adopted as a very young puppy he was returned for no stated reason, the second time he was adopted he was returned because of typical 5 month old puppy behavior. For the most part this occurred after he was left alone all day, 5 days a week; he was never brought to obedience classes. After only a few days in his foster home his behavior has already improved. Please be an at home or work at home person who has the time to provide Spike with the attention and training that he deserves.

Spike was cat tested wiith someone holding a cat that is used to dogs, Spike went up to the cat wagging his tail, sniffed her face and then started cleaning the cat's ears.

  Tuesday, 5 yrs old Male Labrador Retriever  Mix     Adopted
Tuesday Tuesday

Tuesday, almost 5 yrs old, is a delightful pooch---smart, loyal, stick-to-your-side, playful little love bug of a pup. He loves to run and swim, plays well with other dogs but laid back/ quiet in the house. He is definitely the alpha in a group, so would be a great "only" dog in a household. Just 30 lbs of canine dynamo, Tuesday is fully trained, great in the car, no food issues, barks to alert you to visitors, likes all people young and old, but would be best placed in a home with kids 10 and up.

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